"The extreme penalty" :

Mr. Eamon Aylward, in the document with his signature attached which has been found upon an irregular captured by the Kilkenny force, has lighted up, as by a lightning flash, the criminality of the militarist attack upon the people...but that such an order could be issued by a man blaspheming the honourable name of Irish Republican will reveal to the people the tyranny that they have escaped.
Summary:Pro treaty handbill.
Format: BOOK
Published / Created: S.l. : s.n., ca. 1922
Notes:An order signed by E. Aylward, O. C. 'blaspheming the honourable name of Irish Republican[s]': "Have all available men and commandeer labour working day and night to make all roads impassable. The man who does not obey at present must receive the extreme penalty. You are at liberty to inflict the same on any who disobey your orders".

Physical description: 1 sheet ; 25 x 16 cm.

Contained in: Pamphlet volume D151 [Item 29]
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