Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna

Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna (1 October 1790 – 12 July 1846) was a popular Victorian English writer and novelist who wrote under the pseudonym Charlotte Elizabeth. She was "a woman of strong mind, powerful feeling, and of no inconsiderable share of tact." Her work focused on promoting women's rights (see her books ''The Wrongs of Women'' and ''Helen Fleetwood'') and evangelical Protestantism, as seen in her book ''Protection; or, The Candle and the Dog, ''in which the following characteristic quote appears: "Our greatest blessings come to us by prayer, and the studying of God's word." As Isabella A. Owen remarked in 1901, "She was above all else an anti-Romanist, a most protesting Protestant." Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote of her memoir ''Personal Recollections'' (1841): "We know of no piece of autobiography in the English language which can compare with this in richness of feeling and description and power of exciting interest." Provided by Wikipedia