Registered Pedigrees Vol. 14,

1803 -1928.
Main Creator: Ireland. Genealogical Office
Summary:Pedigrees registered in the Office of Ulster King of Arms and the Genealogical Office, Dublin Castle, from the early 19th century to the early 20th century.

Pedigree of Newcomen of Saltfletby, of Nether Taynton, of Kenagh, Co. Longford Barts., of Sutton in Co. Dublin, of Calleaghtown, Co. Louth, of Dalkey, of Dovehill, Co. Tipperary, of Dromoning, Co. Longford, of Carrickglass, Co. Longford, Barons Mosstown and Viscount, c. 1200 - 1820 (pp. 2-11)

Pedigree of Stevenson of Royston and Garthorp in Co. Lincoln, c.1400 - c.1500 (p. 4)

Pedigree of Grenfeld of Barnbow in Co. Yorkshire, c.1350 - c.1550 (p. 4)

Pedigree of Blackwood of Ballyleidy, Co. Down, Barons Dufferin and Claneboy 1692 - 1809 (pp. 12-13).

Pedigree of Lambart, Viscounts Kilcourcey and Earls of Cavan, of Skepton in Yorkshire, of Oldtown in Northumberland and of Painstown, Co. Meath, c.1066 - 1809 (pp. 16-29).

Pedigree of Wykes of Flethy, c. 1369 - c.1450 (p. 21).

Pedigree of Waller of Cully and Newport, both in Co. Tipperary and of Camage in Co. Dublin, 1641 - 1809 (pp. 30-31).

Pedigree of Johnson, also Johnson Walshe, of Kilternan, Co. Dublin, Barts., c. 1650 - 1809 (pp. 34-35).

Pedigree of Loftus of Killyon, Co. Meath, c. 1550 - 1809 (pp. 36-37).

Pedigree of Obins of Castle Obins, Co. Armagh, c. 1700 - 1809 (p. 39).

Pedigree of Cobbe of Newbridge, Co. Dublin, c.1700 - 1822 (p. 43).

Pedigree of Stinton of Spetchley, Co. Worcestershire, and Lurgan, Co. Armagh, c.1725 - 1809 (p. 45).

Pedigree of Clements, c.1700 - 1809 (p. 47)

Pedigree of King of Mountpleasant, Co. Waterford and Marquisville, Co. Kildare, c.1725 - 1809 (pp. 48-49).

Pedigree of Pepper of Ballygarth House, Co. Meath, and Mata, Co. Tipperary, and Miltown Road in Co. Dublin, c.1680 - 1809 (pp. 52-54)

Pedigree of Hickey Jephson of Wilmar, c.1740 - 1809 (p. 55)

Pedigree of Fitzgerald of Carrogoran, and Castlekeale, Co. Clare, c.1680 - 1809 (p. 57).

Pedigree of Mitchell of Co. Cork, c. 1750 - 1809 (p. 59).

Pedigree of Hyde of Castle Hyde, Co. Cork, c.1680 - 1809 (p. 61).

Pedigree of Alcock of Spring House, near Wexford, and of Waterford c. 1730 - 1809 (pp. 62-63)

Pedigree of Fitzgerald and Fitz Gerald, Lords of Offaly, Earls of Desmond, of Ballynard, Co. Limerick, of Ardstraw, Co. Tyrone, 1100 - 1824 (pp. 76-77 & 129-131)

Pedigree of Gillman, of Curraheen, Barts., and Shanacloyne, Co. Cork, c.1620 - 1835 (pp. 76-87).

Pedigree of Alexander, Earls of Caledon, Barts., of Newton Limvaddy, of Derry, of Dublin City, and Seamount, Co. Dublin, c. 1720-1809 (pp. 81-85)

Pedigree of Stamer, Barts., of Ennis, Co. Clare, c. 1750 - 1809 (p. 87).

Pedigree of Margetson, Archbishop of Armagh, c. 1600 - c. 1720 (pp. 88-89).

Pedigree of Carr of Ecclesfield, Yorkshire, of Co. Kildare and of Birr, King's Co. [Co. Offaly], c. 1600 - c. 1819 (pp. 88-89)

Pedigree of Jackson of Coleraine, c.1600 - 1809 (p. 90).

Pedigree of Kidder of Aghaboe in Queen's Co. [Co. Laois], of City of Dublin, and Lancashire, c.1600 - 1811 (p. 91).

Pedigree of Murphy of Graignemanna, of Gowran and of Callan, all in Co. Kilkenny, c. 1650 - c. 1800 (p. 92)

Pedigree of Merry of Co. Waterford, and of Seville, Spain, c.1650 - 1810 (pp. 92-93).

Pedigree of Ball of Dublin, of Ballygall, Mount Ball and Ballagrove, Drogheda, and of Landerstown, Co. Meath, c. 1500 - 1810 (pp. 94-95)

Pedigree of Oliver of Cloughanadfoy, in Kilfinan and of Castle Oliver, both in Co. Limerick, c.1650 - 1810 (pp. 104-105)

Pedigree of Fitzgerald of Ballynard, Ballyrobin, and Clogherady, and of Bellfield in Co. Limerick, c.1650 - 1807 (pp. 106-107)

Pedigree of Magrath of Redmondstown, Co. Tipperary, afterwards Fitzgerald of Ballynard, c.1700 - 1810 (pp. 106-107)

Pedigree of Quin of Adare, Co. Limerick, Barts., c.1600 - 1810 (pp. 112-113)

Pedigree of Hall of Ards and Tully in Co. Donegal, and Barbadoes [sic, Barbados], c.1700 - 1810 (pp. 114)

Pedigree of James of Rathbegg in King's Co. [Co. Offaly], and City of Dublin, 1636 - 1821 (pp. 116-117)

Pedigree of Moyne of Powderidge, Co. Devon, afterwards Monke, Dukes of Albermarle, Earls of Torrington, of Hatherby, of Dublin, of Grange Gorman [sic, Grangegorman], Co. Dublin, of Charleville, Co. Wicklow, and Viscounts Monks and Monck, c. 1066 - 1811 (pp. 118-123)

Pedigree of Boileau of Castlenau, Languedoc, France, and of Dublin 1255 - 1815 (pp. 126-128 and 162-163)

Pedigree of Fitzgerald, Earls of Desmond, c. 1150 - 1607 (p. 129)

Pedigree of O'Neill, Monarchs of Ireland, Kings of Ulster, Earls of Tyrone, of Drommorie and Kinard, Co. Tyrone, of the Fews, of Foxford, Co. Mayo, and Carrowrory, Co. Mayo, of Tassagh, Co. Armagh, of Claneboys, and of Shane's Castle, Co. Antrim and Viscount O'Neill of Flowerfield, Co. Derry, of Ballylisnelarny, of Killelagh, Co. Antrim, Barts., of Barnevale, Co. Down, of Bakerstown and Kellystown, both in Co. Meath, Baronets, 1400 B.C. - 1812 A.D. (pp. 132-161 & 205-230)

Pedigree of Manders of Mannin in Queen's Co. [Co. Laois], and Brackdenstown, Co. Dublin, c. 1691 - 1811 (pp. 164-168)

Pedigree of Fox of Lehinchie, Barony of Kilcoursie, Chiefs of the Name, and of Ballagh and Suntown in Co. Westmeath, and Foxbrooke and Dalystown, Co. Meath, c. 900 A.D. - 1811 (pp. 171-179)

Pedigree of Talbott of Ballynamony, and of Castle Talbot, in Co. Wexford, 1586 - 1811 (pp. 180-181)

Pedigree of Bourke, Viscounts Bourke of Mayo, of Ballintobber, Co. Mayo, of Coolougher, of Auskloughan, Co. Mayo, Ballyhaunis, and Lavalarrowe 1627 - c.1811 (pp. 182-189)

Pedigree of Butler, Lords Dunboyne, and of Grellagh and Boyton Rath, Co. Tipperary, 1322 - 1653 (pp. 190-191)

Pedigree of Dick of Garry and Ballymoney in Antrim, and Rosgarland, Co. Derry, 1635 - 1812 (pp. 192-193)

Pedigree of O'Ferrall of Ballinree, also Ambrose, c. 1690 - 1835 (pp. 194-195).

Pedigree of Ambrose, of Ambrose Hall, Co. Dublin, and of Franckenberg in Germany, c. 1690 - 1811 (pp. 194-195).

Pedigree of Mecham of Athlone, of Garry Castle, Co. Westmeath, and of New South Wales, c.1725 - 1909 (p. 196)

Pedigree of Kingston of Mosstown, Co. Longford, c. 1750 - c. 1811 (p. 232)

Pedigree of Atkinson of Kiltobret and Camgort in King's Co., and Parkin in Co. Tipperary, also Wray 1626 - 1812 (pp. 234-235)

Pedigree of McClintock of Frainlaugh, Co. Donegal, of Prospect, Co. Donegal, of Dunmore, of Drumcarr, Co. Louth, of Glendaragh, Co. Antrim, c. 1640 - 1940 (pp. 236-237 & 429-430)

Pedigree of Bushe of Kilfane, and Kilmurry, and Dangen, all in Kilkenny and of Dublin, 1670 - c.1812 (pp. 238-239)

Pedigree of Warburton of Firmount, Co. Kildare, and of Dublin, c.1680 - 1813 (pp. 240-241)

Pedigree of Mansfield of Ballynamullinagh, Co. Waterford and Yeomanstown, Co. Kildare, 1591 - 1813 (pp. 242-243)

Pedigree of Maquay of Dublin, c. 1720 - 1813 (p. 244).

Pedigree of Yeadon of Abbey Boyle, Co. Roscommon, c.1650 - c.1750 (p. 246)

Pedigree of Lloyd of Croghan, of Fairview, of Lisdurn, of Rockville, all in Co. Roscommon, c. 1680 - 1813 (pp. 246-249)

Pedigree of Mac Cartie Lyragh of Maunche, Co. Cork, and of France and Senegal, Africa, 1626 - 1812 (pp. 250-253)

Pedigree of Rowan of Greenhead, Lanarkshire, Scotland, of Mullans and Old Stone, Co. Antrim, of Ballynagappog and Killyleigh Castle, Co. Down, of Maghera, Co. Derry, of Drumbeg, Co. Kerry, 1548 - 1814 (pp. 254-260 & 284-285 & 425-428)

Pedigree of Stewart of Garry, c.1620 - c.1750 (p. 259)

Pedigree of Hamilton, Viscounts Claneboy, Earls Clanbrassil, of Dunboyne Castle and Clonsilla, Co. Dublin, of Tullybrick and Castlehill, Co. Down, of Bangor and Hollymount, Co. Down, of Carnesine, Co. Down and Erinagh in Co. Down and of Tullamore, Viscounts Limerick and Earls Clanbrassil of Granshaw, Co. Down, of Neilsbrook, Co. Antrim, of Killileagh, Co. Down, of Ballygally and Derryboy, and of the Curragh, Co. Kildare, of Mount Hamilton, Barts., of Baillieborogh, Co. Cavan, of Sheephill, Co. Dublin and Ballymacool, Co. Meath, c. 1590 - 1826 (pp. 262-283)

Pedigree of Stevenson, Baroness Dufferin and Claneboy, c.1700 - c.1800 (p. 263)

Pedigree of Masterson of Monyseed [also Moneyseed], and Clones, and Castletown all in Co. Wexford, c.1350 - 1775 (pp. 263-267)

Pedigree of Pringle of Caledon, Co. Tyrone, c. 1700 - 1815 (pp. 274-275)

Pedigree of de Valoines, c.1066 - c.1316 (p. 287)

Pedigree of Pakenham, of Lordington in Sussex, of Tooting in Surrey and North Witham in Lincolnshire, of Pakenham Hall, Co. Westmeath, Barons and Earls of Longford, c. 1290 - 1832 (pp. 287-315)

Pedigree of Berkeley of Wymondham, c. 1066 - c. 1552 (p. 288)

Pedigree of Ferrars of Groby, c.1310 - c.1420 (p. 291)

Pedigree of Mauduit of Hanslop, c.1066 - c. 1250 (p. 292)

Pedigree of Patshull of Bletsho, c. 1280 - c. 1377 (p. 292)

Pedigree of de Newburgh, Earls of Warwick, c.1066 - c.1220 (p. 293)

Pedigree of Grey of Ruthin and Groby, c.1410 - c.1534 (p. 294)

Pedigree of Fitzgerald, Earls of Kildare, c. 1500 - c. 1630 (pp. 294-295)

Pedigree of Aungier, Barons and Earls of Longford, c.1500 - 1702 (p. 295)

Pedigree of Cuff of Ilchester, Co. Somerset, of Ballinrobe, of Elm Hall, Co. Mayo, Baron Tyrawly, Countess Longford, 1544 - c.1785 (pp. 296-297)

Pedigree of Neville, Lord Bergavenny, c.1400 - c.1650 (p. 316)

Pedigree of Butler, Earls of Lanesborough, also Danvers Butler, c.1700 - 1820 (p. 316)

Pedigree of Fitz Alan, Earls of Arundel, c.1300 - c.1415 (p. 317)

Pedigree of Drought of Cappogolan, and the Heath and Droughtville and Whigsborough and Park, all in King's Co., of Boherard, and of Grantstown in Queen's Co., of Cloonbagh, Old Class and Ballyboy, of Plunketstown and Commonstown, Co. Kildare, c. 1650 - 1814 (pp. 320-325)

Pedigree of Magan of Togherstown, and Unroe, Co. Westmeath, c. 1690 - 1814 (pp. 326-327)

Pedigree of Reynell of Castle Reynell and of Killagh, and of Reynella and of Killyon and Ballinlack, all in Co. Westmeath, c.1650 - 1814 (pp. 328-330)

Pedigree of Maisterson also Masterson, of Wichmalbank, Co. Chester, of Ferns, of Rossenrock, of Clone and Moneyseed, all in Co. Wexford, c.1370 - 1815 (pp. 334-241)

Pedigree of Ormsby of Sligo, and of Willowbrook, Co. Sligo, c.1600 - 1803 (pp. 342-343)

Pedigree of Geoghegan, also McGeoghegan, Chief of the name of Dunower, of Castletown, of Jamestown and of Carne, of Rosemount and Ballybrickogue, Co. Westmeath, 434 A.D. - 1799 (pp. 345-350)

Pedigree of Nagle, also Nangle, of Killosan and Moneaminy, of Cleannor, of Annskissy, of Mount Nagle, all in Co. Cork, of Jamestown and Dunower, Co. Westmeath, 1173 - 1812 (pp. 350-358)

Pedigree of D' Arcy of Nocton, Co. Lincoln, of Platyn (Plattin), Clondules and Verdonstown, all in Co. Meath and of Grangebeg and Hyde Park, both in Co. Westmeath, c. 1066 - 1928 (pp. 359, 364-373 & 422-423)

Pedigree of MacCausland of Ardstrath and Ardochill, Co. Tyrone, of Strabane, c. 1610 - 1814 (pp. 360-361)

Pedigree of Kavanagh of Inch, Co. Carlow, c.1720 - 1814 (p. 363)

Pedigree of Guinness, of Celbridge and Leixlip in Co. Kildare and Beaumont, Co. Dublin, c. 1700 - 1814 (pp. 376-380)

Pedigree of Chritchly of Ballyboy, Co. Wicklow and Grangebegg, Co. Kildare, c. 1690 - 1822 (pp. 386-387).

Pedigree of Bookey of Carnew and Tombrain in Co. Wicklow, Doneshill, Co. Wexford, and Grange-beg and Ardenode, Co. Kildare c.1690 - 1822 (pp. 388-389).

Pedigree of Carncross of Dublin, of Barberstown and Possickstown, Co. Kildare, c. 1720 - 1815 (pp. 390-391).

Pedigree of Ross of Ballow, Glasdrummond and Portavoe, all in Co. Down, and of Dublin, c.1680 - c.1814 (pp. 392-393)

Pedigree of Milley of France and of Johnville, Co. Kilkenny, c.1690 - 1762 (p. 394).

Pedigree of Doyle of Bramblestown and Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, c.1690 - c.1814 (pp. 394-395)

Pedigree of Brabazon of Eastwell in Co. Leicestershire, Barons of Ardee, Earls of Meath, of Ballinasloe, and New Park, Co. Mayo, c.1066 - 1829 (pp. 396-405)

Pedigree of Betham of Betham, of Thrimby, of Newlystones, all in Westmoreland, of Rowington in Warwickshire, of Stonham Aspall in Co. Suffolk and of Mountpellier, Co. Dublin c. 1200- 1841 (pp. 406-420)
Mostly English with some Latin.
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