Liam O'Leary Archive.

Liam O’Leary (1910-1992) was a film maker, writer, film historian and archivist. Throughout his life he worked in the civil service in Dublin, the Abbey Theatre, the British Film Institute, RTÉ, and also formed the Dublin Little Guild Theatre and the Irish Film Society. Liam O’Leary also made films and television programmes, gave lectures, and wrote about Irish film. In 1976 he was asked to organise an exhibition in the Douglas Hyde Gallery in Trinity College Dublin on 80 years of Irish film for the Dublin Arts Festival; this was the official beginning of the Liam O’Leary Archive. The collection includes the vast research archive of Liam O’Leary; his research into Irish, European and international cinema and film, memorabilia, photographs, books, periodicals, and audio-visual materials. The collection also includes a lot of handwritten notes, photocopies and newspaper clippings. There are also distinct collections within the Archive, such as the Irish Film Society materials and Robert O'Doherty Collection.

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Main Creator: O'Leary, Liam
Notes:The collection was loosely arranged by Liam O’Leary in filing cabinets and box files, by subject. Following the death of Liam O’Leary in 1992, Robert Monks (RTÉ cameraman) became the curator of the collection in the National Library of Ireland and continued to research Irish film and cinema. Were possible his material has been separated into its own sub collection; these materials are mainly made up of photocopied articles and handwritten notes. The final arrangement of the collection is based on the original arrangement by Liam O’Leary, later continued by Bob Monks. Within sub-fonds, files are organised alphabetically and within files, chronologically were possible.

Additional uncatalogued material in GRM (75 boxes).

Liam O'Leary was born in Youghal on 25th September 1910. He was educated at St. Peter's College, Wexford, where his father taught Irish and French.

Physical description: 141 archival boxes (1422 folders and 158 volumes).

Provenance:Originally in the possession of Liam O'Leary.
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