Electors of Waterford! take John Redmond's advice!...and vote Fianna Fail /

Fianna Fáil.
Main Creator: Fianna Fáil
Summary:Election campaign poster in support of Fianna Fáil candidates in the 1927 election, with a quotation from John Redmond [dating from the period following the death of Charles Stewart Parnell]. Text on the poster [black font on buff paper] reads: 'Electors of Waterford! take John Redmond's advice!' [underneath this is a large image of a pointing hand, that draws one's attention to the quotation from Redmond] 'and vote Fianna Fail' [Fianna Fáil]. The quotation from Redmond [underneath the pointing hand] reads: ''On the threshold of the tomb the Leader whom you mourn defined our duty in these memorable words: 'If I were dead and gone to-morrow the men who are fighting English influence in Irish life would fight on still. They would still be Independent Nationalists; they would still believe in the future of IRELAND AS A NATION and they would still protest that it was NOT BY TAKING ORDERS FROM AN ENGLISH MINISTER that Ireland's future could be saved, protected or secured'. Fellow-countrymen, let it be the glory of our race at home and abroad to act up the spirit of this message. God Save Ireland!' Extract from a Manifesto issued by the late John Redmond, M. P., after the death of Parnell'. Underneath this at the bottom of the poster is printed: 'Printed by the Waterford News for J.J. Howlett [James J. Howlett], Election Agent for Fianna Fail [Fianna Fáil] Candidates.
Format: BOOK
Published / Created: Waterford : Waterford News for James J. Howlett [election agent for Fianna Fáil candidates], [n.d., c.1927]
Notes:There are two copies of this election poster in the Department of Ephemera.

Physical description: 1 broadside poster; 22 x 29 cm.

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