Registered Pedigrees Vol. 20,

[ca. 1758-1898].
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Main Creator: Ireland. Genealogical Office
Summary:Pedigree of Talbot of Mount Talbot in Co. Roscommon, later Crosbie, ca. 1700 - 1816 (pp. 1-2)

Pedigree of Rose of Morgans and Mount Pleasant and of Aghabeg and Rathkeal, Co. Limerick, and Castle Martyr [Castlemartyr], Co. Cork, 1674 - 1838 (pp. 2-7 & 78)

Pedigree of Evans of Ash Hill, Co. Limerick, through Williams of Burgamy, Co. Longford from Rose of Morgans, Co. Limerick, ca. 1700 - ca. 1830 (p. 7)

Pedigree of Cox of Ballynoe, Co. Limerick and of Plymouth in Devonshire, 1637 - 1838 (pp. 8-10)

Pedigree of Dempsey, Chief of the Clanmalier, Baron Philipstown and Viscount Clanmalier of Clonegowny, King's Co. [Co. Offaly], also Dempsey of Cheshire and Liverpool, 1268 B.C. - ca. 1710 A.D. (pp.13-24)

Descent of O'More of Ballynakill, Queen's Co. [Co. Laois], sieur de Valmont in Lorraine, ca. 1680 - ca. 1750 (p. 19)

Pedigree of Quin of Quinsborough, Co. Kildare, ca. 1680 - 1739 (p. 19)

Pedigree of Geoghegan of Syonan, ca. 1650 - ca. 1750 (pp. 19-20)

Pedigree of Fitzgerald of Timoge and Moritt [sic, Morett], Co. Kildare, ca. 1600 - ca. 1800 (p. 22)

Descent in female line of Edward II, King of England through Dammartin, Counts of Ponthesie [sic, Counts of Ponthieu] and Montgomery to Belesme [sic, Bellême], Counts of Alençon, ca. 993 - ca. 1300 (p. 27)

A very extensive registration of the Pedigrees of the Family of Nugent including detailed and dated records of many of the most celebrated Branches deriving from Ives de Belesme [sic, Yves de Bellême], 993 - 1840 (pp. 27-59)

Descent of Earls of Eglinton, through Earls of Pembroke, from de Belesme [sic, de Bellême], ca. 993 - ca. 1400 (p. 29)

Descent of de Nogent, Counts of Perche, Counts of Mortaigue, Viscounts Châteaudun from Ives de Belesme [sic, Yves de Bellême], ca. 993 - ca. 1300 (p. 30)

Descent of Nugent, formerly le Tuit, Barons Delvin from Ives de Belesme [sic, Yves de Bellême], ca. 993 - ca. 1400 (p. 32)

Descent of Nugent of Bracklyn and Dromeng, later Princes of Rome, from Ives de Belesme [sic, Yves de Bellême], ca. 993 - ca. 1830 (pp. 32 & 36-39)

Pedigree of Nugent, Baron Delvin, Earls of Westmeath, ca. 995 - 1823 (pp. 34-35)

Descent of Savage of Portaferry, co-heirs to Barony of Delvin, in abeyance, through Nugent, from Ives de Belesme [sic, Yves de Bellême], ca. 995 - ca. 1830 (p. 36)

Descent of Sewell, through Bermingham and Nugent from Ives de Belesme [sic, Yves de Bellême], ca. 995 and co-heirs to Barony of Delvin, in abeyance, ca. 995 - ca. 1830 (p. 36)

Descent of John Maguire, co-heir to Barony of Delvin, in abeyance, through Annesley, St. Laurence, Bermingham, and Nugent from Ives de Belesme [sic, Yves de Bellême], ca. 995 - ca. 1830 (p. 36)

Descent of Clifford Trotter, through St. Laurence, Bermingham and Nugent from Ives de Belesme [sic, Yves de Bellême], ca. 995 - ca. 1830 (p. 36)

Pedigree of Nugent of Pullen, Co. Galway, Barons Riverstown with descent from Ives de Belesme [sic, Yves de Bellême], ca. 995 - ca. 1830 (pp. 38-39)

Pedigree of Nugent of Lissaganedon and of Dunfert, Co. Kildare and Killasona, Co. Louth, with descent from Ives de Belesme[sic, Yves de Bellême], ca. 995 - ca. 1830 (p. 40)

Pedigree of Nugent, Barons Derine and Lords of Santry, Co. Dublin, ca. 1600 - ca. 1730 (p. 42)

Pedigree of Nugent of Coolamber, Co. Longford, Counts de Valdesoto in Spain, and of Carlanstown, Baron Nugent of Carlanstown, Viscount Clare, and of Portloman, and of Cloontyduff [sic, Clontyduffy], both in Co. Westmeath, 1603 - 1820 (pp. 43-45)

Pedigree of Nugent of Dromcree, Co. Westmeath and Newhaggard [also New Haggard], Co. Meath, 1415 - ca. 1700 (pp. 46-47)

Pedigree of Nugent of Dysert, Co. Westmeath, and O'Reillys of Ballinlough [Co. Westmeath], afterwards Nugent and Savage of Portaferry afterwards Nugent of Dysert, ca. 1500 - ca. 1840 (p. 48)

Pedigree of Nugent of Donore and Fitzgerald later Nugents, Barts., ca. 1500 - ca. 1840 (p. 49)

Pedigree of Nugent of Clonlost and Ballysclott, both in Co. Westmeath, ca. 1500 - 1838 (pp. 50-51)

Pedigree of Nugent of Clonocakerane [sic, Cloncoskerane, Co. Waterford], and Butlerstown and Dilis, Co. Waterford, and Humble afterwards Nugent, ca. 1500 - ca. 1830 (p. 52)

Pedigree of Nugent of Moyrath, Co. Meath, Baronets, 1429 - 1696 (p. 53)

Pedigree of Nugent of Dardistown [Co. Westmeath], ca. 1650 - ca. 1700 (p. 54)

Pedigree of Nugent of Ballinsclott Culmin [Co. Westmeath], and of Russagh, ca. 1450 - ca. 1830 (p. 55)

Pedigree of Nugent of Gillstown, Co. Roscommon, ca. 1600 - ca. 1690 (p. 55)

Pedigree of Jenkinson, Barts. and Earls of Liverpool, 1618 - 1844 (pp. 56-57)

Pedigree of Marsh of Gloucestershire, and Dublin, ca. 1600 - ca. 1730 (p.58)

Descent of Anne, Queen of England from Aylesbury, Barts., ca. 1600 - 1714 (p. 58)

Pedigree of Digby of Landenstown, Co. Kildare, ca. 1630 - 1832 (pp. 58-59)

Pedigree of Herbert of Rathkeale and Templeglanton [sic, Templeglentan also sometimes Templeglantine], Co. Limerick, of the Sublime Porte [sic, the government of the Ottoman Empire], Counts of Austria, 1625 - ca. 1842 (pp. 62-63)

Descent of Patrick, Count de Lacy, of Russia (born Patrick O'Brien) from Herberts of Rathkeale [the Herbert family, Rathkeale, Co. Limerick], ca. 1600 - ca. 1840 (p. 63)

Pedigree of Meredith, of Dublin City, of Templerany, Co. Wicklow, and of Rerymore, Queen's Co. [Co. Laois], 1589 - 1921 (pp. 64-67)

Pedigree of Gilleland of Scotland and of Tildarg and Kilbride, Co. Antrim, ca. 1600 - 1787 (pp. 66 & 454)

Pedigree of Rogers of Lisburn, Co. Antrim, ca. 1640 - 1769 (pp. 66-67 & 456)

Pedigree of Owens of Maxwell Walls, Whitecastle, Holestone, Tildarg, all in Co. Antrim, ca. 1700 - 1840 (pp.66 & 455)

Pedigree of O'Brien of Ballaghcarrig, Co. Clare, and Kilnecurra (called Kiloor [Killnacurra, called Kilcor, Co. Cork]), Co. Cork, ca. 1500 - 1844 (pp. 68-69)

Pedigree of Winder of Wingfield, Berkshire, of Dublin and Armagh, ca. 1620 - ca. 1840 (pp. 72-73)

Pedigree of Courtenay of Lish, Co. Armagh, and Kilrush, Co. Westmeath, ca. 1680 - ca. 1750 (p. 72)

Pedigree of Caldwell of Rolvenden, Co. Kent, of Rosegarland, Co. Derry and City of Dublin, 1610 - 1842 (pp. 73-74)

Pedigree of Tabuteau of France, Holland [sic, the Netherlands], Bengal, Southampton, England, Portarlington [Co. Laois] and Dublin, 1691 - 1843 (pp. 76-78)

Pedigree of Drew of Sharpham, Drewscliffe, Higham, Norton, Killerton, Broadhambury, St. Leonards, Grange, all in Devonshire, of Kilwinney, of Meanis and Rockfield, Co. Kerry, of Ballyduffe, Mocollop, Florence Hill and Tircallan, Co. Waterford, of Rockfield, Fermoy, Co. Cork, of Drewscourt and Flagmount, Co. Limerick and of High Park, Co. Dublin, ca. 1450 - 1839 (pp. 82-99)

Family of Lyndon of Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim, ca. 1600 - ca. 1699 (p. 73)

Pedigree of Lowe of Galbally, Co. Cork, ca. 1700-1800 (p. 78)

Pedigree of Tuite of Sonnagh, Co. Westmeath, Barts., ca. 1700 - ca. 1840 (p. 79)

Pedigree of Moore of Ballydivity, Co. Antrim, ca. 1680 - 1788 (p. 104)

Pedigree of Stewart of Ballytoye and Ballydivity, Co. Antrim, ca. 1750 - 1843 (p. 104)

Pedigree of McGwire of Limerick, of Dublin, and of Rosstrevor, Co. Down, ca. 1688 - 1839 (p. 107)

Pedigree of Chetwode of Woodbrook in Queen's Co. [Co. Laois] and Glanmire, Co. Cork, and Wilmot of Woodbrook, later Chetwode, ca. 1570 - 1837 (pp. 109-111)

Pedigree of Brownlow of Epworth in Lincolnshire, of Ballymoney, Co. Armagh, ca. 1600 - 1678 (pp. 112-117)

Pedigree of Chamberlain, afterwards Brownlow of Shankill, Co. Armagh, Barons Lurgan, ca. 1650 - 1831 (pp. 112-117)

Pedigree of Spring of Lavenham, Co. Suffolk, and Ballycrispin, Co. Kerry, ca. 1500 - ca. 1800 (pp. 122-123)

Family of Malet of Sibton in Suffolk and Horham in Norfolk, afterwards Peyton of Peyton Hall, Suffolk, ca. 1100 - ca. 1150 (pp. 128-129)

Family of Peyton, formerly Malet, of Peyton Hall in Suffolk, of Iselham in Cambridge, Barts., of Grimston, Norfolk, of Knowlton, Kent, Barts., of Doddington, Isle of Ely, of Bury St. Edmonds, of Boyle, Roscommon, of Laheen and Dryney House, of Port, Co. Leitrim, of Cartrons, Co. Roscommon, ca. 1100 - ca. 1840 (pp. 128-153)

Pedigree of Dashwood of Peyton Hall, Suffolk, later Peyton, Barts. of Haybeech, Norfolk, ca. 1700 - 1826 (pp. 138-139)

Pedigree of Colley of Castle Carbery, Co. Kildare. Descent of Marquess Wellesley and Duke of Wellington, from Peyton, 1100 - ca. 1840 (p. 143)

Pedigree of Wynne of Tobberpatrick, Co. Roscommon, 1695 - 1806 (p. 149)

Pedigree of Barry of Arklow, later Barons Santry and Spranger Barry, of Tubberbouney [sic, Toberbunny], Co. Dublin, ca. 1550 - 1843 (pp. 154-160)

Pedigree of Meade of Ballintobber [Co. Cork], Earls of Clanwilliam, 1617 - 1830 (pp. 159-160)

Pedigree of Gifford of Castle Jordan, Co. Meath, from Geoffry Martell, Earl of Anjou [sic, Geoffroy II (called "Martel"), comte d'Anjou] and from Hugh Capet [Hugues Capet], King of France, through Jephson, Norreys, Bardolffe and Plantagenet, 996 - ca. 1840 (pp. 162-163)

Descent of Loftus of Fethard from Geoffry Martell, Earl of Anjou [sic, Geoffroy II (called "Martel"), comte d'Anjou] and from Hugh Capet [Hugues Capet], King of France, through Digby, FitzGerald, Holland and Plantagenet, 996 - ca. 1840 (pp. 162-163)

Pedigree of Staveley of Yorkshire, and Kells, Co. Antrim, of City of Cork, of Font Hill, Co. Cork, of Croydon, Co. Dublin, of Farniskey, Co. Antrim, ca. 1600 - ca. 1840 (pp. 167-177)

Pedigree of Sanders of Sanders Park, Charleville, Co. Cork, ca. 1750 - ca. 1840 (p. 174)

Pedigree of Savage, later Nugent, of Little Ards and of Portaferry House and of Barr Hall, all in Co. Down, of Knockadoo, Co. Sligo and Ballymadun, Co. Dublin, ca. 1550 - ca. 1840 (pp. 180-190)

Pedigree of O'Neill of Bakerstown, Barts., and of Limenany [sic, Limenary], Co. Antrim, ca. 1642 - ca. 1811 (p. 181)

Pedigree of Croker of Lineham and Yealmpton, Co. Devon [sic, Lyneham in the parish of Yealmpton in Devon], ca. 1416 - ca. 1686 (pp. 192-193)

Pedigree of Fox of Catchfrench, St. Germains, Cornwall and Brislington House, Bristol, ca. 1600 - ca. 1800 (pp. 192-197)

Pedigree of Ker, of Calrack in Aberdeenshire, and Blankshields near Edinburgh, ca. 1600 - ca. 1800 (p. 194)

Pedigree of Craig of Dalnair, Mid-Lothian [Scotland], ca. 1700 - ca. 1800 (pp. 194-195)

Pedigree of De Moleyns (also Mullins) of Henley in Oxfordshire, of Sandhill, Hampshire, of Mongewell in Oxfordshire, of Motford and Burnham in Co. Norfolk, and of Ballingolin (later Burnham), Co. Kerry, Barons Ventry, and of Beaufort, Co. Kerry, ca.1100 - ca. 1840 (pp. 200-219)

Pedigree of Cole of Hutensleigh, of Cole of Floot, of Nythwy, of Slade, in Co. Devon...of Enniskillen, Florence Court and Brookfield in Co. Fermanagh, Barons Mount Florence and Earls of Enniskillen, of Newlands, Co. Dublin, Barts. and Baron Ranelagh of Castlelough, Co. Tipperary, of Archers Grove, Co. Kilkenny 1243 - 1845 (pp. 222-257)

Pedigree of Loggin, later Cole, ca. 1710 - ca. 1800 (p. 230)

Pedigree of Cole Hamilton of Beltrim, Co. Tyrone, 1781 - 1838 (pp. 246-247)

Pedigree of Cole of Twickenham, Co. Middlesex, and Co. Monaghan 1584 - 1835 (pp. 251-255)

Pedigree of Sankey of Edesborough in Buckinghamshire, of Sankeystown (also Ballylackin) King's Co. [Co. Offaly], of City of Dublin, of St. Johnstown and of Coolmore, Co. Tipperary, of Oakland, Co. Wexford, of Newpark, Co. Longford, of Fort Frederick, Co. Cavan, of Tenelick, Co. Longford, ca. 1510 - 1839 (pp. 258-275)

Pedigree of Gosson of Glasnevin, Co. Dublin, and of City of Dublin, ca. 1740 - 1843 (pp. 276-277)

Pedigree of De Windsore of Grayrigg in Westmoreland with descent through De Warren from William The Conqueror, 1066 - 1377 (p. 285)

Pedigree of Duckett of Fillingham in Lincolnshire, of Grayrigg in Westmoreland...of Philipstown, Co. Carlow, and Newton, Co. Kildare, of Duckett's Grove [Co. Carlow] and Russellstown Park [Co. Carlow], 1224 - 1852 (pp. 283-312)

Pedigree of Nelson of Chaddleworth, in Berkshire, ca. 1580 - ca. 1640 (p. 294)

Pedigree of Jackson, Barts., later Duckett, Barts., ca. 1775 - 1839 (pp. 297-298)

A very comprehensive pedigree of Leslie from Bartholdus De Lesle, an Hungarian Nobleman, Governors of Edinburgh Castle, 1090 - 1837 (pp. 315-445)

Pedigree of Earls of Rothes - see Leslie Pedigree, 1488 - 1841 (pp. 326-340)

Pedigree of Leslie of Sheeplands, Co. Down, and Ballybay, Co. Monaghan, and Leslie House, Co. Antrim, ca. 1635 - 1842 (pp. 356-363)

Pedigree of Hill Trevor, Viscounts Dungannon, ca. 1715 - 1842 (pp. 364-367)

Pedigree of Leslie, Barons Balquhain, 1552 - 1775 (pp. 374-384)

Descent of Peter Leslie Grant, 20th Baron of Balquhain from Leslie Family, 1090 - 1775 (p. 384)

Pedigree of Duguid, later Leslie, Barons Balquhain, ca. 1700 - 1838 (pp. 385-388)

Pedigree of Leslie of Dinosamount, later Kincraigie, Co. Donegal, ca. 1705 - 1842 (pp. 292-293)

Pedigree of Leslie of Glasslough, with descent from Bartholdus of Lesle, 1090 - 1842 (pp. 401-406)

Pedigree of Leslie of Dunakiddie [sic, Dunakiddle], Teikirnahan and Strabane all in Co. Tyrone, and of Tarbert, Co. Kerry, Barts., 1669 - 1807 (pp. 411-415)

Pedigree of Leslie, Barons Balgonie and Earl of Leven, 1641 - 1713 (pp. 428-430)

Pedigree of Melville, later Melville Leslie, Earls of Leven and Viscounts Balgonie, 1636 - 1836 (pp. 431-441)

Pedigree of Gough of Stratford, Co. Wiltshire and Meriot, Somerset, of Limerick City and Woodstown in the Liberties of Limerick, of Synone, Co. Tipperary, ca. 1600 - 1842 (pp. 448-453)

Pedigree of Alexander, Earls of Stirling...of Newton Limvaddy, Co. Derry... of Garvagh, Co. Londonderry[Derry], and Epsom, Surrey, of Forkhill, Co. Armagh, of Ballygarton, Co. Derry, Earls and Barons Caledon, Baronets, of City of Dublin, of Seamount, Co. Dublin, 1545 - 1842 (pp. 459-499)

Pedigree of Alexander of Minstrie in Clackmananshire, Earls of Stirling, Viscounts Canada and Barons Alexander of Tullebodie, of Gagar in Perthshire, of New Jersey, America, of Newtown Limavady, Co. Derry, of Foyle Park, Londonderry, of Milford, Co. Carlow, of Broom Hall, Co. Londonderry [Derry] and of Port Glinone House, Co. Antrim, 1545 - 1842 (pp. 459-499)

Pedigree of Jackson of Whittington, Lancashire, of Jackson Hall [Derry] and of Coleraine, Co. Londonderry [Derry], of Forkill Lodge, Co. Armagh, ca. 1640 - 1837 (pp. 502-507)

Pedigree of Leslie of Glasslough, with descent from Bartholdus of Lesle, 1090 - 1842 (pp. 505-506)

Pedigree of Spaight of Woolwich, Co. Kent, and Coleraine, Co. Derry, of Bunratty Lodge, Co. Clare, of Kinsale, Co. Cork, of Sixmile Bridge [Sixmilebridge, Co. Clare] and Corbally, Co. Clare, ca. 1640 - ca. 1842 (pp. 510-517)

Pedigree of Morice of City of Westminster and Springfield, Co. Clare, ca. 1700 - ca. 1842 (p. 517)

Pedigree of Prior of Lisnesallagh [Lisnesallagh, Co. Tipperary] also Crosogue in Co. Tipperary, of Mount Dillon, Co. Dublin, ca. 1700 - 1843 (pp. 518-519)

Pedigree of McAlpine, formerly MacGregor, of Londonderry [Derry], of Strabane and Douglas in Co. Tyrone, ca. 1650 - 1840 (pp. 520-521)

Pedigree of Barons Linderes, Barons Newark, see Leslie Pedigree, 1600 - 1813 (pp. 341-350)
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