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Ibbotson, H. (1846). A catalogue of the phaenogamous plants and ferns of Great Britain: Arranged according to the natural orders : with a copious list of synonyms, carefully compiled from Steudel's Nomenclator botanicus, Smith's English flora, Hooker's British flora, Lindley's Synopsis, Babington's Manual and other sources. London : Edinburgh : Stokesley: H. Bailliere.

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Ibbotson, Henry. A Catalogue of the Phaenogamous Plants and Ferns of Great Britain: Arranged According to the Natural Orders : With a Copious List of Synonyms, Carefully Compiled From Steudel's Nomenclator Botanicus, Smith's English Flora, Hooker's British Flora, Lindley's Synopsis, Babington's Manual and Other Sources. London : Edinburgh : Stokesley: H. Bailliere, 1846.

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