APA Citation

Gother, J. (1806). A papist mis-represented and represented: Or, a two-fold character of popery: The one containing a sum of the superstitions, idolatries, cruelties, treacheries, and wicked principles ... : The other laying open that popery which the Papists own and profess ... Dublin: printed by R. Cross, No. 28, Bridge-Street.

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Gother, John. A Papist Mis-represented and Represented: Or, a Two-fold Character of Popery: The One Containing a Sum of the Superstitions, Idolatries, Cruelties, Treacheries, and Wicked Principles ... : The Other Laying Open That Popery Which the Papists Own and Profess ... Dublin: printed by R. Cross, No. 28, Bridge-Street, 1806.

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