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Battersby & Co.
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Main Creator: Battersby & Co
Format: Journal / Serial
Published / Created: Dublin : Battersby & Co., 1888-1968.
Notes:Physical description: v. : ill. ; 21-30 cm.

Publication Frequency: Irregular

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260 |a Dublin :  |b Battersby & Co.,  |c 1888-1968. 
300 |a v. :  |b ill. ;  |c 21-30 cm. 
310 |a Irregular 
362 0 |a July 1888 - December 1968. 
505 0 |a --July 26th and August 1st 1888 (residences held under lease from Lord Mount Temple and Earl of Pembroke) --July 29th 1890 Kilcroney Hse., Bray, Co. Wicklow (built by Dr.H. Lloyd, Provost of T.C.D., formerly residence of Matthew P. D'Arcy) --March 3rd, 1891(catalogue of builder's materials and machinery) --June 18th 1891 No. 90 Merrion Sq., Wst. (art collection of Dr. Tuohill) --December 9th-11th 1896 No. 69, Merrion Square Sth. (effects of M.Gunn) --December 19th 1896 No. 21, Lower Baggot St.(effects of C.P. O'Flaherty) --October 27th-28th, 1897 'The Orchards', Palmerstown Pk., Rathmines --March 29th 1898 No. 2, Crosthwaite Pk. Sth., Kingstown -- August 2nd-6th 1898 Ravenswell, Bray (effects of H. Harrison) --January 22nd-24th 1902 Eastwood, Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow (effects of Capt. Henley). 
505 0 |a --February 25th 1902 Shrewsbury Hse., Clonliffe Rd., Drumcondra -- April 28th-29th 1902 Ashbrook, Ashtown, Phoenix Park (effects of Mrs.Chichester Hart) --September 17th 1902 Dundargh, Blackrock(effects of G. Orr Wilson) --October 8th-9th 1902 St. Kevin's Pk., Upr. Rathmines (effects of Thos. Hayes) --November 18th-19th 1902 Parkgate Hse., No. 75, Wodehouse Tce., Nth.Circular Road --February 23rd-25th 1904 No. 63 Fitzwilliam Sq. North. (objects owned by Sir Robt. Forster) --December 11th 1907 Irish International Exhibition [Finance & General Purposes Committee] --February 3rd 1908 Irish Int. Exhibition [Finance & General Purposes Committee] 
505 0 |a --April 23rd-24th 1908 Irish International Exhibition [Catalogue of electrical plant and fittings] -September 21st 1909 Killincarrick Hse., Greystones (objects owned by Aubrey Le Blond family) --March 24th 1914 Tinode Hse., Co. Wicklow --May 13th 1914 (library of Dr. Thomas More Madden) --July 13th 1914 Bishopscourt, Straffan, Co. Kildare (contents of house, land and library of Earl of Clonmell) --November 6th 1914 Airfield, Stillorgan Rd., Co. Dublin (books of Lord O'Brien of Kilfenora) --March 2nd 1915 9 & 10 Cope St., Dublin (typographic machinery) --September 26th 1917 St. Mary's Abbey, Capel St.(typographic equipment) --May 27th 1919 Galway National Shell Factory (engineering equipment) --June 5th-6th 1919 Gormanstown Aerodrome, Gormanstown, Co. Dublin (building, construction materials) 
505 0 |a --February 24th 1921 'Boley' (formerly 'Bloombury'), Monkstown, Co. Dublin (residence of Dowager Lady M. Grace, daughter of Valentine O'Brien O'Connor; widow of Sir P.R. Grace) -- April 4th-13th 1921Gosford Castle, Co. Armagh (residence of Earl of Gosford) --April 8th 1921 Stormont Castle, Belfast, Co. Down (property of A.C. Stewart Cleland; formerly estate of Henry, Earl of 1674) --September 20th 1921 Garvagh Hse. and Demesne, Garvagh, Co. Derry(property of Lord Garvagh) --November 23rd-26th 1921 Tara Hall, Tara, Co. Meath (effects of Major Moore-Brabazon) --May 18th 1922 Carrigoran House, Newmarket-on-Fergus, Co. Clare (owned in part by Sir W. Ingoldsby c.1725) --May 18th 1922 Hazelwood, Co. Sligo (property of Muriel Perceval) --November 30th 1925 No. 3 Clare Street, Dublin (effects of Dr.George Sigerson, Sen[ator]) --May 9th-10th 1929 Ards House, Dunfanaghy, Co. Donegal (effects of Lady Stewart-Bam) --September 4th 1929 Buttles Barley Fed Bacon Co. Ltd., Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford (the factory and premises) Box 1 --Date unknown 1929 Uppercourt Hse. and Demense, Kilkenny (once De Montmorency residence - M. and E. Maher owners at time of sale of the estate) January 30th, 1930 53 & 54 O'Connell St. Lwr. (catalogue of property for rent) --February 26th 1931 Irish Fresh Meat Ltd., Drogheda, Co. Louth (factory building and contents) --June 23rd 1931 Irish Fresh Meat Ltd., Drogheda, Co. Louth (plant fittings and machinery) 
505 0 |a October 31st 1932 'Charleville', Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow (objects owned by Viscount Monck) --June 21st 1934 'Pallas', Loughrea, Co. Galway (library of books owned by the Earl of Westmeath) --August 15th 1934 'Kinturk', Castlepollard, Co.Westmeath (library of books of F.J. Style Pollard) --April 9th 1935 50 Belmont Ave., Donnybrook (art, print collection and library of Henry Barnardo) --November 18th 1935 Kilkenny Castle, Kilkenny (objects owned by Earl of Ossory) --March 30th 1936 Blackheath, Clontarf, Dublin (objects owned by Mrs. Gibson Black) --August 10th 1936 Shanganagh Castle, Shankill, Co. Dublin (objects owned by Wentworth Allen) --January 11th 1937 Dunloe Castle, Killarney, Co. Kerry (the castle and estate; 'Grenagh', Beaufort, Killarney) --February 15th 1937 Moore Abbey, Monasterevan, Co. Kildare (effects of Count John McCormack) 
505 0 |a May 5th 1938 'Granstown Manor', Laois (property of Lord Castletown) and 'Dunloe Castle', Killarney (the property of H.S. Harrington and others --May 17th 1938 'Sharavougue', Glenageary, Co. Dublin (property of J. A. Murphy) --October 31st 1940 'Kilteragh Mansions', Foxrock, Co. Dublin (formerly estate of Sir. H. Plunkett - owned by Maj. J.W. Alymer, M.C. at time of sale) --April 22nd 1941 'Kilronan Castle' Balltfarnon, Co. Roscommon (objects owned by the Earl of Kingston) --October 14th 1941(objects owned R.H.S.Truell) --December 2nd 1941(objects owned by Earl of Longford and others) --March 3rd 1942 (objects owned by J. Hamilton Evans) --March 31st 1942 (objects owned R.H.S.Truell) . --February 8th 1943 (objects owned by H. Grandy) --July 4th 1944 (objects owned by Sir Compton Meade Domville) --December 12th 1944 (objects owned by H. R. Burroughes) --March 25th 1947 27 Merrion Sq. Nrth. (objects owned by Dr. Patrick McArdle) --August 7th, 14th, 15th, 21st, 22nd, 28th & 29th, 1947 'Horse Show Sales' of Stud Farms and Properties (includes Dunboyne Castle, Dunboyne, Co. Meath) 
505 0 |a --December 9th 1947(objects owned by F. MacNamara) --June 24th 1948 Knockmore, Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow (property of T.J.C. Acton) --December 16th, 1948 - catalogue of decorative art pieces, paintings, prints and period furniture --December 17th, 1948 - catalogue of printed books --March 15th, 1949 - catalogue of a library of printed books --May 10th 1949 - catalogue of decorative art objects, period furniture and paintings --December 6th 1949 - catalogue of decorative art objects, furniture and pictures --March 28th 1950 - catalogue of oil paintings,prints, decorative art pieces --May 23rd, 1950 - catalogue of period furniture, decorative art pieces and artworks --May 24th, 1950 - catalogue of a library of printed books --December 12th, 1950 - catalogue of "...an interesting library of printed books" Box 2 
505 0 |a February 19th-20th 1952 - catalogue of printed books (the property of Rev. Canon J. B. Leslie, M.R.I.A.) --July 22nd-23rd 1952 - catalogue of decorative art pieces, period furniture, furnishings (effects of Monsigor McArdle) --July 24th 1952 (the effects of the late Prof. Dowden, Hester and Hilda Dowden, Lennox Robinson and others) --May 27th 1953 (catalogue of decorative art pieces and period furniture) --May 28th 1953 No. 3 Crampton Qy., Dublin (catalogue of printed books - library of E. Massey and others) --November 27th 1953 Ulster Transport Authority, 21 Linenhall Street, Belfast - catalogue of premises for rent -- December 17th 1953; Pickett Bros., 37, Smithfield, Dublin - catalogue of machinery and manufacturing equipment 
505 0 |a October 18th 1955 'Sydney Lodge', Booterstown Ave., Dublin (furniture and decorative art pieces owned by Ms. M. Dunn) --October 25th 1955 - catalogue of furniture, paintings and decorative art pieces Box 3 --October 26th 1955 (library of M. Dowling) --October 26th 1955 - catalogue of legal books (property of R.S. Coonan, declared bankrupt) --November 8th 1955 'Montebello', Ballybrack, Killiney, Co. Dublin - catalogue of paintings and printed books (property of M. MacWhite, former ambassador) --November 8th 1955 'Montebello', Ballybrack, Killiney, Co. Dublin - catalogue of furniture and furnishings (photocopy only) 
505 0 |a --May 8th 1956 - catalogue of furniture, furnishings and oil paintings --October 9th 1956 'Clonmallon', Ashford, Co. Wicklow(effects of W.H.S. Truell) --December 11th 1956 - (effects of W. A. Reddy, Lady Brownlow and others) --June 5th-6th 1957 - (property of Lord Crofton) --September 17th 1957 'The Cottage', Monkstown - catalogue of decorative art pieces, furniture and furnishings --December 10th 1957 'Mount Coote Hse., Kilmallock, Co. Limerick (effects of Mrs. S.T. Johnson) --October 7th 1958 'The Grove', Killiney, Co. Dublin (effects of Mrs. M.A. O' Mara) --July 7th 1959 - catalogue of period furniture, prints, drawings, paintings and ornaments) --November 10th 1959 (effects of Mrs. F. Magennis and her husband Sen. Prof. Wm. Magennis) 
505 0 |a --September 8th 1960 - catalogue of legal books --September 9th 1960 - catalogue of stamps and philatelic accessories(effects of Herbert Kennedy, declared bankrupt) --October 31st 1962 (effects of Dr. R. P. Farnan, Bolton Castle, Moone, Co. Kildare) --March 28th 1962 'Cahir Park Hse.', Cahir, Co. Tipperary (library of Col. R. B.Charteris) --May 15th 1963 'Swifte's Heath', Jenkinstown, Co. Kilkenny (effects of Major E.G.M. Swifte- last descendent of J. Swift) --Post July 1963 - Handbook of the Agricultural Credit Corporation Ltd., Harcourt St --September 9th and 11th 1964 - catalogue of furniture and printed books of W.J. Shields(and others) --July 27th 1966 - catalogue of printed books --October 11th 1966 - catalogue of antiquarian and modern printed books 
505 0 |a --March 15th 1967 catalogue of printed books and manuscripts (includes first editions of works by W.B.Yeats, autographed letters of Yeats, MacDonagh, Pearse) --September 6th 1967- catalogue of printed books, manuscripts (includes first editions of Joyce, Beckett, W.B. Yeats, autographed letters of Casement, MacDonagh) --May 1st-2nd 1968 - catalogue of printed books, manuscripts (includes first editions by W.B. Yeats, Joyce, Synge; manuscripts of O'Connell, Casement, Pearse), pictures and prints --December 12th 1968 - catalogue of printed books, manuscripts (first editions of Irish and English authors, letters of Casement, A.E., Yeats and the Abbey Theatre). 
505 0 |a --July 23rd [year unknown] Kilcroney, Bray, Co. Wicklow [effects of Matthew P. Darcy] --September 24th and subsequent days [year unknown] Tallaght Aerodrome, Tallaght, Co. Dublin - catalogue of building materials --October 8th-11th [year unknown] 12, Merrion Sq. North, Dublin - catalogue of furniture and decorative art pieces --December 8th-9th [year unknown] - catalogue of furniture --Date and year unknown 'Talbot Lodge', Blackrock, Co. Dublin - catalogue of furniture and oil paintings --Date and year unknown 'Meadow Bank', Bushy Park Road, Terenure, Co. Dublin - catalogue of oil paintings - Date and year unknown 'Hazelwood', Kilmacud Rd., Dundrum, Co. Dublin - catalogue of period furniture --Date and year unknown 'Dunderry Park', Navan, Co. Meath - catalogue of the residence, estate and outbuildings --Date and year unknown 'Bantra', Harbour Rd., Dalkey, Co. Dublin - catalogue of the residence and Martello tower --Date and year unknown 'Rockhill', Letterkenny, Co. Donegal (residence of Sir Charles and Lady Mary Stewart) - catalogue describing the residence and estate lands Box 4. 
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