Castle of Cappagh, Co.y Limerick

A:C: delint. 26th May 1781 ; Pinxt. 25th Nov.r 1784
Main Creator: Cooper, Austin, 1759-1830, artist
Summary:View of a battlemented castle at Cappagh, Co. Limerick, Ireland (orcould ait be at Cappagh White, Co. Tipperary), with portions of a tall tower, and a (thatched?) house on the right. Looking at both over a wall, and viewed from behind, is a standing male figure identified by an inscription as the artist himself
Published / Created: 25th November, 1784, after the artist's own original drawing of 26th May, 1781
Notes:From: Antiquities of Abbeys, Castles & c. & c. in Ireland, Vol. I

Title inscribed in ink l.c. on sheet under image with the following inscription in different ink by the artist under title: Taken from the Road - with figure of Austin Cooper 1781

Image in a circular frame 9.8 cm in diameter

Drawn by Austin Cooper perhaps when he was touring the country gathering money from area tax collectors, or a Paymaster to the Civil and Military Establishments. In his diary for May 21st, 1781, (NLI Ms. Acc. 4841 Munster, page 11 and quoted in Liam Price's book on page 15), Austin Cooper remarks on Cappagh Castle - which he gives here as being in County Tipperary (could be Cappagh White, in County Tipperary), as follows: "At Cappagh (Co.y Tipy) is a small piece of a strong Castle. It is an inconsiderable Village, with only one large house the Seat of Mr. Hunt"

Physical description: 1 drawing diam. image 9 cm., on sheet 18.1 x 26.5 cm.

Citations/References: An eighteenth century antiquary : the sketches, notes and diaries of Austin Cooper (1759-1830) / Liam Price (ed.). - Dublin, 1942 page 15

Citations/References: The Ancient Castles of the County of Limerick (Western Baronies) / Thomas Johnson Westropp. - Procceedings of the Royal Irish Academy 26 C, 1907 page 210, No. 308

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