John Horner

John Horner may refer to:

* John Henry Horner, also known as ''Cactus Jack'' (1927–2004), Canadian rancher, politician, and former cabinet minister * John M. Horner (1821–1907), founder of Union City, California * John S. Horner (1802–1883), American politician * Sir John Francis Fortescue Horner (1842–1927), British barrister * John Horner (British politician) (1911–1997), British firefighter, trade unionist and politician * John Horner (organist) (1899–1973), organist, choirmaster and music teacher in South Australia * John Horner (police officer), American chief of police of Los Angeles in 1885 * John R. Horner (born 1946), American paleontologist * John Horner (Rector of Lincoln College, Oxford) (1792–?), Oxford college head * John Horner, a fictional character in ''The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle'', a Sherlock Holmes story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Provided by Wikipedia