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P.R.I. Leaflet No. 8, October 1919 Experimental P.R. election the single transferable vote /

Proportional Representation Society of Ireland.
Main Creator: Proportional Representation Society of Ireland
Summary:Broadside [P.R.I. Leaflet No. 8, October 1919] with text printed on both recto and verso, issued in relation to the local government elections of 1920 - on recto: "P.R. now ensures to every substantial section or interest the power to obtain its full and just representation upon all County, Muncipal, Rural and Urban Councils and Boards of Guardains in Ireland. Note. This shows the form of Ballot Paper to be employed in all future Elections of Irish Local Authorities. P.R. would ensure the effective representation of all minorities in any Irish Assembly constituted to deal with National Affairs". Includes a sample [fictional] ballot paper featuring a list of the following candidates: Rt. Hon. Edward Carson, K.C., M.P., Col. Sir James Craig, M.P., Eamonn De Valera, T. D., Joseph Devlin, M.P., John Dillon, Thomas Foran [President of the Transport Workers' Union], Thomas Farren [President of the Irish Trades Congress], Arthur Griffith, T. D., Timothy M. Healy, K.C., Sir Horace Plunkett, K.C.V.O. and Sir Robert Woods, F.R.C.S.I., M.P. - above this is printed "This illustrative election is held over a constituency which returns six members, and it is assumed that the following eleven candidates have been nominated. Although there are six members to be elected, each elector has one vote only. If the candidates for whom the elector votes, either (a) has more votes than are sufficient to elect him, or (b), being at the bottom of the poll, is defeated, the elector's vote instead of being wasted will be transferred to the elector's next choice...this illustration assumes that 205 citizens took part in an imaginary election and that they voted generally upon party lines. Names of well-known politicians are employed for obvious reasons, but the figures have no political significance. The Society has published another illustration with the same names and in which Sir Edward Carson heads the poll. In a real election voters will be free to express preferences, Party or non-Party, as they may desire. The Returning Officer will merely give effect, and can only give effect, to such wishes as are expressed by the voters on their ballot papers. This leaflet is issued by the P.R. Society of Ireland in connection with the Society's campaign to give information to candidates and electors in respect of the method of voting which will be used in local elections in January and June, 1920...Please do not destory this leaflet; use it to explain P.R. to others; or pass it on". On verso is "The Result of the Election with an Explanation of the way in which the Result was ascertained" with an explanation of "First preferences" and the ascertainment of a "Quota".
Format: BOOK
Published / Created: Dublin : P.R. Society of Ireland, 65 Middle Abbey Street October, 1919.
Notes:This item is held in the Department of Ephemera.

Physical description: 1 broadside sheet [2 p.]; 41.9 x 26.7 cm.

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