James Stephens

James Stephens may refer to:

* James Stephens (MP) (died 1683), MP for Gloucester * James Francis Stephens (1792–1852), English entomologist and naturalist * James B. Stephens (1806–1889), founder of East Portland, Oregon * James Stephens (trade unionist) (1821–1889), Welsh-born Australian stonemason and trade unionist * James Stephens (Fenian) (1825–1901), Irish revolutionary * James Brunton Stephens (1832–1902), Scottish-born Australian poet and teacher * James Stephens (Australian politician) (1881–1962), South Australian politician * James Stephens (author) (1882–1950), Irish novelist and poet * James T. Stephens (born 1939), American heir, businessman and philanthropist * James Stephens (actor) (born 1951), American actor Provided by Wikipedia