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Bell, R., & Joly, J. R. (1804). A description of the condition and manners as well as of the moral and political character, education, &c. of the peasantry of Ireland, such as they were between the years 1780 & 1790, when Ireland was supposed to have arrived at its highest degree of prosperity and happiness. London: Printed for the author by Charles Barber.

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Bell, Robert, and Jaspar Robert Joly. A Description of the Condition and Manners As Well As of the Moral and Political Character, Education, &c. of the Peasantry of Ireland, Such As They Were between the Years 1780 & 1790, When Ireland Was Supposed to Have Arrived At Its Highest Degree of Prosperity and Happiness. London: Printed for the author by Charles Barber, 1804.

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