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Hodgson, P. J. (1809). The complete revenue guide for imports and exports: Containing ... Instructions for passing entries inwards and outwards ... Instructions on the exportation of Irish produce or manufacture ... Instructions relative to bonding and warehousing of spirits, sugars, tobacco, wines, &c. ... Method of ascertaining the tonnage of ships in Ireland ... Duties on foreign goods imported into Great Britain and Ireland ... Duties and bounties on Irish goods exported ... Duties on East India goods into Great Britain ... Tares and allowances in Ireland ... Tables of duties and drawbacks on wine ... Duties on calicoes, muslins ... Tables of weights and measures of foreign countries corresponding with those of Great Britain and Ireland. With ample extracts from the laws respecting revenue, salvage, quarantine, fishery, ballast, shipping, &c. The whole adapted to the use of merchants, revenue officers, masters of ships, and brokers, in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and its dependencies. Dublin: Printed by J. Charles.

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Hodgson, Peter J. The Complete Revenue Guide for Imports and Exports: Containing ... Instructions for Passing Entries Inwards and Outwards ... Instructions On the Exportation of Irish Produce or Manufacture ... Instructions Relative to Bonding and Warehousing of Spirits, Sugars, Tobacco, Wines, &c. ... Method of Ascertaining the Tonnage of Ships in Ireland ... Duties On Foreign Goods Imported Into Great Britain and Ireland ... Duties and Bounties On Irish Goods Exported ... Duties On East India Goods Into Great Britain ... Tares and Allowances in Ireland ... Tables of Duties and Drawbacks On Wine ... Duties On Calicoes, Muslins ... Tables of Weights and Measures of Foreign Countries Corresponding With Those of Great Britain and Ireland. With Ample Extracts From the Laws Respecting Revenue, Salvage, Quarantine, Fishery, Ballast, Shipping, &c. The Whole Adapted to the Use of Merchants, Revenue Officers, Masters of Ships, and Brokers, in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and Its Dependencies. Dublin: Printed by J. Charles, 1809.

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