Theodor Schreiber

Theodor Schreiber Georg Theodor Schreiber (13 May 1848, Strehla – 13 March 1913, Leipzig) was a German archaeologist and art historian.

From 1868 to 1872 he studied at the University of Leipzig, where he was a pupil of Johannes Overbeck. In 1874, by way of a travel stipend from the German Archaeological Institute, he traveled to Rome and studied under Wilhelm Henzen and Wolfgang Helbig. Afterwards, he continued his educational journey to Greece. In 1879 he obtained his habilitation for archaeology at Leipzig, where in 1885 he became an associate professor.

In 1885 he was appointed director of the ''Städtischen Museums der Bildenden Künste'' (Museum of Fine Arts) in Leipzig. From 1898 to 1902 he conducted archaeological work in Egypt as part of the "Ernst von Sieglin Expedition". In Alexandria he had the opportunity to examine the necropolis of Kom el-Shugafa. Provided by Wikipedia