Material relating to the controversy between John Kidd and Hans Walter Gabler over Gabler's 1984 edition of Joyce's Ulysses,

1985-1991 and [undated].
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Main Creator: Donoghue, Denis
Contributors: Joyce, James, 1882-1941
Summary:MS 51,433/1: Correspondence between Denis Donogue, John Kidd, Hans Walter Gabler, G. Thomas Tanselle, Paul Eggert and others, 1986-1991.

MS 51,433/2: John Kidd 'Errors of execution in the 1984 Ulysses', April 1985, and Hans Walter Gabler 'A Response to: John Kidd, "Errors of execution in the 1984 Ulysses"', [undated].

MS 51,433/3: John Kidd 'But is it what Joyce wrote?' and 'Editing Gaelic in Ulysses', [undated].

MS 51,433/4: Philip Gaskell and Clive Hart, 'Ulysses: A review of three texts. Proposal for alterations to the texts of 1922, 1961 and 1984'. Also includes a letter from Tom Tanselle to the Ulysses Committee, Jo Ann Boydston, Herbert Cahoon and Denis Donoghue, asking that they treat the proposed book as confidential, 2 December 1988.

MS 51,433/5: John Kidd 'An Inquiry into Ulysses: The corrected text', 1989.

MS 51,433/6: John Kidd 'An Inquiry into Ulysses: The corrected text', 1989, 2 floppy disks. We regret we do not currently have the facilities to read these items.

MS 51,433/10: 'The electronic Joyce at the James Joyce Research Center Boston University: A proposal to the National Endowment for the Humanities', 31 May 1991.

MS 51,433/9: John Kidd 'A Catechism for the Ulysses Repair Kit', 1991.

MS 51,433/8: James Joyce Research Center Memo from John Kidd to Gerald Gross re the Dublin edition of the works of James Joyce, 30 September 1990.

MS 51,433/11 -13: Ephemera, articles, photocopies of articles including John Kidd 'An Inquiry into Ulysses', etc. (3 folders).

MS 51,433/7: Proposed layout for the Dublin edition with an accompanying note on American copyright, [undated].

MS 51,433/14: R.W. Dent 'Colloquial language in Ulysses'.

MS 51,433/15: R.W. Dent 'Colloquial language in Ulysses: Supplement'.

MS 51,433/16: R.W. Dent 'CLU vs Gifford, "Ulysses Annotated": a history and samplying'. Also includes three letters from The University of California Press to Dent respectfully declining to publish his manuscript.
Format: Manuscript
Notes:Archive was acquired from Professor Denis Donoghue and consists of articles and correspondence.

Physical description: 1 box (16 folders).

Provenance:Purchased from Stokes Books, 2 November 2020.
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