"That's the way the Money goes - Pop goes the Weasel!"

Lex [Richard Thomas Moynan].
[graphic] /
Main Creator: Lex, artist.
Summary:Cartoon criticising the amount of money collected by the Land League by those in charge implying that the money is not being used as it should be to help evicted tenant farmers. Text printed under title heading reads: "T. Harrington, M.P. - (Secretary to the National League) - 'Here, my dear Pat, this is all I can afford to give you.' Pat - 'Is it a Shilling! and me turned out for standing to the League.' T. Harrington, M.P. - 'Yes, quite enough for the likes of you. Your betters must be served first. We have hardly enough for the leaders of the people." Cartoon depicts a man in shabby clothes holding out his hat for some money. Tim Harrington sits behind a desk with bulging sacks of money beside him, the largest of which is inscribed "Harrington's Salary"; numerous other sacks depicted have text written across them - "Payment of M.P.'s" "Travelling Expenses", "Sundries", "Skirmishing Fund", "From America Servant Girls' Savings". On the desk is small bag with the words "Evicted Tenants Fund". A notice on the wall reads 'Notice to Patriots. None can come in without paying but anyone can pay without coming in. By order'.
Format: BOOK
Published / Created: [Dublin] : [London] : [Thomas Arden?], July 9th, 1887.
Notes:Supplement Gratis with "The Union". Saturday, July 9th, 1887.

Physical description: 1 print : lithograph ; 28.3 x 41.1cm.

Credits:Attributed to "Lex" - this is the artist Richard Thomas Moynan, (1856 - 1906).
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