APA Citation

Serle, A., & Dix, E. R. M. (. R. M. (1855). The church of God: Or, Essays upon some descriptive names and titles, given in the scriptures by God the Holy Ghost, [to] the general assembly of all true believers in God the Son ... ; and denoting the nature and means of their salvation through the everlasting covenant, made by God the Father with those divine persons in the one Jehovah ; to which is added Christian husbandry, or, a companion for the Christian in his field and garden. London : Co. Waterford: W.H. Collingridge.

MLA Citation

Serle, Ambrose, and E. R. McC. (Ernest Reginald McClintock) Dix. The Church of God: Or, Essays Upon Some Descriptive Names and Titles, Given in the Scriptures By God the Holy Ghost, [to] the General Assembly of All True Believers in God the Son ... ; and Denoting the Nature and Means of Their Salvation Through the Everlasting Covenant, Made By God the Father With Those Divine Persons in the One Jehovah ; to Which Is Added Christian Husbandry, Or, a Companion for the Christian in His Field and Garden. London : Co. Waterford: W.H. Collingridge, 1855.

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