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Anglo-Saxon poems in translation /
edited by Greg Delanty, Michael Matto.
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Contributors: Delanty, Greg, 1958-
Summary:123 Anglo-Saxon poems brought to life by an all-star cast of contemporary poets in an authoritative bilingual edition.
Format: Book
Old English
In Old English with English translations.
Published / Created: New York : W.W. Norton & Co., ©2011.
Notes:Includes bibliographical references (pages 548-549) and indexes.

Physical description: xvii, 557 pages ; 25 cm

Table of Contents:
Poems of exile and longing: The seafarer / Mary Jo Salter
The wife's lament
Eavan Boland
Deor / Seamus Heaney
Wulf and Eadwacer / Paul Muldoon
The husband's message / Michael Schmidt
The wanderer / Greg Delanty.Third riddle-hoard: "A part of earth is made fairer" / Gail Holst-Warhaft
"I watched a wonder, a bright marauder" / Molly Peacock
"I dance like flames" / David Constantine
"Wondrous is this world, incomparable" / David Wojahn
"A sea monster came sailing" / James McGonigal
"At rest, laborers lean on me" / Gary Soto
"Dank earth, dealing dumbfounding chill " / Robert B. Shaw
"It was a creature traveling with pendulum motion" / Jacqueline Jones LaMon.Poems about dying: Bede's dying words / Anthony Cronin
The fortunes of men / Kelly Cherry
The damned soul addresses the body / Maurice Riordan
The ruin / Yusef Komunyakaa.Fourth riddle-hoard: "It is written in scriptures" / Saskia Hamilton
"Forever is the creator" / David Wojahn
"But when renewal comes" / David Constantine
"I saw, at foreplaying, two wondrous ones" / Marcia Karp
"A noble guest of brave lineage" / David Cavanagh
"A king who keeps to himself dwells" / Elizabeth Spires
"A curious thing dangles by man's thigh" / Peter Constantine
"I saw in a corner something swelling" / Richard Wilbur
"A moth ate words" / Jane Hirshfield
"I heard of a circle that spoke before men" / Lia Hills.Biblical stories and lives of saints: from Genesis A: The fall of the rebel angels and the first day / Harvey Shapiro
from Genesis A: Offering of Isaac / David Ferry
from Exodus: The Israelites cross the Red Sea / David Curzon
from Judith: Beheading Holofernes / Peter Constantine
A vision of the cross / Ciaran Carson
The descent into Hell / John F. Deane
from Andreas / Eamon Grennan.Fifth riddle-hoard: "Fighter across the earth" / Peter Campion
"I saw four beings" / Jane Hirshfield
"I saw the captives carried in" / Macdara Woods
"I saw a tree tinseled with light" / James Harpur
"A boy came walking to where he knew"
Marcia Karp
""I was in there where I saw a turning" / Phillis Levin
"The wind sends small creatures" / Gary Soto
"I stood once by sand, near the sea-surge" / Jane Hirshfield
"She has me under lock and key" / Neil Rollinson
"I am the hard, headstrong push and pull" / Gail Holst-Warhaft.First riddle-hoard: "Who is so smart, so crafty-spirited" / Peter Campion
"Busy from time to time, in rings" / Phillis Levin
"I am a monad gashed by iron" / David Curzon
"All that adorns me keeps me" / Lawrence Raab
"I can chortle away in any voice" / Patricia McCarthy
"Days before birth I was left here for dead" / James McGonigal
"My jacket is polished gray" / Billy Collins
"I crush and compress, ruin and ravage the raw" / Elizabeth Powell
""I saw ten of them ramble across the land" / Enda Wyley
"Armed and deadly those were my early days" / James McGonigal.Poems about historical battles, people and places: The battle of Maldon / David R. Slavitt
The battle at Brunanburh / Robert Hass
The death of Alfred / Robert Hass
The death of Edgar / Paul McLoughlin
Durham / Derek Mahon
The battle of Finnsburh: a fragment / X.J. Kennedy
Waldere: two fragments / Matthew Hollis
Widsith / Bernard O'Donoghue.Second riddle-hoard: "My throat's a torch, the rest of me rust" / David Barber
"All my life's a struggle with water and wind" / Lawrence Raab
"Some wonder am I" / Dennis O'Driscoll
"My tooth is long, my work even longer" / Gary Soto
"Five dozen reached the brink" / Paul Farley
"Wob is my name approximately" / James McGonigal
"I'm a creature to conjure with" / David Barber
"Call me fabulous" / Gerry Murphy
"Some enemy took my life" / Jane Hirshfield
"From groves and green hills girdling the city" / Robert B. Shaw.Poems about living: Maxims I-A / David Curzon
Maxims I-B / Brigit Pegeen Kelly
Maxims I-C / Mark Halliday
Vainglory / Alan Jenkins
The riming poem / A.E. Stallings
The rune poem / James Harpur
Maxims II / Rachel Hadas
The gifts of men / Major Jackson
Precepts / Jay Parini
A song of the cosmos / Daniel Tobin
Two passages from The second dialogue of Solomon and Saturn / Fiona Sampson.Prayers, admonitions, and allegories: Caedmon's Hymn / Harvey Shapiro
The Kentish hymn / Derek Mahon
King Alfred's epilogue to the pastoral care of Gregory the Great / Maurice Riordan
from The phoenix / Robert Anthony Welch
The panther / Brad Leithauser
Whale / Robert Pinsky.Sixth riddle-hoard: "Alive I was
I didn't speak a bit" / Phillis Levin
"Up beyond the universe and back" / Edwin Morgan
"I saw that creature wander on the way" / Jennifer Grotz
"For the hearing ear she shapes her sound" / Gail Holst-Warhaft
"High on this headland day and night I stand" / Robert B. Shaw
"I was little (little did I know)" / David Barber
"I was a girl, a gray queen" / Molly Peacock
"I saw her
she slipped behind" / Molly Peacock
"Sea fed, shore sheltered" / Gail Holst-Warhaft
"I am a prince's property and joy" / Macdara Woods.Remedies and charms: Field remedy / Nick Laird
The nine herbs charm / Tom Sleigh
Against a dwarf / Thomas McCarthy
Charm for bearing a full-term baby / Carol Muske-Dukes
Against water-elf disease / Michael Collier
Charm for a swarm of bees / David Barber
Charm for stolen cattle / Jennifer Grotz
For loss of cattle / Kathryn Maris
Charm for a journey / Peter Sirr
Against a wen / Maurice Riordan.Final riddle-hoard: "I stand at the noble's shoulder" / Jon Stallworthy
"Look at my puffed-up breast" / Patricia McCarthy
"Old was my race, steady and gaining" / Jacqueline Jones LaMon
"On earth there's a creature sprung from a wonder" / David Constantine
"My home harps on as I hold my tongue" / David Barber
"Many men were sitting" / Marcia Kemp
When I was a tree in the wood the creatures" / Eilean Ni Chuilleanain
"I am noble, known to earls" / Jane Hirshfield.