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Format: BOOK
Published / Created: Dublin : D. O'Brien ; 1810-1835.
R. Coyne ;
T. Haydock & Son ;
John Coyne ;
W. J. Battersby ;
B. Hudson ;
J. Reilly ;
J.J. Nolan,
Notes:Spine title: Tracts.

Physical description: 1 v. (various pagings) ; 18 cm.

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245 0 0 |a Tracts. 
260 0 |a Dublin :  |b D. O'Brien ;  |b R. Coyne ;  |b T. Haydock & Son ;  |b John Coyne ;  |b W. J. Battersby ;  |b B. Hudson ;  |b J. Reilly ;  |b J.J. Nolan,  |c 1810-1835. 
300 |a 1 v. (various pagings) ;  |c 18 cm. 
500 |a Spine title: Tracts. 
505 0 |t A second letter to the Rev. L. J. Nolan on his attempt to defend himself against the charges of Philolethes relative to his apostacy and suspension --  |t A sermon preached on the 17th of March, 1821 in the Irish Franciscan Church of S. Isidore in Rome /  |r by Rev. William Vincent Harold --  |t The biblicals routed! or the able and spirited defence of the Roman Catholic Religion /  |r by Patrick Spence --  |t The grateful and animated speech of Patrick Spence --  |t A most splendid and eloquent speech delievered by Mr. Patrick Spence at a dinner given to himi at Liverpool, September 1827 --  |t A letter addressed to Richard Sheil, Esq, barrister at law, on veto /  |r by Stephen Darcy --  |t The church of Christ fairly proved --  |t Union of sects and parties recommended -- Consecration of a bishop --  |t An account of a general meeting of Catholics of the County of Monaghan, with resolutions, the petitions and the speeches --  |t Second day's discussion --  |t The Right Rev. Dr. M'Hale, Roman Catholic Bishop of Maroina's Answer, or letter to the Protestant Bishop of Exeter, in vindication of the principles of the Catholic Church --  |t Second letter to the People of D. O'Connell, M.P. to the people of Ireland --  |t Second letter of the Most Rev. Dr. Curtis, Roman Catholic Primate of all Ireland, in reply to the charge with notes of the Protestant Archbishop of Dublin, Doctor Magee --  |t The letter of the Most Rev. Dr. Curtis ... complaining of the horrible profanation of the Roman Catholic Chapel of Ardee where a calf's head was placed upon an altar --  |t The Catholic doctrine concerning jubilees & indulgences explained and defended in reply to those who either wilfully, maliciously or ignorantly misrepresent it /  |r by W. J. B --  |t Judge for yourselves or an answer to the calumny that Catholics don't read the Bible. 
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