Margadh na Saoire : Maire Mhac an tSaoi

Main Creator: Yeats, Anne, 1919-2001
Summary:Anne Yeats was in Paris after the second world war and produced many paintings there such as "Unexpected Sleeper". This was the result of a study she did in the Luxembourg Gardens in 1947. This study of a lady asleep on an ornamental chair was subsequently used as the cover illustration for "Margadh na Saoire" by Maire Mhac an tSaoi.
Published / Created: [n.d., between ca. 1947 and 1956].
Notes:Image drawn on tracing paper.

See PD 3027 TX 5, PD 3027 TX 6 & PD 3027 TX 7 for similar illustrations and PD 3027 TX 8 for final illustration used for cover.

Unused illustration for the cover of: Margadh na Saoire / by Maire Mhac an tSaoi. - Sairseal agus Dill, Dublin 1956

Physical description: 1 drawing : ink, 32.4 x 19.1 cm..

Citations/References: Anne Yeats : A Retrospective of Early Works 1940-1960 / Susan Stairs. - The George Gallery, Montague Ltd, Dublin (NLI call number B21) pages 19 & 26.

Credits:Attributed to Anne Yeats.
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