Irish Nobility E1, containing painted arms of Irish families,

ca. 1619-1789
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Summary:Emblazon of Coat of Arms, banners, crest and supporters of Butler, Earl of Ormonde and Ossory, c.1640 (p. 1).

Emblazon of Coat of Arms of Gerald Fitzgerald, Earl of Kildare, c.1640 (p. 2).

Emblazon of Coat of Arms, banners and crest of Preston, Viscount Gormanston, c.1640 (p. 3).

Note on grant of Delvin to family of Nugent, c.1640 (p. 4).

Emblazon of Coat of Arms, banners and crest of Lords Roche, Viscounts Fermoy, c.1640 (p. 5).

Emblazon of Coat of Arms, banners and crest of Butler, Viscount Mountgarret, c. 1640 (p. 7).

Emblazon of Coat of Arms, banners, supporters and crest of the Lords Bermingham, Barons of Athenry c.1640 (pp. 10-11).

Emblazon of Coat of Arms, Banners, Supporters and Crest of Flemynge [Fleming], Barons of Slane, c.1640 (pp. 12-13).

Note on Nugents, Barons of Delvin, c.1640 (p. 14).

Emblazon of Coat of Arms, Banners and Crest of Plunkett, Barons of Killeen, c.1640 (p. 15).

Emblazon of Coat of Arms, Banners and Crest of Barnewall, Barons of Trimleston, c.1640 (p. 17).

Emblazon of Coat of Arms and banners of Plunkett, Baron of Dunsany, c.1640 (p. 19).

Emblazon of Arms and Crest of Butler, Baron of Dunboyne, c.1640 (p. 20).

Emblazon of Coat of Arms, banners, supporters and crest of Fitzpatrick, Barons of Upper Ossory, c.1640 (p. 21).

Emblazon of three alternative crests, one being a lobster claw for St. Laurence, Lords of Howth, c.1640 (p. 22).

Emblazon of Coat of Arms and Banner of Plunkett, Barons of Louth, c.1640 (pp. 22-23).

Emblazon of Coat of Arms and Banner of Power, Barons of Curraghmore with tricks of Crest and Arms, c. 1640 (pp. 24-25).

Emblazon of Coat of Arms (with alternative) and banner of O'Brien, Barons of Inchiquin, c.1640 (pp. 26-27).

Emblazon of Coat of Arms and banner of Bourke, Barons of Castleconnell c.1640 (p. 29).

Trick of Arms, supporters and crest of Lord Viscount Dillon of Costillo-Gallen with note that Sir Tibbott Dillon, Knight, was so created by Patent dated at Westminster, March 16, 1621 (p. 31).

Emblazon of Cost of Arms of Butler, Baron Caher with alternative Coat quartering Becket, Butler, Esmond (from which he hath most of his inheritance) Bermingham, Morris and Becket, c.1640 (p. 31).

Trick of Arms and Crest of Right Honorable Earl of Roscommon, c.1640 (p. 33).

Drawing of Arms, supporters and crest of Rt. Hon. Sir George Carteret, Knight and Baronet of the Isle of Jersey and Treasurer of Ireland, attested, May 3, 1669 (p. 35).

Emblazon of Arms, supporters and crest of Richard Talbot, Earl of Tyrconnell, c.1670 (p. 37).

Funeral Certificate of Ann, second daughter of Robert Sandford of Sandford in Shropshire, wife of Lt. Henry Pagett, second son of William, Viscount Pagett, Feb. 11, 1683 (p. 37).

Emblazon of Arms, supporters and crest of Sir John Bellew,1st Baron of Duleek, c.1670 (p. 39).

Emblazon of Arms, supporters and Crest of Dongan, Earl of Limerick, with note of the creation of Sir William Dongan, Knt. as Viscount Clane Feb. 14, 1662 and his creation as Earl of Limerick Jan. 2, 1686 (pp. 41-43).

Emblazon of Arms, supporters and crest of Richard Preston, Earl of Desmond with note of creation of Maurice Fitzgerald (died Dublin Jan. 25, 1355) as Earl of Desmond Aug. 27, 1329 and creation of Preston as Earl of Desmond July 11, 1619 (p. 46).

Achievement of Arms of Sir Arthur Forbes, Knight and Bart., created Viscount Granard and Baron Clonhugh, Nov. 27, 1675 and Earl of Granard on Dec. 30, 1684 (pp. 50-51).

Achievement of Arms of Ulick Bourke created Baron of Tyaquin and Viscount Gallway, June 20, 1687 (pp. 54-55).

Achievement of Arms of Sir William Dongan, Knight, created Viscount Clane Feb. 14, 1662 and Earl of Limerick, Jan. 2, 1686 (pp. 60-61).

Achievement of Arms of Sir John Bellew, Knight, created Baron Bellew of Duleek, Oct. 29, 1686 (pp. 64-65).

Achievement of Arms of Alexander Fitton, Baron Gawsworth, c.1689 (p. 68).

Achievement of Arms of Adam Loftus, created Baron Rathfarnham and Viscount Lisbourne, Jan. 29, 1685 (pp. 72-73).

Achievement of Arms of Bermingham, Baron Athenry, c.1686 (p. 79).

Achievement of Arms of James Annesley, 2nd Earl of Anglesey in England and Viscount Valentia, c. 1686 (p. 81).

Funeral Certificate of Mary Boyle, daughter of Richard Boyle and Ann Savage, Feb. 11, 1683 (p. 85).

Funeral Certificate with signature of Jane, his sister, of Edward Eyre, son of Giles Eyre of Brickworth in Wiltshire, who died and was buried in College Church of St. Nicholas, Galway, April 14/15, 1683 (p. 89).

Copy of grant of Arms to Robert Jewell of Heny, Co. Essex on changing his name to Stubber as a condition of enjoying the property of his wife's Uncle, the then late Edward Stubber, May 28, 1707 (p. 93).

Application from Malaga, Spain, for Pedigree of Margaret McHugh, daughter of Simon McHugh of Co. Limerick and Elizabeth Arthur. The said Margaret McHugh was the second wife of Daniel O'Donovan of Rosscarbery, c.1770 (p. 95).

Note as to the compilation of a genealogy of John O'Donovan of Malaga, son of Daniel O'Donovan and Mary Talbot of Kilcullen Bridge which Daniel was the son of Daniel O'Donovan, descended from the O'Donovans of Castle O'Donovan in Co. Cork, by Catherine Regan, c.1770 (p. 95).

Pedigree of Sutton of Clonard, Co. Wexford, mentioning Redmond Sutton, Lieutenant of a Man of War in the Spanish Service, c.1770 (p. 97).

Certificate for pedigree of Nicholas Porter of Bretsie in Normandy and originally of City of Waterford, a relative of Lord Justice Sir Charles Porter, 1765 (pp. 99-102).

Funeral Certificate of Thomas Worsopp, second son of Sir Thomas Worsopp of City of Dublin by Elizabeth Parsons, May 27, 1686 (p. 103).

Funeral Certificate with trick of Arms of His Grace Thomas Price, Lord Archbishop of Cashel who died Aug. 4, 1685 (pp. 105, 109).

Funeral Certificate of Richard Stoughton, son of Arthur Stoughton, buried at St. John's Church, Dublin, certified by his brother Cromwell Stoughton, Feb. 1, 1683 (pp. 107-109).

Note of rebuilding of St. John's Church, Dublin, 1683 (p. 109).

Certificate that Patrick O'Brenan of Cloneen, Co. Kilkenny, ancestor of John O'Brenan of Malaga, Spain married Margaret, daughter of Baron Purcell of Ballyfoile, Co. Kilkenny, certified 1789 (p. 110).

Letter from L. Grant to Henry Saguin of the College of Arms, Dublin, about the pedigree of Mr. Murphy of Waterford mentioning Timothy Murphy of Graigenamana, Co. Kilkenny and Mary Walshe of Waterford and the families of Lincoln, Dobbyn, Elliot, and Lambert, 1787 (pp. 111-113).

Proofs of Pedigree of John O'Brenan of Malaga, son of Edmond O'Brenan of Cruett, Co. Kilkenny, by Mary, daughter of Edmond Kavanagh of Poulmonte, Co. Wexford, c.1550 - c.1770 (p. 117).

Certificate of Patrick Dease given in 1789 that he was present at Glasnevin at the marriage of late Peter Bath to Bridget Faunt in 1754 (p. 123).

Certificate of Rev. Patrick McDermott that the late James Bath of Knightstown was born in 1687 and was married to Miss Nangle in 1709 and died in Dec., 1758 (p. 125).

Notes on the family of Bath with Certificate of Birth of Mary Anne Bath, daughter of Peter Bath and Bridget Bath, July 25, 1763 (pp. 127-132).

Baptismal Certificate at Selestad of James Thomas Fitzpatrick, son of Florence Fitzpatrick of the Irish Brigade and Mary Alexis Blount with James Butler of Galmoy, Officer of the Irish Brigade and Maria Anna Caneau as sponsors July 13, 1769 (p. 133).

Draft grant of Arms to Thomas Magan of Togherstown, Co. Westmeath and his brother Richard Magan of Umone in said Co., Nov. 21, 1705 (p. 137).

Funeral Certificate of Sir Claude Hamilton of Castletown, Co. Antrim, eldest brother of Archibald Hamilton, Archbishop of Cashel. Sir Claude married 2ndly Alice, daughter of Sir Henry Colley, died and was buried at Roscrea, Co. Tipperary June 5, 1640 (p. 139).
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