Registered Pedigrees Vol. 5,

[between ca. 1689 and 1811].
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Main Creator: Ireland. Genealogical Office
Summary:Composite volume of pedigrees also some correspondence and draft grants, with index at back of volume.

Grant of Arms by Roberts, Ulster on May 22, 1644 with confirmation by Carney, Ulster, Aug. 1, 1684 to Ralph Wallis Esq. of the office of the Rolls and City of Dublin, 1644 (p. 1)

Pedigree of de Leigh, later Leigh, of East Hall and Swineshead in Co. Cheshire, of Ellesmore [Shropshire, England], 1325 - 1637 (pp. 2-5)

Note on genealogy of Warner of Poynton, Co. Gloucestershire, ca. 1640 (p. 6)

Notes on pedigree of Earls of Ulster from de Courcy to Mortimer, ca. 1200 - ca. 1470 (pp. 8-9)

Notes on family of Allen of Bishopscourt [Co. Kildare] and St. Wolstan's [Co. Kildare], written about 1630 (pp. 10-11)

Pedigree of Aylmer of Balrath, Co. Meath and of Lyons and Donada, Co. Kildare with mention of Beling of Belingstton, ca. 1480 - 1639 (pp. 12-13)

Pedigree of Arthur of Clonana, Co. Limerick, of City of Cork, and of Dunkirk in French Flanders, ca. 1650 - 1776 (pp. 14-15)

Pedigree of Bagot of Bagotstown, Co. Limerick and of France, ca. 1600 - 1773 (pp. 14-15)

Pedigree of Aucher and Clonell, ca. 1066 - ca. 1200 (p. 16)

Pedigree of Aungier, Barons of Longford, 1629 (pp. 17-18)

Certificate as to Pedigree of Capt. Garret Barry of the Regiment of Bavaria in the French Service with descent from James Barry, Viscount Buttevant created Viscount [Barrymore], April 27, 1561. Dated 1773 (p. 19)

Pedigree of Blundell of Inoe Blundell, Co. Lancashire ca. 1170 - 1619 (pp. 20-25)

Descent of Barony of Naas from Maurice Fitzgerald through Butler and de Loundres, ca. 1066 - ca. 1400 (pp. 27-28)

Descent of de Geneville, Lords of Culmullin through Bigott, Earl of the East Angles, Marshall, Earl of Pembroke to Gilbert, Earl of Clare and Gilbert, Earl of Ewe in Normandy, ca. 1030 - ca. 1400 (pp. 27-28)

Pedigree of Butlers, Earls of Ormonde and Butlers of Powleston [Co. Kilkenny] and of Clonemore [Co. Wexford], ca. 1380 - ca. 1636 (pp. 29-30)

Pedigree of Mac-gwire [sic, McGuire, also Maguire] 30 generations, undated (p. 33)

Pedigree of MacMahon, for 35 generations, undated (pp. 34-35)

Pedigree of Bourk [also Bourke], Barons of Castleconnell and Brittas, 1568 - ca. 1641 (pp. 37 and 39)

Pedigree of descendants of Sir Richard Bolton, Knight, Lord Chancellor of Ireland, undated (p. 38)

Pedigree of John Bourke, 1st Lieutenant in the Service of the Elector of Saxony with descent from Bourke of Clahans, ca. 1650 - ca. 1750 (p. 40)

Descent of Bourk [sic, Bourke], Barons Castleconnell from Adelmus de Burgo [also De Burgh, also known as Aldhelm (Adelmus) De Mortaigne Burgh], ca. 1160 (p. 41)

Pedigree of Bourke [also Burke], Earls of Clanrickard, and Earls of Ulster, ca. 1100 - ca. 1700 (pp. 42-47)

Pedigree of Browne of Hospital, later Lords Kenmare, ca. 1550 - 1640 (pp. 48-49)

Pedigree of Browne of Breafy with descent from Viscount Montague, ca. 1500 - ca. 1750 (pp. 50-52)

Notes on family of Bulkeley, 1572 - 1677 (p. 53)

Fragment of a note on Butlers of Shanballyduff in Co. Tipperary and especially Thomas Oge Butler who died May 8, 1635 and witnessed by Hugh Oge MaCragh on Nov. 2, 1635 (p. 55)

Pedigree of Castle of Smood in the Co. Kent, ca. 1648 (p. 57)

Pedigree of Corr of Ballingrane, Co. Tipperary with alliance to O'Donnell, Count of Holy Roman Empire, ca.1550 - ca. 1750 (p. 59)

Descent of Fane, Earls of Westmoreland from Earls of Clare through Beauchamp and Spencer, ca. 1200 - ca. 1450 (pp. 59-60)

Pedigree of Cantilon [sic, Cantillon] of Ballyheigue, Co. Kerry, from Edmund de la Grosse, ca. 1066 - 1729 (pp. 61-62)

Pedigree of Cleyton of Thohvall, 11 generations, undated (p. 63)

Pedigree of Augustin Morris, Citizen of London, Cooper, from his grandfather John Morris, late of Ferns, Co. Wexford, with reference to Nugent of Barbadoes [sic, Barbados], ca. 1700 - ca. 1780 (p. 65)

Pedigree of Chambre of Pitton in Co. Shropshire and of Williamscott, Co. Oxford and Sholdam in Co. Wexford, ca. 1550 - 1671 (pp. 65-66)

Descent of Celia Dillon of Lissakilleen, Co. Westmeath, who died May 1776, from Bagot of Bagotstown, Co. Limerick, ca. 1700 - 1776 (p. 67)

Pedigree of Delamar [also Delamare] of Ballynafad, of Ballymore, of Lacken all in Co. Westmeath, ca. 1684 - ca. 1780 (pp. 68-70)

Pedigree of Dopping, ca. 1570 - 1667 (pp. 71-72)

Descent of Wingfield from de Albany through Gowsell and Fitz Allan [Fitz Allen], Earls of Arundell, ca. 1100 - ca. 1300 (p. 73)

Pedigree of Digby of Stoke, ca. 1200 - 1622 (p. 74)

Pedigree of Wall, also du Vall and de Valle of Johnstown, Co. Carlow, and Kilcash and Rathkein, Co. Tipperary, with Oglethorp descendants, also Wall of Dronghty [sic, Droughty] in Co. Galway, 1170 - 1716 (pp. 75-78)

Pedigree of Roch [also Roche] of Ballinard and Kilcoman in Co. Tipperary, ca. 1200 - ca. 1680 (p. 78)

Pedigree of Everard of Fethard in Co. Tipperary, ca. 1550 - ca. 1650 (p. 78)

Various short pedigrees of English families of Edmonds of Chrystym Temple in Co. Essex, of Doddington in Co. Oxford, of Cambridge, of Bossington in Co. Sussex, of New Sarum in Co. Wiltshire, ca. 1500 - ca. 1610 (pp. 79-80)

Pedigree of Everard of Fethard [Co. Wexford], Barts., ca. 1580 - 1716 (p. 81)

Pedigree of Fitzgerald, Earls of Desmond and Earls of Kildare, ca. 1000 - ca. 1650 (pp. 82-85)

Pedigree of Fitzgibbon, The White Knight, 1547 - 1782 (p. 86)

Pedigree of James I of England with descent from Richard FitzGilbert, Earl Strongbow [sic, Richard de Clare, 2nd Earl of Pembroke], 1170 - 1635 (pp. 88-89)

Pedigree of FitzGerald, Earls of Kildare and Dukes of Leinster, ca. 1100 - ca. 1785 (pp. 89-92)

Pedigree of Gernon with Colvill [sic, Colville], Botetort, Helyon and Wentworth descendants 1066 - 1535 (p. 94)

Pedigree of Fortescu [Fortescue] of Wood, of Palesburn in Hertfordshire, of Garderick, of Fillay [sic, Filleigh, Devon], of Winston in Co. Devon, of Spyrelston, ca. 1450 - ca.1600 (p. 95)

Pedigree of Gardiner of Bermondsey, Peckham and Darking in Co. Surrey and Mullinahone, Co. Tipperary, ca. 1500 - 1623 (pp. 96-98)

Pedigree of Gallwey of the City of Corke [sic, Cork], of Moragh and Iniskean [sic, Iniskeen], Co. Cork and of Nantes in France, ca. 1620 - 1779 (pp. 100-101)

Pedigree of Gernon of Gernons, Herefordshire, of Grimston Hall in Suffolk with Cavendish of Grimston, descendants, ca. 1200 - 1640 (pp. 102-107)

Pedigree of Hackett of Fethard and Rathmacarthy in Co. Tipperary, ca. 1250 - 1586 (p. 108)

Pedigree of Hamilton showing descendants of the 1st Duke of Chatelleraut [sic, Chatellerault] and the claim of the Earl of Abercorn to that Title in 1712 (pp. 110-112)

Pedigree of MacMahon from Cairbre Lisiochair [sic, also Cairbre Liffeachair, the son of King Cormac Mac Airt; according to medieval Irish legend, High King of Ireland] through 44 generations, undated (pp. 113-115)

Pedigree of Montgomery, ca. 1450 - 1550 (p. 117)

Pedigree of Moore of Liverpool and Bankhall in Kirkdale in Lancashire, undated [between ca. 1400 and ca. 1600], (p. 118)

Pedigree of Coghill of Knaresborough in Yorkshire, and City of Dublin, undated [between ca. 1480 and 1688], (p. 119)

Pedigree of Earls of Antrim from Adam, our first Parent, to about 1620 (pp. 120-125)

The Pedigree of Karny [sic, Kearney] of Cashell [Cashel, Co. Tipperary] through 100 generations to ca. 1650 (pp. 126-127)

Pedigree of Rochfort with descent from St. John, ca. 1450 - ca. 1600 (pp. 128-129)

Notes on the genealogy of Stafford, ca. 1615 (pp. 130-133)

Pedigree of Stoughton of Stoughton in Surrey, of St. John's in Co. Warwick, of Crayford in Co. Kent, and Stoke in Sussex, ca. 1066 - 1623 (pp. 133-136)

Pedigree of Sarsfield of Lucan and Sarsfield of Kilmallock [Co. Limerick], ca. 1400 - ca. 1700 (p. 137)

Pedigree of St. Leger of Ulcombe, ca. 1500 - ca. 1650 (p. 138)

Pedigree of O'Gowan later Smith, of Ballygowan in Co. Down, and of Cadez, Spain, ca.1580 - ca. 1779 (p. 140)

Pedigree of Pryce, Barts., with Welsh ancestry, undated (p. 143)

Pedigree of Rowdon or Rawdon, ca. 1100 - 1630 (p. 144)

Pedigree of Waller of Newport, Co. Tipperary, 1641 - ca. 1770 (p. 146)

Pedigree of Power, Baron of Curraghmore, ca. 1400 - ca. 1750 (pp. 147-148)

Pedigree of Margaret Plunkett of Malaga in Spain, wife of Patrick Ronan of D'Loughtane, Co. Waterford, with descent from Plunkett, Lord Killeen, ca. 1435 - ca. 1770 (p. 149)

Pedigree of Paul of Coventry in Warwickshire, Hatton Garden in Middlesex and Lambelk in Surrey, ca. 1550 - 1757 (pp. 150-151)

Pedigree of Pierse, Barts., with numerous Welsh descents, ca. 1066 - ca. 1680 (pp. 152-155)

Written pedigree of Tuyte or Tuite of Tuytestown [Tuitestown], Co. Westmeath, ca. 1330 - 1641 (pp. 155-156)

Pedigree of Terry of Killmallock, Co. Limerick, of Limerick City and Stone Hall, Co. Clare, ca. 1600 - ca. 1700 (p. 158)

Pedigree of Woulfe of Ennis [Co. Clare], ca. 1600 - ca. 1700 (p. 158)

Written pedigrees of Thurston, Read and Drury, 1612 (p. 159)

Pedigree of Taaffe, Viscount Taaffe of Corren, and Baron of Ballymoate [sic, Ballymote] and Earl of Carlingford, ca. 1600 - 1741 (pp. 160-167)

Pedigree of Tracy and O'Tracy, Barons of Rathcoole, ca. 1100 - ca. 1650 (pp. 168-169)

Pedigree of Neville of Rolleston in Co. Nottingham and of Raginhill and South Croxton, undated (pp. 171-172)

Pedigrees of Newton of Newton in Co. Chester with descent from Ffyton, Lords of Colley in the Co. of Chester and Newtin [sic, Newton] of Somerset, ca. 1350 - ca. 1600 (pp. 173-176)

Detailed abstracts of wills of Christmas of Whitfield in Co. Waterford, of Waterford City and Dublin City, 1702 - 1768 (pp. 173-174 & 188)

Genealogy and pedigree of Lenox [sic, Lennox] Dukes of Norfolk with descent to Naper or Napier of Murchiston, ca. 1300 - 1626 (pp. 177-182)

Pedigree of Nagle of Waterford, with descent from Nangle, Baron of Navan and affiliation with Nagle of Moneaminy [Co. Cork], ca. 1470- 1719 (p. 183)

Pedigree of Pecche with descent from Penerell of Nottingham, with Walpole, Caldbeck, Blodwell, Turner and Knighton descendants ca. 1100 - 1500 (pp. 185-186)

Pedigree of Mason of Masonsbrook, Co. Galway, ca. 1600 - ca. 1700 (pp. 187-188)

Pedigree of White of Co. Waterford, later Le Blanc de Manvaisin of Bordeaux, France, also White of Rathgoonan, Co. Limerick, also White of Cloghdara, Co. Cork, ca. 1500 - ca. 1750 (p. 189)

Pedigree of Gallwey, formerly de Burgh, of Dundangan, of Lota, and of Bantry in Co. Cork, of Cork City and of Nantes, France, 1387 - 1779 (pp. 190-191)

Proofs of antiquity of De Courcy, Lords of Kingsale [sic, Kinsale] written, ca. 1680 (p. 192)

Pedigree of Bourke, Earls of Clanrickard ca.1250 - ca. 1630 (p. 193)

Pedigree of Barry, Viscount Buttevant and Barry of Leamlary, Co. Cork, 1347 - ca. 1760 (p. 204)

Pedigree of Burke, Earls of Clanrickard and Burkes of Kilcornan, Co. Galway, ca. 1544 - ca. 1630 (pp. 205-206)

Pedigree of Bolton [undated, ca. prior to 1650] (p. 207)

Pedigree of Bourke of Ballyvorneen, of Ballycharra, Dromkeen and of Newcastle with mention of Ballynaguard, all in Co. Limerick and of the Island of St. Croix, West Indies [sic, now part of the United States Virgin Islands], ca. 1310 - 1779 (pp. 207-209)

The Rt. Hon. Edmund Burke, mention of his descent from Bourke of Ballynaguard, Co. Limerick ca. 1660 (p. 209)

Pedigree of Harman of Ayvill Crayford in Kent, undated (p. 210)

Pedigree of O'Connor Donn [O'Conor Don], O'Connor Roe and O'Connor Sligo, ca. 1000 - ca. 1400 (pp. 211-212)

Pedigree of O'Connor Don with modern transliteration, ca. 1500 - 1639 (pp. 213-214)

Affidavit of Dame Eleanor Oglethorp, daughter and surviving heir of Richard Wall alias Du Vall [sic, Du Val] of Rathkein [sic,?] in Co. Tipperary, as to service of her husband Theophilus, Brigadier General and her son Lewis Oglethorp, 1716 (p. 145)

Pedigree of Bourke, Viscount Mayo, 1629 - 1767 (pp. 194-203)
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