Table of Contents:
  • Contents: v. 1. Divided. Honours. Requiescat in pace! Supper at the mill. Scholar and carpenter. The star's monument. A dead year. Reflections. The letter L. The high tide on the coast of Lincolnshire (1571). Afternoon at a parsonage. Songs of seven. A cottage in a chine. Persephone. A sea song. Brothers, and a sermon. A wedding song. A mother showing the portrait of her child. Strife and peace. Letters on life and the morning
  • v. 2. The dreams that came true. Songs on the voices of birds. Laurence. Songs of the night watches. Sonnets. Sailing beyond the seas. Remonstrance. Song for the night of Christ's Resurrection. With a diamond. Song of Margaret. Song of the going away. A lily and a lute. The long white seam. Not in vain I waited. The snowdrop monument (in Lichfield Cathedral). Cold and quiet. Gladys and her island. Songs with preludes. Winstanley.