APA Citation

Whyte, E. (. (1792). Lessons for the improvement of young readers in verse and prose: Calculated also to serve as exercises in parsing with a view to perfect them in the rules of grammar and rhetoric : and to introduce the tyro to a knowledge of style and composition. Equally adapted to both sexes. A new attempt. Dublin: printed for R. Marchbank, No. 10 Temple-Lane.

MLA Citation

Whyte, E.-A. (Edward-Athenry). Lessons for the Improvement of Young Readers in Verse and Prose: Calculated Also to Serve As Exercises in Parsing With a View to Perfect Them in the Rules of Grammar and Rhetoric : And to Introduce the Tyro to a Knowledge of Style and Composition. Equally Adapted to Both Sexes. A New Attempt. Dublin: printed for R. Marchbank, No. 10 Temple-Lane, 1792.

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