APA Citation

Croker, T. C., Croker, T. F. D. (. F. D., & Wright, T. (1879). Killarney legends: Edited by the late T. Crofton Croker, ... A new edition. Revised by T. Wright, ... with an introduction by T.F. Dillon Croker, ... Illustrated (Second edition.). London: William Tegg and Co.

MLA Citation

Croker, Thomas Crofton, T. F. Dillon (Thomas Francis Dillon) Croker, and Thomas Wright. Killarney Legends: Edited By the Late T. Crofton Croker, ... A New Edition. Revised By T. Wright, ... With an Introduction By T.F. Dillon Croker, ... Illustrated. Second edition. London: William Tegg and Co, 1879.

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