Vikings :

the North Atlantic saga /
edited by William W. Fitzhugh and Elisabeth I. Ward.
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Contributors: Fitzhugh, William W., 1943-
Summary:"Celebrates and explores the Viking saga from the combined perspectives of history, archaeology, oral tradition, literature, and natural science. The book's contributors chart the spread of marauders and traders in Europe as well as the movement of farmers and explorers throughout the North Atlantic and into the New World"--Back cover.
Format: Book
Published / Created: Washington : Smithsonian Institution Press, in association with the National Museum of Natural History, ©2000.
Notes:Issued in conjunction with an exhibition held at the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C., Apr. 29-Sept. 5, 2000.

Includes bibliographical references (pages 402-413) and index.

Physical description: 432 pages : color illustrations, color maps ; 29 cm

ISBN:156098970X (cloth ; alk. paper)
9781560989707 (cloth ; alk. paper)
1560989955 (paper ; alk. paper)
9781560989950 (paper ; alk. paper)
Table of Contents:
Puffins, ringed pins, and runestones: the Viking passage to America /William W. Fitzhugh
Viking Homelands.Scandinavia in the Viking Age /Peter H. Sawyer
TheScandinavian landscape: people and environment /Neil S. Price
Farming and daily life /Sigrid H.H. Kaland andIrmelin Martens
Religion, art, and runes /Anne-Sofie Graslund
Shamanism and the Vikings? /Neil S. Price
Political organization and social life /Lars Jrgensen
From warrior to trade economy /Lotte Hedeager
Ships and navigation /Arne Emil Christensen.
Viking Raiders. TheViking age in Europe /Christopher D. Morris
Theeastern route: Finland in the Viking Age /Torsten Edgren
"Laid waste, plundered, and burned" :Vikings in Frankia /Neil S. Price
Viking expansion and cultural blending in Britain and Ireland /Colleen E. Batey,John Sheehan.
Vikings in the North Atlantic. Sagas of western expansion /Haraldur Olafsson
TheNorth Atlantic environment /Paul C. Buckland
Vikings in the Faeroe Islands /Simun V. Arge
Thearchaeology of Landnam: early settlement in Iceland /Orri Vesteinsson
TheIcelandic commonwealth period: building a new society /Helgi Thorlaksson
Eddas and sagas in medieval Iceland /Gisli Sigursson.
Viking America.1000 A.D.: East Meets West /Peter Schledermann
Skraeling: first peoples of Helluland, Markland, and Vinland /D. Odess,S. Loring andW.W. Fitzhugh
ANorse penny from Maine /Steven L. Cox
TheViking settlement at L'Anse aux Meadows /Birgitta Linderoth Wallace
Jasper cores from L'Anse aux Meadows /Kevin P. Smith
Anintroduction to the Vinland sagas /Gisli Sigursson
Greenlander's saga
Erik the Red's saga
Anarchaeologist's interpretation of the Vinland sagas /Birgitta Linderoth Wallace
The quest for Vinland in saga scholarship /Gisli Sigursson
TheNorse and Native North Americans /Patricia D. Sutherland
Ellesmere: Vikings in the Far North /Peter Schledermann
Aworld in transition: early cartography of the North Atlantic /Douglas McNaughton
Unanswered questions /Kirsten A. Seaver.
Norse Greenland.From Vikings to Norseman /Jette Arneborg andKirsten A. Seaver
Life and death in Norse Greenland /Niels Lynnerup
Thefarm beneath the sand /Joel Berglund
Greenland and Europe /Jette Arneborg
Natives and Norse in Greenland /Hans Christian Gullv
Thedemise of Norse Greenland /Thomas H. McGovern
TheNorse legacy in Greenland / Hans Christian Petersen.
Viking Legacy. Celebrating the Viking millennium in America /William W. Fitzhugh andElisabeth I. Ward
Theold Norse dream /Carin Orrling
Reflections on an icon: Vikings in American culture /Elisabeth I. Ward
Stumbles and pitfalls in the search for Viking America /Birgitta L. Wallace andWilliam W. Fitzhugh
TheNewport tower /Johannes Hertz
Sagas and science: climate and human impacts in the North Atlantic /Astrid E.J. Ogilvie andThomas H. McGovern
Travel the Viking Trail: eco-tourism and Viking heritage /Ian A. Morrison.