William Reeves

William, Bill or Billy Reeves may refer to:

*William Reeves (animator) (born 1959), Canadian animator and technical director *William Reeves (bishop) (1815–1892), Church of Ireland bishop and antiquarian

*William Reeves (Australian cricketer) (1881–1962), Australian cricketer *William Reeves (New Zealand cricketer) (1857-1932), New Zealand cricketer *William Reeves (finance) (born 1963/64), co-founder of BlueCrest Capital Management *William Reeves (journalist) (1825–1891), father of William Pember Reeves *Bill Reeves (1875–1944), English cricketer *Bill Reeves (basketball) (1904–1983), American professional basketball player *Bill Reeves (footballer) (1888–1940), Australian rules footballer *Billy Reeves (born 1965), British songwriter and broadcaster *Billy Reeves (footballer) (born 1996), English soccer player *William Conrad Reeves (1838–1902), lawyer, academic and legal figure on the island of Barbados *William Pember Reeves (1857–1932), New Zealand statesman, historian and poet Provided by Wikipedia