Table of Contents:
  • v.1. Note by the editors. Author's preface. Success; or, A hit if you like it. Olympic revels; or, Prometheus and Pandora, Olympic devils; or, Orpheus and Eurydice. The Paphian bower: or, Venus and Adonis. High, low, jack, and the game; or, The card party, Deep deep sea; or, Perseus and Andromeda. Telemachus; or, The island of Calypso. Riquet with the tuft. Puss in boots. Appendix.
  • v.2. The drama's levée: or, A peep at the past. Blue Beard. The sleeping beauty in the wood. Beauty and the beast. The white cat. Fortunio, and his seven gifted servants. The fair one with the golden locks. The drama at home; or, An evening with Puff. Graciosa and Percinet.
  • v.3 The golden fleece; or, Jason in Colchis and Medea in Corinth. The bee and the orange tree; or, The four wishes. "The birds" of Aristophanes. The invisible prince; or, The island of Tra.