APA Citation

Ireland., Bolton, R., & Dix, E. R. M. (. R. M. (1723). A collection of all the statutes now in use: With notes in the margin to the reigns of our late most gracious sovereign lord and lady, King William and Queen Mary, of ever blessed memory : to which is added rules, orders and directions by the Lord Lieutenant and Council for the regulating of all cities, walled towns and corporations in this Kingdom of Ireland, according as by the Act of Settlement is directed : as also a necessary table or kalendar to the whole work, expressing in titles the principal matter therein contained for the ease and advantage of the reader. Dublin: Printed by Andrew Crooke.

MLA Citation

Ireland., Richard Bolton, and E. R. McC. (Ernest Reginald McClintock) Dix. A Collection of All the Statutes Now in Use: With Notes in the Margin to the Reigns of Our Late Most Gracious Sovereign Lord and Lady, King William and Queen Mary, of Ever Blessed Memory : To Which Is Added Rules, Orders and Directions By the Lord Lieutenant and Council for the Regulating of All Cities, Walled Towns and Corporations in This Kingdom of Ireland, According As By the Act of Settlement Is Directed : As Also a Necessary Table or Kalendar to the Whole Work, Expressing in Titles the Principal Matter Therein Contained for the Ease and Advantage of the Reader. Dublin: Printed by Andrew Crooke, 1723.

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