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Chaos, Vol. 4,

[between ca. 1590 and 1800].
Main Creator: Ireland. Genealogical Office
Summary:Pedigree of Butler, Earls of Ormond with copies of ancient Charters, c.1030 - c.1600 (pp. 1-57).

Funeral Certificate of Sir William Davys, Lord Chief Justice, died Sept. 24, 1687 (p. 59).

Funeral Certificate of Ann, Lady Fytton, died Oct. 7, 1687 (p. 61).

Funeral Certificate of Sir William Sands, Bart., died Aug. 14, 1687 (p. 63).

Funeral Certificate of the Rev. John Golborne, Clerk, died Nov. 11, 1687 (p. 65).

Funeral Certificate of Vere Essex Cromwell, 4th Earl of Ardglass, died Nov. 26, 1697 (pp. 66-67).

Funeral certificate of Elizabeth, Lady Jervis, daughter of John Lane of Bentley in Co. Stafford who died Jan. 11, 1687 (p. 69).

Arms of Annesley and Jones, c. 1687 (p. 71).

Funeral certificate of Adam Loftus who died unmarried in 34th year of his age, July 10, 1680 (p. 73).

Funeral Certificate of Elizabeth, daughter of Sir James Wemys, Knt., who died unmarried July 19, 1688 (p. 75).

Funeral certificate of Walter Jones of Dublin who died Feb. 17, 1687 (p. 77).

Funeral certificate of William Jackson of Coleraine, Co. Londonderry died July 24, 1688 (p. 79).

Funeral Certificate of Frances, Lady Newcomen who died Feb. 17, 1687 (p. 81).

Funeral Certificate of Julina, Lady Butler of Ballybarr and Garryhundon, Co. Carlow and daughter of Barnard Hide of Shanfield, Co. Berkshire, who died Jan. 1, 1683 (p. 85).

Funeral Certificate of Thomas Cartwright, Bishop of Chester who died in Dublin in 1689 (p. 87).

Arms of Domville impaling Leake, c.1689 (p. 89).

Funeral certificate of Thomas Hussey of Gulmullen, Co. Meath who died unmarried Feb. 24, 1689 (p. 91).

Arms of Carney impaling McGragh, c.1689 (p. 93).

Arms of Sir Richard Carney, Ulster, impaling Golborne, c.1690 (p. 95).

Arms of Dering impaling Percivall, c.1690 (p. 97).

Arms of Loftus impaling Nangle, c.1690 (p. 99).

Arms of MacCartney impaling Butler, c.1690 (p. 101).

Copy of Patent of Grant of Arms to Bartholomew Aylmer of Lyons in Co. Kildare, 1552 (p. 103).

Draft of grant of Arms and Supporters to the Company of Barber Surgeons of the City of Dublin (being made a Corporation by Henry VI), 1669 (p. 103).

Draft grant of Arms to Capt. Thomas Hunt with details of his military success at Trim, June 28, 1670 (pp. 107-108).

Draft grant of Arms to Colonel John Connock, 1649 (pp. 109-110).

Draft grant of Arms for John Clotworthy, Baron of Loughneagh (and later 1st Viscount Massareene), 1660 (p. 111).

True copy of Patent of Grant of Arms to Fergus Greyme of the Mote of Lydysdale in Co. Cumberland, Dec. 10, 1553 (p. 113).

Draft Funeral Certificate of Sir Edward Fitton of Gawesworth in Co. Chester, Treasurer at war, etc. in Ireland who died July 3, 1579 (pp. 115-118).

Funeral certificate of Christopher Wycombe of Talbotstowne, Co. Wicklow, who died April 2, 1641 (pp. 119-120).

Funeral Certificate of Robert Bise, Recorder of Drogheda who died Aug. 29, 1642 (pp. 121-122).

Instructions by office of Arms for issue of damask taffeta, being a list of standards for a number of gentry, c.1660 (pp. 123-124).

A scheme for Her Majesties lying in state [Queen Mary], Jan. 7, 1694 (pp. 127-130).

Ceremonies to be observed on the Lord Lieutenant going to the House of Peers, c.1700 (pp. 131-132).

Letter of Sir Richard Carney, Ulster, to the Lords Justices setting out the Manual of observation of the Coronation, 1685 (pp. 133-140).

Order by Laurence Hyde, 1st Earl of Rochester respecting form to be observed on going to Christchurch on State days, 1701 (pp. 141-142).

The Distinction of Barons, written, c. 1640 (p. 143).

Order of Charles Talbot, Duke of Shrewsbury stating the Rules to be observed at Christchurch Cathedral, Dublin, 1713 (pp. 145-147).

Form of receiving the Marquis Cornwallis (Charles Cornwallis, 2nd Earl and 1st Marquis Cornwallis) on his arrival in Ireland to be sworn as Lord Lieutenant (1798) (pp. 149-151).

Form of receiving the Earl of Hardwicke on his arrival in Ireland to be sworn as Lord Lieutenant, 1801 (pp. 153-156).

Order of James Butler, 2nd Duke of Ormonde of the going to Christchurch, Dublin, 1711 (pp. 161-164).

Attestation by Francis Power Trench as to Pedigrees of Bagot of Bagotstown; Co. Kildare, Arthur of Cork and Dunkirk and Lt. Gen. Ignatius Bagot of Madrid and Col. John Bagot of Paris, 1770 (pp. 165-167).

Note on the maternal families Roach, Grant, Fitzgerald of Desmond, Everard of Cleheen, and Tobin of Ellenor du Vall of Rakeny, Co. Tipperary, wife of Sir Theophilus Oglethorpe, c.1740 (pp. 169-170).

Pedigree of Nevill, Lord Abergevenny with Pooley, co-heir, c.1300 - 1650 (pp. 171 & 179-181).

Pedigree, by Hugh McCurtin, of the family of Nihell of City of Limerick, of Anjou in France and of Spain, c.1166 - 1722 (pp. 175-178).

Memorial Inscription for James Agar who died Dec. 30, 1733 (p. 183).

Pedigree of Kearney of Rathcoole and Clonbrogane with descent from Magrath and with Nagle descendants, c.1500 - 1690 (pp. 185-187).

Pedigree of Nagle of Aghnakissy, Cleynor and Moniesmny in Co. Cork with descent from Kearney and Magrath, c.1580 - 1690 (pp. 185-187).

Pedigree of Magrath of Monoquill, Co. Tipperary with descent from MacWalter Burke, O'Dwyer of Kilnamanagh with Kearney and Nagle descendants, c.1500 - 1641 (pp. 185-187).

Copy of Certificate of Court of Prerogative of Will of Sir John Plunkett of Dunsoghly in Co. Dublin and remainder to follow death of himself and of his wife, Dame Gennett Sarsfield, proved May 10, 1583 (p. 189).

Funeral Certificate of Robert, Lord Dillon, 2nd Earl of Roscommon, who died Aug. 27, 1642 (p. 193).

Funeral Certificate of Mary Preston, wife of Nehemiah Donolan. She died Sept. 27, 1684 (p. 195).

Funeral Certificate of Robert Fitz Gerald, youngest son of George Fitzgerald, 16th Earl of Kildare, who died Jan. 31, 1698 (p. 197).

Funeral Certificate of Alderman Richard Tighe of City of Dublin who died Feb. 20, 1673 and of Theophilus Sanford, who died Feb. 6, 1668 (p. 199).

Funeral Certificate of Elizabeth Usher who married, firstly Christopher Peirse, secondly Mr. Bellwood, thirdly Michael Hayter and fourthly William Howard Esq. She died Feb. 10, 1684 (p. 201).

Funeral Certificate of Bignet Stephins, wife of Thomas Browne of Dublin. She died June 22, 1646 (p. 203).

Funeral Certificate of Robert Bisse of Pelletstown, Co. Dublin, husband of Eleanor Arter (Arthur). He died Jan. 30, 1642 (p. 205).

Funeral Certificate of Barbara Cusake wife of Edward Arter [Arthur], Alderman of City of Dublin, She was buried Sept. 4, 1643 (p. 207).

Funeral Certificate of Thomas Chambers, Keeper of Kilmainham late dissolved Priory and of his wife Katherine Greene, daughter of Paul Greene sometime likewise Keeper of Kilmainham. She was interred Aug. 22, 1597 and he was interred Sept. 6, 1596 (p. 209).

Pedigree of Nele and Maxell, copied from Burton's "Leicestershire" p.223, recorded c.1620 (pp. 211-215).

Grant of Arms to Capt. William Hamilton late of Loughrurin and now of Kinard in Co. Tyrone, March 2, 1666 (p. 217).

Copy of grant of Arms to Barnard Whitestons to commemorate especially his valiant service near Zutphen in Ghelderland, Sept. 22, 1586 (p. 221).

Grant of Arms to William Smith of Damagh, Co. Kilkenny, Secretary to the Earl of Ormond, June 1635 and Certificate of good service for Valentine Smith, his grandson, Steward to the Duke of Ormond, c.1580 - 1691 (pp. 225-228).

Itemized account of payments on the Public Account made by writer on behalf of the office of Arms to himself (unnamed) to Alexander Cairnes and Mr. Henry, 1708 - 1715 (pp. 234-239).

Pedigree of Thomas Clarke of Courtnabooly, Co. Kilkenny and now of Landrecy, France with descent from Shee of Killoragh, Co. Limerick and now of Landrecy, France, c.1760.
Citation:Genealogical Office Manuscripts Collection, National Library of Ireland.
Notes:Physical description: 1 volume (115 folios).
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