Table of Contents:
  • vol. I. (1830-42) Disabilities of the Jews. Slavery. Parliamentary reform. The state of the nation. Anatomy bill. Russian-Dutch loan. Ireland. East India Co. Abolition of slavery. Ballot. Lord Melbourne's ministry. Army of the Indus. Privileges of the House of Commons. War with China. Indian emigration to the Mauritius. Registration of Irish voters. Earl of Cardigan. Jews' declaration bill. Sugar duties and slavery. Corn laws. Literary copyright. Income tax. Chartism. Sunday travelling on railways.
  • vol. II. (1843-53) Lord Ellenborough's Indian government. Ashburton treaty. Ireland. Extradition of offenders. Defamation and libel. Unitarian chapels. Opening letters at the post office. Sugar duties. Maynooth College. Scotch universities. Frost, Williams, and Jones. Disabilities of Roman Catholics. Government plan of education. Portugal. Exclusion of Judges from the House of Commons. Government of India. Abolition of slavery. Leeds election. Edinburgh election. Literature of Britain. Edinburgh election. University of Glasgow.