Veritas Communications

Veritas Communications is a company owned by Irish Catholic Bishops' Conference which is a publisher and retailer of religious books and materials. Veritas has a number of retail outlets in Dublin city, Blanchardstown, Cork, Limerick, Sligo and Derry. Veritas Publications publishes the Catholic magazine ''Intercom''. Veritas sells books, Magazines, CDs. DVDs, cards, candles and other items of a religious nature.

Veritas publishes and distributes textbooks used in primary schools, such as the ''Alive-O'' and ''Grow in Love'' series, and secondary schools in Ireland. Veritas publish its books in the United Kingdom under the name ''Lindisfarne Books''.

Veritas publishes ''Intercom'', a magazine of liturgical and pastoral resources for clergy that comes out 10 times a year. Provided by Wikipedia