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Euclid., Roche, M., & Griffin, S. (1829). Euclid's elements of geometry: Or Simson & Playfair's systems. Revised, corrected, and improved, viz. the first six books, in which Book V is demonstrated by a new method ..., together with explanatory notes on the whole and plane trigonometry. With an appendix ... Philadelphia, PA: Printed by Jesper Harding.

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Euclid., Martin Roche, and Stephen Griffin. Euclid's Elements of Geometry: Or Simson & Playfair's Systems. Revised, Corrected, and Improved, Viz. the First Six Books, in Which Book V Is Demonstrated By a New Method ..., Together With Explanatory Notes On the Whole and Plane Trigonometry. With an Appendix ... Philadelphia, PA: Printed by Jesper Harding, 1829.

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