The Treaty gives Ireland ... :

support the Treaty.
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Contributors: Griffith, Arthur, 1872-1922
Summary:Free State Pro-Treaty poster with red and green lettering listing 16 points in support of the Treaty. Text in red font, large capital letters at top of poster reads:“THE TREATY / GIVES IRELAND". (In two columns, in green font and small capital letters) " 1. A parliament responsible to the / Irish people alone. 2. A government responsible to / that parliament. 3. Democratic control of all / legislative affairs. 4. Power to make laws for every / department of Irish life. 5. An Irish legal system controlled / by Irishmen. 6. An Irish army. 7. An Irish police force. 8. Complete financial freedom. 9. A national flag. 10. Freedom of opinion. 11. Complete control of Irish / education. 12. Complete control of her land / systems. 13. Power and freedom to develop / her resources and industries. 14. A democratic constitution. 15. A state organisation to express / the mind and will of the nation. 16. Her rightful place as a nation / among nations". At bottom in large green capital letters “DUBLIN CASTLE HAS FALLEN! / BRITISH BUREAUCRACY IS IN THE DUST! / IS THIS VICTORY OR DEFEAT! / SUPPORT THE TREATY.”
Format: Book
Published / Created: [1922]
Notes:Physical description: 1 poster ; 102 x 64 cm.
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