Registered Pedigrees Vol. 23,

[ca. 1850-1935].
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Main Creator: Ireland. Genealogical Office
Summary:Pedigree of Littleberry of Lincolnshire, ca. 1300 - ca. 1450. 

Pedigree of Macdonald of the Isles, A.D. 157 - ca. 1770 (p.1)

Pedigree of Maxwell of Caerlaverock Castle, Barons in Roxborogh, of Westerra in Lancashire, of Teyling [sic, Tealing, a village in Angus] in Forfarshire, of Clowelen in Dumfriesshire, Earls of Nithsdale, Barons Herries, later Constable Maxwell, also later Middleton ca. 1050 - 1847 (pp. 9-102).

Pedigree of Maxwell of Monreith, Barts., of Nether Pollock and Croghen and Auldhouse, Barts., of Blavart Hill, of Spring Kill Barts., of Calderwood in Lanarkshire, Barts., of Farnham, Co. Cavan, Barons Farnham and Earls of Farnham, ca. 1050 - 1847 (pp. 9-102)

Pedigree of Maxwell of Fellows Hall, [Killyleagh] Co. Armagh, of Ahenes, Co. Tyrone, of Falkland, Co. Monaghan, of Finnebrogue, Co. Down, of Mullatinny now Elm Park, Co. Armagh, of Old Castle, Co. Meath and Dunminery, Co. Cavan, of Cairnsmore Cardoness in Kircudbrightshire, Barts., ca. 1050 - 1847 (pp. 9-102)

Pedigree of Haggerston, later Constable, later Constable Maxwell, 1758 - 1844 (pp. 29-34)

Pedigree of Middleton, later Stanley, of Stock-well Park [sic, Stockeld Park, also earlier known as Stokeld], Yorkshire, ca. 1763 - ca. 1840 (pp. 35-37)

Pedigree of Dowdall (formerly Dovedale) of Termonfechan [sic, Termonfeckin or Termonfechin, Co. Louth], of Glaspistol in Co. Louth, of Mountown and Clone [sic, Clonee] in Co. Meath, of City of Dublin, 1318 - 1847 (pp. 105-114)

Pedigree of Johnson of Smithstown and Warrenstown, Co. Meath (formerly O'Neill), and of New York in America and Montreal [Canada], 1604 - 1847 (pp. 114-119)

Pedigree of Harvey of Thirley in Bedfordshire, ca. 1450 - 1553 (p. 122 & p. 137)

Pedigree of Chichele, being founders kin at All Souls College, Oxford, 1400 - 1849 (pp. 122-141)

Pedigree of Leigh of Addington in Surrey, ca. 1500 - 1612 (pp. 122-123 & 137)

Pedigree of Marsh of Edgeworth in Gloucestershire, of City of Dublin, Barts., 1629 - ca. 1860 (pp. 123-128)

Pedigree of Ailesbury of Easton in Warwickshire, ca. 1400 - ca. 1660 (p. 123 & p. 129)

Descent of Royal Family of England from Ailesbury, ca. 1400 - ca. 1700 (p. 129)

Pedigree of O'Brien of Dromoland, being founders kin of All Souls College, Oxford, with descent from Chichele and from Ailesbury through Hyde, ca. 1400 - 1849 (pp. 129-130)

Pedigree of Hyde, Earls of Clarendon, Barons of Wooten Basset, Viscounts Kenilworth, Earls of Rochester, ca. 1660 - ca. 1750 (p. 129-132)

Pedigree of Parsons of Norfolk, of Parsonstown, King's Co. [sic, Birr, Co. Offaly], Barts., with descent from [the] Fenton and Chichele [families], ca. 1575 - ca. 1750 (p. 130)

Pedigree of Villiers, Earls of Clarendon and of Jersey, ca. 1780 - ca. 1840 (p. 132)

Pedigree of Digby, Barons of Geashill with descent through FitzGerald's, Earls of Kildare from Edward I, ca. 1307 - ca. 1732 (p. 133)

Pedigree of Wolseley, Barts., with descent through Fiennes from Wickham, being founders kin of New College, Oxford and Winchester College, ca. 1450 - ca. 1800 (p. 134)

Pedigree of Moore of Wigmore in Eltham, Co. Kent, of Croghan in King's Co.[Co. Offaly], ca. 1570 - ca. 1650

Pedigree of L'Estrange of Moystown in King's Co. [Co. Offaly], of Castle L'Estrange in Roscommon, through Moore and Toke [families] from Chichele [family], ca. 1400 - ca. 1700 (p. 136)

Pedigree of Boyle, Earls of Cork with descent through Fenton, Beaumont, Leigh [and] Hervey [families] from [the] Chichele [family], being Founders Kin at All Souls College, Oxford, ca. 1400 - ca. 1629 (p. 137)

Pedigree of Fenton, ca. 1540 - ca. 1630 (pp. 137-138)

Pedigree of Acton of Dublin and West Acton in Co. Wicklow with descent from Parsons and Chichele [families], ca). 1700 - 1800 (p. 138)

Pedigree of Sandys [Sandes] of Northbourne, Kent and Carrigafoyle [Castle, near Ballylongford], Co. Kerry, ca. 1500 - ca. 1700 (p. 141)

Pedigree of Warburton of Britannia [Banagher, Co. Offaly] and Burroans [sic, Burrow] in King's Co. [Co. Offaly], with descent through Sandys [Sandes] and Darrell [families] from Chichele [family], ca. 1670 - ca. 1840 (p. 141)

Pedigree of Percival of Moricetown, Co. Kildare, of Dunbrody, Co. Wexford, of Dublin, of Fostertown, and Knightsbrook, Co. Meath and Curragoa, ca. 1100 - 1841 (pp. 144-147)

Pedigree of Sherlock of Littlerath, Co. Kildare, of City of Dublin, and of Dundrum, Co, Dublin, ca. 1550 - 1850 (pp. 150 -151)

Pedigree of Packenham Hall, Co. Westmeath, Earls of Longford with descent from Bellingham, ca. 1660 - 1850 (p. 152)

Pedigree of Bellingham, Barts., of Dublin, ca. 1640 - ca. 1720 (pp. 152-156)

Pedigree of Heron of Tullykeal in Co. Louth, ca. 1700 - ca. 1750 (pp. 153-154)

Pedigree of Corker of Monkstown, Co. Dublin, and Upper Lota, Co. Cork, ca. 1670 - ca. 1800 (pp. 153-154)

Pedigree of Patten of Drogheda, ca. 1720 - ca. 1800 (p. 154)

Pedigree of Langrishe, Barts., with descent through Boyle from Bellingham, 1756 - 1862 (p. 155)

Pedigree of Boyle of Dublin with descent from Bellingham, ca. 1700 - ca. 1777 (p. 155)

Pedigree of Horish of Ballyboghill, Co. Dublin, ca. 1690 - ca. 1750 (p. 156)

Pedigree of Swan of Kilrisk, Co. Dublin, with descent from Bellingham and Horish, ca. 1650 - ca. 1800 (pp. 156-157)

Pedigree of Carter with descent through Swan from Bellingham and Horish, ca. 1750 - ca. 1850 (p. 157)

Pedigree of MacSheehy of Killarney, Co. Kerry, ca. 1500 - 1851 (pp. 164-165)

Pedigree of Gibbs of Cork City, of Derry [Co. Cork], of Ballynoran [sic, Ballynoe, Co. Cork] and Inchegeelah [sic, Inchegeela, Co. Cork], 1703 - 1850 (pp. 168-171)

Pedigree of Llewellin [also Llewelyn] of Trim, Co. Meath, of Silvermines, Co. Tipperary, and of Claremount, Co. Dublin, and City of Dublin, ca. 1650 - 1851 (pp. 172-173)

Pedigree of Rennick of Killishandra, Co. Cavan, of Aghavea and Fearnaconahy, Co. Fermanagh, ca. 1633 - 1849 (pp. 176-177)

Pedigree of Leonard of Drimline, and Carrowheney, Co. Fermanagh, ca. 1641 - ca. 1809 (p.177)

Pedigree of Jackson of Ballyduff and Glanbeg and Glanmore in Co. Waterford, of Ballyboy in Co. Tipperary and Castleview, Co. Cork, ca. 1600 - 1851 (pp. 180-182)

Pedigree of Colclough of Bluertin in Co. Staffordshire and Tintern Abbey, Barts., and of Mochary, and of Cloghjordan and Duffery Hale all in Co. Wexford, of Annville, Co. Carlow, and of Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland [Canada], ca. 1450 - 1850 (pp. 184-193)

Pedigree of Warburton of Garryhinchin in Kings Co. [sic, Garryhinch, Co. Offaly], ca. 1675 - 1851 (p. 185)

Pedigree of Glascott of Aldertown, Polemaloe (now Piltown), of Ballynamona, of Killorvin, all in Co. Wexford, ca. 1642 - 1842 (pp. 196-207)

Pedigree of Wolseley of Mount Wolseley, Co. Carlow, Barts., ca. 1730 - 1857 (p. 210)

Pedigree of Marley of Newcastle on Tyne, of Oreivagh, [later Creevagh] Co. Longford, 1590 - 1829 (pp. 210-213)

Pedigree of Crawford of Cunningburn in Scotland of Ballysavage, Co. Antrim, of Tullyvanny [sic, Tullyvinny, Raphoe], Co. Donegal, of Dublin City and of Wisconsin, U.S.A., ca. 1575 - 1845 (pp. 214-215)

Pedigree of Richmond alias Webbe of Draycott Folliot in Wiltshire...of Taparn in King's Co. [Co. Offaly], of Newcastle, Co. Dublin, Ballylessan, Co. Antrim, ca. 1400 - 1800 (pp. 218-225)

Pedigree of Allen of Lough Shanry, Co. Cavan, of Killowning, Co. Tipperary, of Ballistraw, Co. Wexford, of City of Dublin, of Bromsgrove, Co. Worcestershire, ca. 1600 - ca. 1850 (pp. 222-225)

Pedigree of Riggs of Riggsdale [now Rigsdale] and Dunmanway, Co. Cork and Newcastle, Co. Dublin, ca. 1670 - ca. 1800 (pp. 223-225)

Pedigree of Davis of Garvagh and of Riverview Lodge, Omagh, Co. Tyrone, 1744 - 1849 (pp. 226-227)

Certificate of Arms of Charles Patrick Gabriel O'Hanlon MacDonnell, heir to his mother in lands of Upper and Lower Ballynoran, Griarishill, Knockroe and Towers and of his sister, Rosanna Maria MacDonnell, 1852 (pp. 228-230)

Pedigree of Hoyle of Kiltale [sic, Kilteale] in Queen's Co. [Co. Laois] and Balygibbon [sic, Ballygibbon] and Clonaketty, Co. Tipperary, ca. 1635 - ca. 1730 (pp. 232-233)

Pedigree of Elliott of Ballybeg and Slasboy in Wexford, of Clonmore, Rathculbin called Rathcurby in Co. Kilkenny, of Garrangibbon and Clonmel in Co. Tipperary, of Woodville in Co. Waterford, of New Ross and Mount Elliott in Co. Wexford, 1664 - ca. 1852 (pp. 236-239)

Pedigree of O'Kelly (called de Galway), Lords of Imaine [sic, Hy Maine], of Clogher, of Aghrim [Co. Galway] and of the Low Countries [The Netherlands and Belgium], ca. 1200 - ca. 1850 (pp. 240-241)

Pedigree of Weldon of St. Johns Bower, Athy, of Roscomroe and Gurteen, of Raheenderry and Rosbery, all in Co. Kildare, ca. 1575 - ca. 1829 (pp. 244-252)

Pedigree of Burdett of Garrahill, Co. Carlow, Barts., ca. 1724 - 1840 (pp. 247-251)

Pedigree of O'Mahony from Olioll Olum, King of Munster [also Oilill Olum or Ailill Ollamh in Irish traditional history was the son of Mug Nuadat] through O'Mahony, Lords of Kinealmeaky and of Ballynastey and Ballynatry, of Newcastle and Mahowney, Co. Limerick, 699 A.D. - 1840 (pp. 254-270)

Pedigree of O'Mahony and Mahony from Olioll Olum, King of Munster [also Oilill Olum or Ailill Ollamh in Irish traditional history was the son of Mug Nuadat] through O'Mahony, Lords of Kinealmeaky, of Corine, Co. Cork, of Grange Con, Co. Wicklow and of Kilmeany, Knockreer, Tinnahely, Kilderry, Knockavota, Knockavola and Dunloe all in Co. Kerry, 699 A.D. - 1840 (pp. 254-270)

Pedigree of O'Mahony from Olioll Olum, King of Munster [also Oilill Olum or Ailill Ollamh in Irish traditional history was the son of Mug Nuadat] through O'Mahony, Lords of Kinealmeaky, of Rathlean, of Killnagloire and Rossbrien (Slioght Mergagh) and of Ballyrishoden and Skeakmore and of West Carbery and Downmanus all in Co. Cork, 699 A.D. - 1840 (pp. 254-270)

Pedigree of Earls of Newburgh and Princes Giustiniani-Bandini from O'Mahonys of West Carbery [Co. Cork], ca. 1740 - 1826 (pp. 266-267)

Pedigree of Daniel, Count O'Mahony, General and Count of Castile, who died in 1714 (p. 267)

Pedigree of De Lacy Evans showing descent from de Lacy, ca. 1575 - ca. 1850 (p. 270)

Descent of Edward IV., King of England through Mortimer, de Geneville from de Lacy and through de Burgo from de Lacy, ca. 1066 - ca. 1460 (pp. 272-273)

Pedigree of Lacy and de Lacy of Ewais Lacy in Herefordshire, of Rathwyre [sic, Rathwire, Co. Westmeath], Lynn and Frewyn and of Killagh, 1179 - ca. 1348 (p. 274-275)

Pedigree of Lacy of Ballingarry and Athlacca, of Ballinleighan and Latrick, of Dromada, of Rathoghill, of Templegantine, and of Coulross, all in Co. Limerick, ca. 1575 - 1840 (pp. 276-282)

Pedigree of O'Brien later de Lacy, Counts of Russian Empire, showing descent from de Lacy, ca. 1575 - ca. 1840 (p. 277)

Pedigree of O'Donnell of Tirconnell, Newport, Ross, Larkfield, Greyfield, Spain and Austria, of Limerick City and Trugh in Co. Clare, of Washington D.C. and of Neverdie, Maryland and Bristol, England, ca. 1393 - 1903 (pp. 286-291)

Pedigree of Hawkins of Rathfryland [sic, Rathfriland] Co. Down, later Magill and of Dublin (later Hawkins Whitshed) of Killincarrig, Co. Wicklow, Barts., ca. 1650 - ca. 1900 (pp. 296-297)

Pedigree of Jones, Bishop of Clogher, ca. 1650, with numerous lines of descent from ancient Welsh families (without surnames) and descent through Strang of Knocking, from Henry III, King of England, ca. 1250 - ca. 1680 (pp. 302-307)

Pedigree of Ireland, Lords of Hutte and Hale in Co. Lancashire, and of de Courcy Ireland of Ireland's Grove [Co. Laois?], of Low Park, Co. Roscommon, of Robertstown House, Co. Kildare, ca. 1066 - 1875 (pp. 313-319)

Pedigree of Hartpole, ca. 1300 - ca. 1500 (pp. 309-312)

Pedigree of Sidney of Oxford in Kent, ca. 1400 - ca.1500 (p. 311)

Copy of pedigree of Muledy of Retsky [?] in Co. Westmeath ca. 1500 - ca. 1650 (pp. 321-323)

Pedigree of Langton, Barons of Walton and Lords of Lowe, of Langton, Farnely and Huddlestone in Lancashire and of Kilkenny City and Grenan, Co. Kilkenny and Cádiz, Spain, ca. 1216 - 1763 (pp. 325-328)

Pedigree of Harold of Pennywell, Co. Limerick, ca. 1650 - 1783 (pp. 329-332)

Pedigree of O'Riordan of Banmore and Derryroe, Co. Cork and of Bressurie [sic, Bressuire?], France, ca. 1600 - 1867 (pp. 335-335)

Descent of Edward de Loisy of Howth, Co. Dublin, from Jordan of Mervani through Pinot of Bourbon-Lancy, [Saône-et-Loire] France, 1771 - ca. 1900 (pp. 338-339)

Pedigree of Jordan of Mervani, France, 1771 - ca. 1860 (pp. 338-339)

Pedigree of Oulton of Dublin City, ca. 1739 - 1927 (pp. 342-345)

Pedigree of Hall of Lisnalee and Rockcliffe and of Lakeview, all in Blackrock, Co. Cork, ca. 1690 - 1923 (pp. 348-351)

Pedigree of Toomey and O'Toomey of Croom, Bruree and Newcastle West, Co. Limerick, and St. Louis, U.S.A., ca. 1677 - 1920 (pp. 352-355)

Pedigree of Anderson of Pendennis Castle [near Falmouth, Cornwall] in England, of Ballydavia House, Co. Waterford, 1684 - 1918 (pp. 356-359)

Pedigree of Richardson of Mollington, Oxfordshire, Levalleglish, Co. Armagh, of Agrilougher and Lisburn, of Lambeg, Co. Antrim, ca. 1550 - 1916 (pp. 360-365)

Pedigree of Butler of Doonmulvihill and Millbrooke and Glenwilliam, and Bunnshow, Walterstown and Ashfield, all in Co. Clare, Mount Vernon in Co. Galway, also Blake Butler and Butler Creagh [families], ca. 1680 - 1892 (pp. 368-373)

Pedigree of Cairnes formerly Elliot, of Stameen, 1787 - ca. 1900 (pp. 374-375)

Pedigree of Verner Barts., of Gillis and Churchill and Derryesker and Verners Bridge all in Co. Armagh, and Pangbourne, Berkshire, ca. 1690 - 1947 (pp. 376-377)

Pedigree of Garvey of Murrisk Abbey and Downhill, Ballina, Co. Mayo, ca. 1830 - 1918 (pp. 380-381)

Pedigree of MccGuire of Clonea, Co. Waterford, 1762 - 1915 (pp. 382-383)

Pedigree of Stanley of Bethlem House, Athlone [sic, Bethlehem House, Glasson, Athlone, Co. Westmeath] and Nohaville, [Tang] Ballymahon, [Co. Longford], ca. 1770 - 1920 (pp. 384-385)

Pedigree of Garvey of Toolubin [sic, Tooloobaun], Dunsandle, Co. Galway, of Ballymullany, Co. Sligo, of Tunstall in Staffordshire and of Wellington, New Zealand and Garvey’s of Murrisk, Co. Mayo, ca. 1790 - 1948 (pp. 386-387)

Pedigree of Kane of Harold's Cross, Co. Dublin, and Drumreaske House, Co. Monaghan, ca. 1750 - 1921 (pp. 388-389)

Pedigree of Mooney of Treugh [sic, Truagh?], Co. Monaghan, of Prince Edward Island [Canada], and York, England, 1769 - 1922 (pp. 390-391)

Pedigree of Ross of City of Dublin and City of Belfast and Plainfield, New Jersey and Staten Island, U.S.A., of Cultra, Co. Down, ca. 1638 - 1918 (pp. 392-395)

Pedigree of Geddes, Barons, with descent from Ross of Belfast, ca. 1880 - 1957 (p. 395)

Pedigree of Nevill, later Neville of Furnace, Co. Kildare, of Neville's Grove, Co. Dublin, of Marymount, Co. Kilkenny, ca. 1620 - 1928 (pp. 396-397)

Pedigree of Thacker of City of Dublin, later Neville of Harrogate, England, ca. 1850 - 1928 (pp. 396-397)

Pedigree of Mockler, of Crow Park, Trim, Co. Meath, of Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim, later [known as] Mockler Ferryman, 1675 - 1927 (pp. 398-403)

Pedigree of Fullerton of New Antrim, Castlebar, Co. Mayo, of Belfast and of Dalkey, Co. Dublin, 1757 - 1928 (pp. 406-407)

Pedigree of D'Arcy of Hyde Park, Co. Westmeath and Mount Tallant, Co. Dublin, 1767 - 1932 (pp. 408-413)

Pedigree of Darling of Cashel, Co. Tipperary, and Oxmantown and Roebuck, Co. Dublin, of City of Dublin and Trinidad, West Indies [now known as Trinidad and Tobago], ca. 1575 - 1926 (pp. 414-423)

Pedigree of Robertson, later Eustace of Robertstown, Co. Kildare, 1828 - 1930 (pp. 424-425)

Pedigree of Figgis of Godmanchester, Co. Huntingdon and Dublin City, ca. 1650 - 1925 (pp. 426-437)

Pedigree of Mahon of Loughrea, and Oughterclooney, and Beech Hill and Castlegar, Co. Galway, and Bessborough, Co. Tipperary, ca. 1640 - 1929 (pp. 438-451)

Pedigree of O'Callaghan, Chiefs of Pobul I Callaghan, of Dromskeby and of Derrygallon, of Cahirduggan, Rockville, Killeenleigh, and Kanturk in Co. Cork, and of Brackenstown House, Swords, Co. Dublin, ca. 900 A.D. - 1933 (pp. 452-463 and 492)

Pedigree of Rodgers of Carnmoney, Co. Antrim, and Belfast City, and of Okotoks, Drumheller and Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 1659 - 1928 (pp. 464-467 & 534)

Pedigree of Lacy, Sieur de Lassy at Campeaux in France, of Rathwyre, Barons of Longton, Barons of Balrath, Frewen and Lynn, Earls of Ulster, Lords of Meath, and of Thistledermot Manor in Co. Limerick, of Bruff, of Bruree and Athlacca in Co. Limerick, ca. 1050 - ca. 1900 (pp. 468-477)

Pedigree of Keating of City of Dublin, ca. 1735 - 1935 (pp. 496-499)

Pedigree of Hewlett of City of London, of Harrow on the Hill, 1760 - 1930 (pp. 502-509)

Pedigree of Deacon of Altaturk, Ternascrobe, of The Hall, Kildarton and of Rich Hill, all in Co. Armagh and of New York City and of Australia, 1698 - 1942 (pp. 510-513)

Pedigree of Hall of Toome, Co. Antrim, of Ballynanny, Clonduff [Co. Down], of Hilltown Lodge in Co. Down and of California, America, ca. 1575 - 1940 (pp. 514-519).

Pedigree of Timpson of Waterford and West Chester [sic, Westchester County], New York, ca. 1750 - 1915 (pp. 520-521)

Pedigree of Routledge of Brampton, Co. Cumberland, and of London, ca. 1750 - 1932 (pp. 522-523)

Pedigree of Dobbin of Ternascobe, Co. Armagh, of Tullamore, King's Co. [Co. Offaly], of Sydney, Australia, of Kilwarlin and Cappagh in Co. Down, and Annaghlone, of Banbridge [Co. Down], of Montreal, Canada and Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island, ca. 1655 - 1931 (pp. 524-531)

Pedigree of Shepherd of Newcastle on Tyne, Northumberland, of Ballinafoy, Loughbrickland, of Kescum [sic, Kascum] in Co. Down, ca. 1700 - 1896 (pp. 532-533)

Pedigree of Coghlan of Sydney, New South Wales [Australia], ca. 1820 - 1908 (p. 536)

Pedigree of Kelly of City of Dublin, of Coventry, Co. Warwick, and Scarcliffe, Bridlington, Co. York, ca. 1800 - 1935 (p. 537)

Pedigree of O'Callaghan, Chiefs of Pobul I Callaghan, of Clonmeen, of Dromaneen, Co. Cork, of Mount Allon, and Kilgorey, of Leatherdon, all in Co. Clare, ca. 900 A.D. - 1933 (pp. 452-463 and 492)
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