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Townshend, T., & Joly, J. R. (1801). Part of a letter to a noble earl: Containing a very short comment on the doctrines and facts of Sir Richard Musgrave's quarto [i.e. his "Memoirs of the different rebellions in Ireland"] : and vindicatory of the yeomanry and Catholics of the city of Cork (2nd ed.). Cork: pr. by Harris.

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Townshend, Thomas, and Jaspar Robert Joly. Part of a Letter to a Noble Earl: Containing a Very Short Comment On the Doctrines and Facts of Sir Richard Musgrave's Quarto [i.e. His "Memoirs of the Different Rebellions in Ireland"] : And Vindicatory of the Yeomanry and Catholics of the City of Cork. 2nd ed. Cork: pr. by Harris, 1801.

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