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Battersby & Co.
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Main Creator: Battersby & Co
Format: Journal / Serial
Published / Created: Dublin : Battersby & Co., 1888-1968.
Notes:Physical description: v. : ill. ; 21-30 cm.

Publication Frequency: Irregular

Table of Contents:
July 26th and August 1st 1888 (residences held under lease from Lord Mount Temple and Earl of Pembroke)
July 29th 1890 Kilcroney Hse., Bray, Co. Wicklow (built by Dr.H. Lloyd, Provost of T.C.D., formerly residence of Matthew P. D'Arcy)
March 3rd, 1891(catalogue of builder's materials and machinery)
June 18th 1891 No. 90 Merrion Sq., Wst. (art collection of Dr. Tuohill)
December 9th-11th 1896 No. 69, Merrion Square Sth. (effects of M.Gunn)
December 19th 1896 No. 21, Lower Baggot St.(effects of C.P. O'Flaherty)
October 27th-28th, 1897 'The Orchards', Palmerstown Pk., Rathmines
March 29th 1898 No. 2, Crosthwaite Pk. Sth., Kingstown
August 2nd-6th 1898 Ravenswell, Bray (effects of H. Harrison)
January 22nd-24th 1902 Eastwood, Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow (effects of Capt. Henley).
February 25th 1902 Shrewsbury Hse., Clonliffe Rd., Drumcondra
April 28th-29th 1902 Ashbrook, Ashtown, Phoenix Park (effects of Mrs.Chichester Hart)
September 17th 1902 Dundargh, Blackrock(effects of G. Orr Wilson)
October 8th-9th 1902 St. Kevin's Pk., Upr. Rathmines (effects of Thos. Hayes)
November 18th-19th 1902 Parkgate Hse., No. 75, Wodehouse Tce., Nth.Circular Road
February 23rd-25th 1904 No. 63 Fitzwilliam Sq. North. (objects owned by Sir Robt. Forster)
December 11th 1907 Irish International Exhibition [Finance & General Purposes Committee]
February 3rd 1908 Irish Int. Exhibition [Finance & General Purposes Committee]
April 23rd-24th 1908 Irish International Exhibition [Catalogue of electrical plant and fittings] -September 21st 1909 Killincarrick Hse., Greystones (objects owned by Aubrey Le Blond family)
March 24th 1914 Tinode Hse., Co. Wicklow
May 13th 1914 (library of Dr. Thomas More Madden)
July 13th 1914 Bishopscourt, Straffan, Co. Kildare (contents of house, land and library of Earl of Clonmell)
November 6th 1914 Airfield, Stillorgan Rd., Co. Dublin (books of Lord O'Brien of Kilfenora)
March 2nd 1915 9 & 10 Cope St., Dublin (typographic machinery)
September 26th 1917 St. Mary's Abbey, Capel St.(typographic equipment)
May 27th 1919 Galway National Shell Factory (engineering equipment)
June 5th-6th 1919 Gormanstown Aerodrome, Gormanstown, Co. Dublin (building, construction materials)
February 24th 1921 'Boley' (formerly 'Bloombury'), Monkstown, Co. Dublin (residence of Dowager Lady M. Grace, daughter of Valentine O'Brien O'Connor; widow of Sir P.R. Grace)
April 4th-13th 1921Gosford Castle, Co. Armagh (residence of Earl of Gosford)
April 8th 1921 Stormont Castle, Belfast, Co. Down (property of A.C. Stewart Cleland; formerly estate of Henry, Earl of 1674)
September 20th 1921 Garvagh Hse. and Demesne, Garvagh, Co. Derry(property of Lord Garvagh)
November 23rd-26th 1921 Tara Hall, Tara, Co. Meath (effects of Major Moore-Brabazon)
May 18th 1922 Carrigoran House, Newmarket-on-Fergus, Co. Clare (owned in part by Sir W. Ingoldsby c.1725)
May 18th 1922 Hazelwood, Co. Sligo (property of Muriel Perceval)
November 30th 1925 No. 3 Clare Street, Dublin (effects of Dr.George Sigerson, Sen[ator])
May 9th-10th 1929 Ards House, Dunfanaghy, Co. Donegal (effects of Lady Stewart-Bam)
September 4th 1929 Buttles Barley Fed Bacon Co. Ltd., Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford (the factory and premises) Box 1
Date unknown 1929 Uppercourt Hse. and Demense, Kilkenny (once De Montmorency residence - M. and E. Maher owners at time of sale of the estate) January 30th, 1930 53 & 54 O'Connell St. Lwr. (catalogue of property for rent)
February 26th 1931 Irish Fresh Meat Ltd., Drogheda, Co. Louth (factory building and contents)
June 23rd 1931 Irish Fresh Meat Ltd., Drogheda, Co. Louth (plant fittings and machinery)October 31st 1932 'Charleville', Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow (objects owned by Viscount Monck)
June 21st 1934 'Pallas', Loughrea, Co. Galway (library of books owned by the Earl of Westmeath)
August 15th 1934 'Kinturk', Castlepollard, Co.Westmeath (library of books of F.J. Style Pollard)
April 9th 1935 50 Belmont Ave., Donnybrook (art, print collection and library of Henry Barnardo)
November 18th 1935 Kilkenny Castle, Kilkenny (objects owned by Earl of Ossory)
March 30th 1936 Blackheath, Clontarf, Dublin (objects owned by Mrs. Gibson Black)
August 10th 1936 Shanganagh Castle, Shankill, Co. Dublin (objects owned by Wentworth Allen)
January 11th 1937 Dunloe Castle, Killarney, Co. Kerry (the castle and estate; 'Grenagh', Beaufort, Killarney)
February 15th 1937 Moore Abbey, Monasterevan, Co. Kildare (effects of Count John McCormack)May 5th 1938 'Granstown Manor', Laois (property of Lord Castletown) and 'Dunloe Castle', Killarney (the property of H.S. Harrington and others
May 17th 1938 'Sharavougue', Glenageary, Co. Dublin (property of J. A. Murphy)
October 31st 1940 'Kilteragh Mansions', Foxrock, Co. Dublin (formerly estate of Sir. H. Plunkett - owned by Maj. J.W. Alymer, M.C. at time of sale)
April 22nd 1941 'Kilronan Castle' Balltfarnon, Co. Roscommon (objects owned by the Earl of Kingston)
October 14th 1941(objects owned R.H.S.Truell)
December 2nd 1941(objects owned by Earl of Longford and others)
March 3rd 1942 (objects owned by J. Hamilton Evans)
March 31st 1942 (objects owned R.H.S.Truell) .
February 8th 1943 (objects owned by H. Grandy)
July 4th 1944 (objects owned by Sir Compton Meade Domville)
December 12th 1944 (objects owned by H. R. Burroughes)
March 25th 1947 27 Merrion Sq. Nrth. (objects owned by Dr. Patrick McArdle)
August 7th, 14th, 15th, 21st, 22nd, 28th & 29th, 1947 'Horse Show Sales' of Stud Farms and Properties (includes Dunboyne Castle, Dunboyne, Co. Meath)
December 9th 1947(objects owned by F. MacNamara)
June 24th 1948 Knockmore, Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow (property of T.J.C. Acton)
December 16th, 1948 - catalogue of decorative art pieces, paintings, prints and period furniture
December 17th, 1948 - catalogue of printed books
March 15th, 1949 - catalogue of a library of printed books
May 10th 1949 - catalogue of decorative art objects, period furniture and paintings
December 6th 1949 - catalogue of decorative art objects, furniture and pictures
March 28th 1950 - catalogue of oil paintings,prints, decorative art pieces
May 23rd, 1950 - catalogue of period furniture, decorative art pieces and artworks
May 24th, 1950 - catalogue of a library of printed books
December 12th, 1950 - catalogue of "...an interesting library of printed books" Box 2February 19th-20th 1952 - catalogue of printed books (the property of Rev. Canon J. B. Leslie, M.R.I.A.)
July 22nd-23rd 1952 - catalogue of decorative art pieces, period furniture, furnishings (effects of Monsigor McArdle)
July 24th 1952 (the effects of the late Prof. Dowden, Hester and Hilda Dowden, Lennox Robinson and others)
May 27th 1953 (catalogue of decorative art pieces and period furniture)
May 28th 1953 No. 3 Crampton Qy., Dublin (catalogue of printed books - library of E. Massey and others)
November 27th 1953 Ulster Transport Authority, 21 Linenhall Street, Belfast - catalogue of premises for rent
December 17th 1953; Pickett Bros., 37, Smithfield, Dublin - catalogue of machinery and manufacturing equipmentOctober 18th 1955 'Sydney Lodge', Booterstown Ave., Dublin (furniture and decorative art pieces owned by Ms. M. Dunn)
October 25th 1955 - catalogue of furniture, paintings and decorative art pieces Box 3
October 26th 1955 (library of M. Dowling)
October 26th 1955 - catalogue of legal books (property of R.S. Coonan, declared bankrupt)
November 8th 1955 'Montebello', Ballybrack, Killiney, Co. Dublin - catalogue of paintings and printed books (property of M. MacWhite, former ambassador)
November 8th 1955 'Montebello', Ballybrack, Killiney, Co. Dublin - catalogue of furniture and furnishings (photocopy only)
May 8th 1956 - catalogue of furniture, furnishings and oil paintings
October 9th 1956 'Clonmallon', Ashford, Co. Wicklow(effects of W.H.S. Truell)
December 11th 1956 - (effects of W. A. Reddy, Lady Brownlow and others)
June 5th-6th 1957 - (property of Lord Crofton)
September 17th 1957 'The Cottage', Monkstown - catalogue of decorative art pieces, furniture and furnishings
December 10th 1957 'Mount Coote Hse., Kilmallock, Co. Limerick (effects of Mrs. S.T. Johnson)
October 7th 1958 'The Grove', Killiney, Co. Dublin (effects of Mrs. M.A. O' Mara)
July 7th 1959 - catalogue of period furniture, prints, drawings, paintings and ornaments)
November 10th 1959 (effects of Mrs. F. Magennis and her husband Sen. Prof. Wm. Magennis)
September 8th 1960 - catalogue of legal books
September 9th 1960 - catalogue of stamps and philatelic accessories(effects of Herbert Kennedy, declared bankrupt)
October 31st 1962 (effects of Dr. R. P. Farnan, Bolton Castle, Moone, Co. Kildare)
March 28th 1962 'Cahir Park Hse.', Cahir, Co. Tipperary (library of Col. R. B.Charteris)
May 15th 1963 'Swifte's Heath', Jenkinstown, Co. Kilkenny (effects of Major E.G.M. Swifte- last descendent of J. Swift)
Post July 1963 - Handbook of the Agricultural Credit Corporation Ltd., Harcourt St
September 9th and 11th 1964 - catalogue of furniture and printed books of W.J. Shields(and others)
July 27th 1966 - catalogue of printed books
October 11th 1966 - catalogue of antiquarian and modern printed books
March 15th 1967 catalogue of printed books and manuscripts (includes first editions of works by W.B.Yeats, autographed letters of Yeats, MacDonagh, Pearse)
September 6th 1967- catalogue of printed books, manuscripts (includes first editions of Joyce, Beckett, W.B. Yeats, autographed letters of Casement, MacDonagh)
May 1st-2nd 1968 - catalogue of printed books, manuscripts (includes first editions by W.B. Yeats, Joyce, Synge; manuscripts of O'Connell, Casement, Pearse), pictures and prints
December 12th 1968 - catalogue of printed books, manuscripts (first editions of Irish and English authors, letters of Casement, A.E., Yeats and the Abbey Theatre).
July 23rd [year unknown] Kilcroney, Bray, Co. Wicklow [effects of Matthew P. Darcy]
September 24th and subsequent days [year unknown] Tallaght Aerodrome, Tallaght, Co. Dublin - catalogue of building materials
October 8th-11th [year unknown] 12, Merrion Sq. North, Dublin - catalogue of furniture and decorative art pieces
December 8th-9th [year unknown] - catalogue of furniture
Date and year unknown 'Talbot Lodge', Blackrock, Co. Dublin - catalogue of furniture and oil paintings
Date and year unknown 'Meadow Bank', Bushy Park Road, Terenure, Co. Dublin - catalogue of oil paintings - Date and year unknown 'Hazelwood', Kilmacud Rd., Dundrum, Co. Dublin - catalogue of period furniture
Date and year unknown 'Dunderry Park', Navan, Co. Meath - catalogue of the residence, estate and outbuildings
Date and year unknown 'Bantra', Harbour Rd., Dalkey, Co. Dublin - catalogue of the residence and Martello tower
Date and year unknown 'Rockhill', Letterkenny, Co. Donegal (residence of Sir Charles and Lady Mary Stewart) - catalogue describing the residence and estate lands Box 4.