Registered Pedigrees Vol. 26,

[ca. 1877-1897].
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Main Creator: Ireland. Genealogical Office
Summary:Pedigree of Orr, of Ballyblack, Barony of Upper Ards, of Ballygowan, of Strangford all in Co. Down, of Belfast City and Cannes, France, ca. 1600 - 1873 (pp. 1-12)

Pedigree of Stewart of Ballintoy and Ballinlough, of Artimacormick and Clare Park, Ballycastle and Galgorm, Ballymena and Drumnagassen and of Esson, all in Co. Antrim, ca. 1600 - 1873 (pp. 2-9)

Pedigree of Poyntz of Brewnogs [sic, Brewnoge] and the Manor of Acton, both in Co. Antrim, ca. 1575 - ca. 1709 (p. 3)

Pedigree of Smyth of Rosedale Abbey, Co. Yorkshire, and Dundrum, Co. Down and Armoy, Co. Antrim and of Lisburn, ca.1600 - 1809 (pp. 3-8)

Pedigree of Bermingham, Barons Athenry, Earl of Louth, being the descendants and co-heirs of the 22nd Baron: Sewell, Richards, Beresford, Burrowes, Drummond, Leeson, St. George, Annesley, McGuire, Trotter, Burke, Kirwan, Dillon, 1717 - 1869 (pp.14-23)

Pedigree of Cosby of Stradbally in Leix [sic, Co. Laois], Baron Sidney of Leix and Baron Stradbally, of Vicarstown, Leix [sic, Co. Laois], ca. 1550 - 1864 (pp. 26-35)

Descent of Dukes of Grafton and Earls of Southampton from Cosby of Stradbally, Queen's Co. [sic, Co. Laois], ca.1716 - ca.1800 (pp. 34-35)

Pedigree of McClure of Killead, Co. Antrim, of Belfast City and Belmont, Co. Down, ca. 1720 - 1874 (p. 38)

Pedigree of Beresford of Beresford and Easton in Co. Stafford, of Bentley, etc., in Co. Derby, of Coleraine, Barts., and Earls of Tyrone and Marquis of Waterford, of Learmount, Co. Derry, Barons Decies, of the Isle of St. Vincent, West Indies [sic, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines], of Delvediere [?], City of Dublin, 1087 - 1874 (pp. 39-76)

Pedigree of Le Poer or de la Poer of Curraghmore, Barons of Curraghmore, of Coolfin, of Monelargy and Graigrush all in Co. Waterford, Earl of Tyrone and Viscount Decies, also Poer of Kilmeadon and Barons of Donisle, ca. 1436 - 1769 (69-76)

Pedigree of Eveleigh of Wester Eveleigh and Ayot St. Laurence and Barton, of Bovey Tracy Park, of Liatleigh, of Totnes, of Holcombe Manor all in Co. Devon and Dean of Ross, Co. Cork, ca. 1564 - ca. 1713 (pp. 77-83)

Pedigree of Sheilds of Wyanstowne in Barony of Ratoath, of Wainstown [also Wyanstowne, Co. Meath] of Curraghtown and Woodpark, all in Co. Meath and Sheildsville in Co. Dublin, later Wade and also later Wentworth-Sheilds, ca. 1620 - 1878 (pp. 85-87)

Pedigree of Radcliffe of Wilson's Hospital, Co. Westmeath, of Lisadell, Co. Armagh and of Tinnakilly and Ballycarney, Co. Wexford, 1678 - 1868 (pp. 89-94)

Pedigree of O'Carroll of Beagh and Ardagh and Dunmore and Turlogh, Co. Galway, City of Dublin and Fort Hill, Co. Mayo and of Jamaica, ca. 1650 - 1875 (pp. 95-98)

Pedigree of Reeves showing descent through Dobbs, Burrowes, FitzGerald, Earls of Kildare, from Edward I, King of England, 1239 - 1869 (pp. 99-105)

Pedigree of Maunsell, 1690 - ca. 1800 (pp. 104 & 393)

Pedigree of Reeves of City of Dublin and City of Cork, of Platten, Co. Meath, Burrane, Co. Clare, and Vosterberg, Co. Cork, ca. 1695 - 1869 (pp. 104-105)

Pedigree of Bristowe of Belfast City, ca. 1650 - ca. 1800 (p. 105)

Pedigree of Dobbs of Castle Dobbs, Co. Antrim, 1689 - 1863 (pp. 105 & 393-394)

Pedigree of Leslie of Castle Leslie, Glaslough, Co. Monaghan Barts., and also Leslie, later Slingsby, of Scriven Park, Co. York, ca. 1750 - 1869 (pp. 107-112)

Pedigree of Rylands of Risley, Wigan and Warrington in Lancashire, of Thelwall Grange and Massey Hall, Co. Chester, 1654 - 1873 (pp. 113-116)

Pedigree of Brooke of Gateforth and Burton Hall, and Hunmanby all in Yorkshire, ca. 1564 - 1850 (pp. 118-119)

Pedigree of Gower, Barts., of Stillenham [Yorkshire, England], ca. 1550 - ca. 1686 (pp. 118-119)

Pedigree of Firman of Selby, Co. York and City of Dublin, of Ballinderry and Arranhill and Firmount (now Cnoc na Faire), Carryahorig, of Slevoir (now Slevyre) all in Co. Tipperary and Gateforth House, Co. York, ca. 1690 - 1867 (pp. 122-124)

Pedigree of Osbaldeston of Hunmanby, Co. York, ca. 1580 - 1770 (pp. 125-129)

Pedigree of Scully of Cashel, and Barnahill or Dean's Grove, of Kilconnell and Shanbally, of Dually and Kilfeacle, of Ballyhurst, Cordangan and Pegsboro' [sic, Pegsborough, Co. Tipperary] of Cahir, of Mantle Hill, of Silverfort all in Co. Tipperary, of Torquay, England, 1571 - 1876 (pp. 132-143)

Pedigree of Publicola Santa Croce of Italy, Princes, with descent from Scully of Kilfeacle, Co. Tipperary, ca. 1820 - 1876 (pp. 137-139)

Pedigree of Bourke of Urey [Co. Galway] and of Spring Vale, Jamaica, ca.1750 - 1873 (pp. 145-149)

Pedigree of Pigott of Dysert and Grange, of Corbally, of Rahinduffe all in Queen's County [Co. Laois], of Innishannon, Co. Cork, and Long Ashton, Somerset, of Kilfinny and Rathkeale, Cappard, Co. Limerick, 1562 - 1878 (pp. 149-157)

Pedigree of Hunt of Tullaghfargus and Russellstown, Co. Wicklow, of Williamstown and Liggsdoon and Friarstown and Curragh Chase all in Co. Limerick, afterward De Vere Barts., of Faha, and Curraghbridge, Co. Limerick, of Cappaghwhite, Curragheen, Ballysinode and High Park, Co. Tipperary, of Cloghnadromin, Co. Limerick and of Incherourke, ca. 1649 - 1910 (pp. 158-169)

Pedigree of Tottenham of Barrington in Cambridgeshire, of Cheddar in Somerset, of Ballyloskeran or Tottenham Green in Co. Wexford, Barts., Baron Loftus, Viscount Loftus, Earl of Ely and Marquess of Ely, later Loftus, ca. 1500 - 1875 (pp. 170-197)

Pedigree of Tottenham of Woodstock, of Ballycurry and New Ross, of Mac Morrogh, Co. Wexford, and of Blancheville, Co. Kilkenny, of Mon Plaisir in the Isle of Guernsey, of Meaford, Canada West, of Glenfarn Hall and Glencade, Co. Leitrim, of Rosegarland and Fethard and Ballinshown all in Co. Wexford, ca. 1500 - 1875 (pp. 170-197)

Pedigree of Berry of Kilshanig, Newberry, Quartertown and Mallow all in Co. Cork, 1703-1886 (pp. 178-181)

Pedigree of FitzGerald, Knight of Kerry of Valencia and Ballinruddery, Co. Kerry, ca. 1720 - 1873 (pp. 198-201)

Pedigree of Whitelock Lloyd with pedigree of Whitelock of Beches, near Wokingham, Buckinghamshire, etc., 1464 - 1835; with pedigree of Lloyd of Mattersey, Co. Nottingham, of Manchester, etc., and Strancally Castle, Co. Waterford, ca. 1610 - 1861 (pp. 202-223)

Pedigree of Butler of Ballyragget, Co. Kilkenny with descent from Viscount Mountgarret and Lord Vaux of Harrowden [Northamptonshire], ca. 1625 - 1831 (pp. 224-229)

Pedigree of Barons Vaux of Harrowden [Northamptonshire], ca. 1620 - 1870 (pp. 227-228)

Pedigree of Browne Mostyn of Talacre and Usk, later Barons Vaux of Harrowden [Northamptonshire], 1753 - 1870 (pp. 227-229)

Pedigree of Barnewall, Barts., 1836 - 1879 (pp. 240-243)

Copy of a series of deeds of the lands of John Burke of Castlehackett, Co. Galway, later Burke of Ower, and of Andrew Browne, of Liskelline [sic, Liskillen, Co. Galway] and of Ower, Co. Galway, 1657 (pp. 244-247)

Pedigree of Butler of Ballyragget, Co. Kilkenny with descent from Viscount Mountgarret and Lord Vaux of Harrowden [Northamptonshire], ca.1625 - 1831 (pp. 244-249)

Pedigree of Roe of Rockview, near Maryborough [sic, Portlaoise] in Queen's Co. [Co. Laois], with descent through Price and Annesley from Tottenham of Tottenham Green, Co. Wexford, 1714 - 1888 (pp. 248-251)

Pedigree of Fitz Gibbon, Mac an tsen Riddery, The White Knight, of Ballynahensie, of Ballynahinch, and Ballyscaddane all in Co. Limerick, of Neddans, Co. Tipperary, of Clashmore, of Lisbon, Portugal, of Youghal and Mount Eagle, Co. Cork, and Crohana, Stonyford, Co. Kilkenny, of Castle Grace in Co. Tipperary, Ross Carbery, Co. Cork and Toronto, Canada and The Rookery, Stanmore, Co. Middlesex, ca. 1550 - 1880 (pp. 230-239)

Pedigree of Wood of Lacken, Caranduff and Oldrock, and Leckfield and Woodville and Cleveragh all in Co. Sligo and later Wood Martin, 1602 - 1883 (pp. 252-257)

Pedigree of White of Dromanagh, Barony of Decies, Co. Waterford, of Kilburn, also Kilbyrne [Co. Cork] and Kingstown, Co. Cork, and City of Gloucester and City of Dublin, ca. 1670 - 1884 (pp. 258-263)

Pedigree of Barnewall, Barons Trimlestown, Woodtown and Pubblestown and Clonylogan and Fyanstown and Meadstown, of Bloomsbury, and Causestown all in Co. Meath, 1574 - 1584 (pp. 268-274)

Pedigree of Mahon of Ballinemly and Strokestown, of Cavetown all in Co. Roscommon, Barons Hartland, ca.1650 - ca.1830 (pp. 274a-277)

Pedigree of Berry of Kilshanig [near Mallow], Newberry, Quartertown and Mallow all in Co. Cork 1703 - 1886 (pp.278-281)

Pedigree of Wynne of Lurganboy, Co. Leitrim, of Hazelwood, Co. Sligo and Foxford, Co. Mayo with descent through Gordon, Marquis of Huntly and James, Earl of Abercorn from James I, King of Scotland and William the Conqueror, ca. 1620-1888 (pp. 282-290)

8 Quartiers of Sir Reginald Barnewall, 10th Bart., being Barnewall of Ballyhost, Co. Westmeath, Geoghegan of Castletown [also known as Castletown-Geoghegan], Co. Westmeath, Aylmer (2) of Painstown, Co. Kildare, Luther (2) of Ballyboy, King's Co. [Co. Offaly], Barnewall of Clonilogan, Co. Meath, Piers of Ballydrimney, Co. Meath, ca. 1700 - 1838 (pp. 264-267)

Pedigree of Blair of Ballinode, Co. Sligo, ca. 1780 - 1877 (p. 288)

Pedigree of Robinson of West Grove, Douglas, Co. Cork, with descent from Wynne through Blair, 1807 - 1886 (pp. 288-289)

Pedigree of Verschoyle of Castleshanaghan [Castle Shanaghan] and Tullydonnell, Co. Donegal, of Dromadda and Athea, Co. Limerick, of Tassaggard, Co. Dublin with descent through Stuart, Lord Ochiltree [or Ochiltrie], and Hamilton, Earls of Arran, from Edward I, King of England and Robert Bruce, King of Scotland, ca. 1690 - 1891 (pp. 301-309)

Pedigree of Wentworth of Ardgreagh, and Trim and Fyanstown, Co. Meath, Mollartini, Co. Armagh, of Vancluse, also Vauclose, Sydney, New South Wales [Australia], originally of South Kirby, Yorkshire, ca. 1670 - 1888 (pp. 310-319)

Pedigree of Beamish of Palace Anne and Raharoon, of Killmalooda, of Garranloughan also Willsgrove, of Maulbrack and Mount Beamish, of Beaumont, of Ditchley, of Annemount, of Ashgrove, of Ashbourne near Glaunthane with descent through Ludlow, Windsor, Andrews and Lutterell from Edward I, ca. 1600 - 1880 (pp. 293-299)

Pedigree of Verschoyle of Donore, Co. Dublin, of City of Dublin, of Kilberry, Co. Kildare and Mountown, Co. Meath, of Roundwood, Queen's Co. [Co. Laois] and Springfield, Herefordshire, of Stillorgan Park, Co. Dublin and Tanrago, Co. Sligo, ca. 1690 - 1891 (pp. 301-309)

Pedigree of Westropp of Comborough and Brompton, Co. York, of Limerick City, of Attyflin and Ballysteen, Co. Limerick, of Carduggan, Shanballymore, Peafield, Ballyvolane, Ballintra, Ravenswood, Co. Cork, of Clonmoney, Liamehan, Fortanne and Ruanard, Co. Clare, of the City of Cork and of New Zealand, 1572 - 1884 (pp. 320-344)

Pedigree of O'Conor Don, of Belanagare and Mount Druid and of Palace Elphin, all in Co. Roscommon, 1732 - 1880 (pp. 346-348 & 357)

Pedigree of Sandys of City of Dublin with descent from Whaley, ca. 1800 - 1889 (pp. 349-350)

Pedigree of Gould, late of Lisbon, Portugal, 1756 - 1889 (pp. 352--354)

Pedigree of Forbes of Drumcorath and Clonkeen [Co. Meath], of Hewstone [Co. Meath], of Mooretown Forbes in Co. Meath and of City of Dublin, ca. 1690 - 1894 (pp. 357 & 513-517)

Pedigree of Blake of Ballinafad, Co. Mayo with O'Conor descendant, ca. 1710 - ca. 1880 (pp. 357-358)

Pedigree of Lynch of Barna and Cloghballymore, Co. Galway, ca. 1710 - ca. 1820 (pp. 357-358)

Pedigree of Harvey, Lee Harvey and Shand Harvey of Castle Semple, Co. Renfrew [Scotland], 1794 - 1882 (pp. 360-363)

Pedigree of Beers afterward Leslie of Rathfriland, and of Ballygorian and Ballyward, Co. Down, of Manorcunningham, Co. Donegal, ca. 1740 - 1859 (pp. 364-367)

Pedigree of Prior of Leverington and Parson Drove in the Isle of Ely, of Rathdowney in Queen's County [Co. Laois], and pedigree of Murray Prior of Rathdowney, aforesaid [sic, Co. Laois], of Southsea, Hants. [sic, Hampshire], of Brighton, Sussex and of Queensland, Australia, ca. 1600 - 1889 (pp. 368-377)

Pedigree of Gilman of Curraheen, of Carrygroghan, of Finnis and Gurteen, of Shanacloyne also Old Park, of Neucestown, of Lakefield, of Clonteadmore, of Riverstown all in Co. Cork, ca. 1600 - 1895 (pp. 378-383)

Pedigree of Bowen of Ilston, Co. Glamorgan, of Farihy, of Kilbolane, of Bowen's Court, also Cole Bowen, ca. 1550 - 1890 (pp. 384-387)

Pedigree of Ussher of Donnybrook, of Bridgefoot, of Woodpark, all in Co. Dublin and of City of Dublin, 1563 - 1890 (pp. 388-391)

Trente deux quartiers of Reeves of Besborough, Co. Cork, and Burrane, Co. Clare with descent from Maunsell, Conway Dobbs, Bristowe, Vandeleur, Moore, Brabazon and Toler, ca. 1700 - ca. 1880 (pp. 392-397)

Pedigree of Vandeleur of Kilrush, Co. Clare, ca.1700 - ca. 1880 (pp. 393-395)

Pedigree of Bristowe of Co. Antrim, ca. 1700 - ca. 1800 (p. 394)

Pedigree of Brabazon of Brabazon Park, Co. Mayo, ca. 1700 - ca. 1780 (pp. 395-396)

Pedigree of Toler of Beechwood, Co. Tipperary and Earls of Norbury, ca. 1700 - ca. 1830 (pp. 395-396)

Pedigree of Agnew of Donegore and Ballyclare, Co. Antrim and of Tasmania, 1708 - 1890 (pp. 398-401)

Pedigree of Lyons of Old Park, Belfast and Brookhill, Co. Antrim and Belfast City, 1624 - 1891 (pp. 402-407)

Pedigree of Lutwidge of Holm Rock, Whitehaven, Co. Cumberland, 1660 - 1891 (pp. 408-412)

Pedigree of O'Donel, Chief of the name, of Old Castle or Oughty Murrisk [Oughty Earrisk], and Wilford Lodge, Burrishoole all in Co. Mayo, of Spain conde de La Bisbal, Marquis of Claramonte, Marquis of Altamira, Duke of Tetuan, Viscount de Aliaga, and of Austria, Counts O'Donell von Tirconnell, ca. 1520 - 1891 (pp. 414-422)

Pedigree of Darcy of Ballybocock and Gorteen and Kiltolla all in Co. Mayo, of Baymore, Co. Meath, and Loftus Hill, Co. Dublin and of Rockingham, Queensland, Newton Abbot, Devonshire and Stanmore, Middlesex, ca. 1560 - 1892 (pp. 424-429)

Pedigree of McCalmont of Parish of Cairncastle, of Newton Larne, Abbeylands, and Holywood House, Belfast all in Co. Antrim, of Southampton, of Hampton Court, Middlesex and of Warwick, ca. 1700 - 1892 (pp. 430 - 433)

Pedigree of Armstrong, later Heaton-Armstrong of Straffan, Co. Kildare, of Farney Castle, Co. Tipperary, and Mount Heaton, King's Co. [Co. Offaly], ca. 1640 - 1888 (pp. 434-437)

Pedigree of Harvey of Emlagh [Co. Donegal] and Dunmore and Malin Hall, Co. Donegal, of Glendermott and Molenan in Co. Derry and City of Londonderry [Derry], ca. 1650 - 1889 (pp. 438 - 453)

Pedigree of O'Morchoe, also Murphy, Chief of the Sept, of Tubberliminagh and Oulartleigh, Co. Wexford, ca. 1550 - 1931 (pp. 454-461)

Pedigree of Barry of Ballyguybeg and Bohergar, and Farnanve, and Rockstown, and Fryarstown, now Sandville, all in Co. Limerick, ca. 1570 - 1892 (pp. 462-467)

Pedigree of Minnitt, formerly Molloy of Streamstown, King's Co. [Co. Offaly], and of Lancashire, England, ca. 1720 - 1892 (pp. 468-471)

Pedigree of Ffrench of Monivea Castle, Co. Galway, later Ffrench de Freyne-Ffrench, ca. 1700 - ca. 1890 (pp. 472-475)

Pedigree of O'Brien of Dromoland, Co. Clare, Barts., ca. 1680 - 1847 (p. 473)

Pedigree of Ludlow of Southampton and Victoria, Australia, ca.1715 - 1864 (p. 474)

Pedigree of Watton of Trowbridge, Co. Wiltshire, 1700 - 1892 (p. 474)

Pedigree of O'Connor of Cloontarriff, Co. Kerry, ca. 1750 - 1895 (pp. 476-478)

Pedigree of Dillon of Tollaghane, West Rathmile, Springlaun [sic, Springlawn], Co. Roscommon, and Lissiane and Farmhill, Co. Mayo, ca. 1650 - 1901 (pp. 480-483)

Pedigree of Macnamara of Oxbridge, Co. Middlesex, 1825 - 1895 (p. 485)

Pedigree of Russell of Ballystrew, Killough and Killowen, Co. Down, Baron for life, ca. 1720 - 1894 (pp. 486-489)

Pedigree of Gillman of Curragheen, Barts., of The Cove, Kinsale, of Clashmartel, of Carrigrohane, of Ballymaw, of Killgubnet, of Nadrid [Co. Cork], ca. 1600 - 1895 (pp. 490-495)

Pedigree of Molony of Ballynahiney and Kiltannon, of Clonmore, of Craganacreene or Cragg and of Ennis, all in Co. Clare, and of Dublin City, ca. 1680 - 1919 (pp. 496-503)

Pedigree of Bruce of Avith, Kinnaird, Kincavell and Newtoune, etc., in Scotland, of Killinchy, Killyleagh, Co. Down, and Downhill, Co. Londonderry [Derry], Barts., of Thorndale, Co. Antrim, of Rockford and Rathfarnham, Co. Dublin and of Belfast and of Norton Hall, Gloucestershire, ca. 1560 - 1891 (pp. 504-512)

Pedigree of Forbes of Hewstone and Mooretown Forbes [Co. Meath], ca. 1640 - 1895 (pp. 513-518)

Pedigree of Langrishe, of Langrish in Hampshire of Knocktopher [Co. Kilkenny], Barts., ca.1500 - 1899 (pp. 519-524)

Pedigree of Eyre of Eyre Court, Co. Galway, of St. Helen's, Jersey, and of North Adelaide, Australia, ca.1740 - 1895 (pp. 525-528)

Pedigree of Gillman of Troyle in Anglesea, ancestors of the Gillmans of Co. Cork, Gillman of Deptford, ca. 1530 - 1583 (pp. 529-532)

Pedigree of Allen of Curraghair, of Greenfield, of Ballyduane, of Liscongill, of Bettyville, of Clashanure, of Ballyholahane all in Co. Cork, of America and of Natal, South Africa [sic, now known as KwaZulu-Natal], ca. 1580 - 1895 (pp. 533-540)

Pedigree of Wilson of Rashee, Co. Antrim and of Belfast, of Lark Hill and Dunardagh, Co. Dublin of Coolure and of Daramona, Co. Westmeath, of Coolcarrigan, Co. Kildare and of Co. Longford, ca. 1650 - 1895 (pp. 541-548)

Pedigree of O'Neill from Niall of the Nine Hostages reigning A.D. 379, later Princes of Claneboy and of Edenduffcarrick, of Dublin City, of Lisbon, Portugal, 379 A.D. - 1944 (pp. 549-560)

Pedigree of Power, Barons of Le Power and Barons of Coroghmore, Viscount Decies and Earls of Tyrone of Monolargie, of Rathearmake, Knockalaffa in Co. Waterford, of Ballindrimny and Grange, Co. Galway, of Gurteen and Coolfine, Co. Waterford, of Kilcronagh, Co. Kilkenny and Long Orchard, Co. Tipperary, ca. 1515 - 1897 (pp. 561-570)

Pedigree of Kelly of Ballyforan and Kilcash, Co. Roscommon, and Muckloon, Co. Galway, of Weston, Co. Meath, ca. 1600 - ca. 1907 (pp. 571 - 575)
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