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Fisher Mss Will Notes Vol. E,

[undated, ca. 1859].
Main Creator: Fisher, Denis O'Callaghan, 1809-1869, genealogist
Contributors: Ireland. Genealogical Office
Summary:Will abstracts and genealogical notes, 1680-1810, compiled by Denis O'Callaghan Fisher.

Pedigree of Lefanu, ca. 1680 - ca. 1800 (pp. 59-60)

List of wills, intestate administrations, etc., of Parker, 1699 - 1756 (p.115)

Detailed abstract of will of Elizabeth Westropp, widow, 1756 (p. 54)

Detailed abstract of will of William Alcock of Dublin, 1705 (p. 25)

Detailed abstract of will of Edmond Bourke, Lord Baron of Castleconnell [Co. Limerick] 1638 (pp. 66)

Detailed abstract of will of Louisa Petitot Fitzgerald (née Bullen), 1825 (p. 25)

Detailed abstract of will of Amos Godsell of Morrestown [sic, Moorestown, a townland in Kilfinnane], Co. Limerick, 1714 (p. 17)

Detailed abstract of will of Robert Gooken of Carrageen [sic, Carrigeen], Co. Cork, 1751 (p. 17)

Transcript of the will of The Rt. Hon. James Grattan, 1847 (pp. 108-110)

Detailed abstract of will of John Labarte of Clonmel [Co. Tipperary], gent., 1767 (p. 82)

Pedigree of Lapp of Waterford, 1714 - 1731 (p. 87)

Detailed abstract of will of Robert Leigh of Rosgarland [sic, Rosegarland, Wellingtonbridge] Co. Wexford, 1802 (p. 27)

Detailed abstract of will of Rev. Daniel Letablere, 1774 (p. 82)

Detailed abstract of will of John Loane of Charleville, Co. Cork, 1783 (p.103)

Detailed abstract of the will of John Long of Derrynasera [sic, Derrynaseer, a townland in Co. Leitrim], 1761 (p. 53)

Detailed abstract of will of William Wiseman of Bandon, Co. Cork, 1635 (p.116)

Detailed abstract of will of John Vesey, Archbishop of Tuam, 1715 (p. 81)

Detailed abstracts of wills of Parker of Fermoyle, Co. Longford, 1686 - 1740 (p. 114)

Note on the family [of] Pakenham of Halenaly [sic, Tullynally, Co Westmeath?], ca. 1665 (p. 68)

Detailed abstract of will of Cornelius O'Callaghan of County of Cork, gent., 1736 (p. 17)

Detailed abstract of will of Denis Kelly of Kellybrook, Co. Galway, 1751 (p. 18)

Detailed abstract of will of Robert Bray of Portenure [sic, Portanure], Co. Longford, 1747 and of Samuel Forth of Longford [town], Co. Longford, 1757 (p. 113)

Pedigree of Codington of Holmpatrick and Fish of Dublin, ca. 1620 - 1657 (p. 67)

Pedigree of Crawford of Crawfords Burn, Co. Antrim [sic, Crawfordsburn, Co. Down] later Sharman Crawford [also Sharman-Crawford], ca. 1680 - 1805 (p. 90)

Detailed abstract of will of Laurence, Lord Esmond, Baron of Limerick [sic, Sir Laurence Esmonde, 1st Baron Esmonde (1565–1645)], 1644 and Laurence Esmond [sic, Laurence Esmonde] 1652 (pp. 65-66)

Detailed abstract of will of Joshua Spencer [(born ca. 1758?-1829), of Tremary, Co. Antrim] leaving his estate to his nephew Lord Garvagh [George Canning, 1st Baron Garvagh, (1778-1840)], 1829 (p. 26)

Detailed abstracts of wills of Herbert Gillman of Shanacloyne, Co. Cork, 1757 (p. 24)

Detailed abstract of will of Capt. James Hamilton of Ballyfatton [sic, Ballyfatten], Co. Tyrone, 1730 (p. 70)

Detailed abstract of will of Edward Hartigan of Dublin, apothecary, 1766 (pp. 101 & 107)

Notes on Haughton family, with a detailed abstract of will of John Haughton of Dublin, gent., 1651 (pp. 56-57)

Detailed abstracts of wills of Houghton of Richardstown, Co. Louth and Kilmanock [sometimes Kilmannock], Co. Wexford, 1667 - 1744 (pp. 83-85)

Pedigree of Humphrey and Humphreys of Tullynagarn [sic, Tullynagardy], Drumchouck, Dromard, all in Co. Fermanagh, ca. 1640 - ca. 1820 (pp. 75-76)

Pedigrees of Lavallin of Waterstown and Coolowen, Co. Cork, ca. 1650 - 1771 (pp. 73-74)

Pedigree of Lightburn of Dublin and Trim, Co. Meath, 1668 - ca. 1800 (pp. 58 & 86)

Detailed abstract of will of Henry Maxwell of Colledge Hall [sic, College Hall], Co. Armagh, 1709 (p. 81)

Detailed abstracts of wills of Nevill of Fornaghts [sic, Forenaghts] Co. Kildare and the city of Dublin, 1682 - 1736 (pp. 51-52)

Detailed abstracts of wills of Nixon of Co. Monaghan and Redmills, Co. Dublin, 1758 - 1773 (pp.101-104 & 107-108)

Detailed abstract of will of John Parks of Cork, clothier, 1750 (p. 18)

Note on family of Enoch Reader, Alderman of Dublin, ca. 1665 (p. 68)

Detailed abstracts of wills of Rogerson of the city of Dublin, Knights and judge, 1724 - 1741 (pp. 32-33)

Detailed abstract of will of John Townsend of Shipperton [sic, Shepperton], Co. Cork, 1806 (p. 27)

A list in chronological order of marriages of males with surnames commencing with "A", with date of marriage and name of wife, 1636 - 1806 (pp. 1-16)

Exchequer bill under the heading: Elizabeth Crump v Mathew Barry, George Haughton, Philip Savage, Peter Beaghan, Exec[utor] of will of Richard Barry Esq., and John Conor, gent., 1680 (p. 57)

Note on family of Thomas Browne of Dublin, Esq., and Bignet, his wife, daughter of Nicholas Stephens, ca. 1665 (p. 68)

Pedigrees of Grattan of Tullyclea, Co. Fermanagh and of the city of Dublin and Clonmeen, Co. Kildare, ca.1680 - 1816 (pp. 75-78)

Detailed abstracts of wills of Sankey of Newpark, Co. Longford, with reference to Kelly of Kellybrook, Co. Roscommon, 1767-1859 (pp. 111-112)

Detailed abstracts of wills of Kemeys and Kemmis of Kilmoague [sic, Kilmeage] in the island of Allen, Co. Kildare and Killeenlinoch, Queen's Co. [sic, Killeen or Killeenlynagh, Co. Laois], 1724 - 1774 (pp. 53-54)

Detailed abstracts of wills of Leckey and Lecky of Ballykealy [sic, Ballykealey, Co. Carlow] and Kilneary and Kilnock, Co. Carlow and of Armagh and of Cullinswood House [sic, Cullenswood House] Co. Dublin, 1707 - 1790 (pp. 91-92)

Detailed abstracts of wills of Lombard of Gortvohie [sic, Gortavoher, Co. Cork], of Gortmalyre, of Lombardstown, of the city of Cork and city of Dublin, 1685 - 1798 (pp. 35-44)

Abstract of administration of effects of Thady O'Callaghan, late of Mount Allon [sometimes Mountallon], Co. Clare, granted to his grandson, Daniel McNamara, 1772 (p. 26)

Abstract of administrations of effects of Mary McNamara of Ardcloneigh, Co. Clare, window, taken out by his son, Daniel McNamara, 1772 (p. 26)

Pedigree of Lane of Cork city, of Laragh in parish of Kilbrogan, of Kilmean in Barony of Kinalmeaky and Ballylarkin, of Dromagh, all in Co. Cork and of Killeens or Lane's Park and of Lanesborough, Co. Tipperary, 1660 - ca. 1820 (pp. 71-74 & 87-90)

Pedigree of Gregg of Billfield and Knockcarn, Co. Antrim and Dublin city, with list of Gregg deeds and detailed abstracts of wills, including that of William Gregg, formerly of Belfast and then Parkmount, Co. Antrim, leaving the said Parkmount to Achmat Borumbadad of Dublin with the hope that he will change his name to Gregg, 1782 (pp. 19-24 & 111-112)

Pedigree showing claim of Guinness and Wilkinson of Inshogan in Queen's Co. [Co. Laois], Chapman of Castle Mitchell [sic, Castlemitchell], Co. Kildare, Carey of White Castle [also Whitecastle], Co. Donegal, through Grayson, Lusell, Grattan and Harris, to be founders kin of New College, Oxford and Winchester College, 1653 - 1816 (pp. 75-80)

Detailed abstracts of wills of Webb of Ballynehincy [sic, Ballynahinch] Co. Limerick, of Cork city and Cloheenmilcon [sic, Clogheenmilcon] Co. Cork, 1712 - 1728 (pp. 28-30)

Detailed abstract of will of Valentine Savadge of Ballyane [sic, Ballyanne], Co. Wexford, of Lundestown, Co. Meath and City of Dublin, 1670 (p. 55)

Notes on family of Savage and Savadge and detailed abstract of will of Rt. Hon. Philip Savage, 1716 and of Philip Savage of Dungulph [Dungulph Castle, Fethard-on-Sea, Co. Wexford], 1746 (pp. 55-57 & 69 & 85)

Detailed abstracts of wills of Marshall of Blackwaterstown, Co. Armagh, of Glenkeen in Tyrone, of Amunmore and Rahymoney, Co. Donegal and of Newry and Bellyboy, Queen's Co. [sic, Ballyboy, Co. Laois], 1674 - 1849 (pp. 93-94)

Pedigrees of Marshall of Killballyvane, Riverville, Ballymacadam, all in Co. Kerry and of Markham of Nunstown and Brewaterfield and of Markham Leeson Marshall of Callinafercy, all in Co. Kerry, 1600 - 1836 (pp. 95-100)

Detailed abstracts of wills of Foulkes and Foukes of Rathoat [sic, Ratoath] Co. Meath, Monasterevan [sic, Monasterevin] Co. Kildare, Younggrove [Young-Grove, sometimes Young Grove, Co. Cork], Strawhall, Shanegarry [sic, Shanagarry], Youghal, all in Co. Cork, Shanrahan, Co. Tipperary and Tallow, Co. Waterford, 1701 - 1810 (pp. 45-50)

Pedigree of Lyon and Lyons of Ballina and Dowshill, Muclaght [sic, Mucklagh, Co. Offaly], Ledwickstown and Ladestown [formerly Ledestown in Co. Westmeath], of Balence, Killeen and Kilderry and River Lyons [sic, Clonarrow also known as Riverlyons, Co. Offaly] all in King's Co.[Co. Offaly], ca.1600 - c.1821 (pp. 62-64 & 67 & 69)
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