Cuala Industries, Ltd., Churchtown, Dundrum, County Dublin

Embroidery - Lily Yeats. Hand press - Elizabeth C. Yeats. Workrooms open to Visitors any day from 10 to 5 o'clock. Saturdays close at 12. 15 minutes’ walk from Dundrum Station, 20 minutes from Dartry Tram. All the work is done on the premises by young Irish girls. Embroidery. Coloured Linen. Table Centres on delicate coloured Irish poplin linen lined with silk...Sofa Backs also in coloured line...Cushions from 30/- Blotters 10/6. Handkerchief cases from 4/- linen silk. White Linen. Embroidered in delicate colours. Table centres from 10/6. Tea-Cloths hem-stitched and heavily embroidered corners from £1-10-0. Dress. Evening and Day Dresses embroidered to order from 10/6. Orders are completed within a week, unless a very elaborate design is chosen. Blouses...Opera Cloaks in face cloth, beautiful colours, always in stock £2-12-6. Handsome scarves embroidered on Irish hand-woven silk gauze...Embroidered Hand Bags from a guinea. Children's Dresses Embroidered in artistic colours original designs...Small Boys Tunic Suits...Baby's Bonnets...Baby's Matinee Coats...Cot and Cradle Covers - dainty designs...Children's Coats in Irish frieze or cloth, etc., to order. Bridge Purses...Card Cases...Case with Face Chamois...Handkerchief Cases...Pincushions...Lavender bags...Landscape Embroidery. "The Meadow", "The Wood", £6-6-0 mounted as a Fire Screen, (Sheraton) £8-8-0. Portieres, Flags, Banners, and Embroidery for Church purposes, to order. Illuminated addresses etc., on Vellum or Parchment, to order. Painted Fans etc., etc. All letter to be addressed to - Miss E.C. Yeats, Cuala Industries, Dundrum, Co. Dublin