Table of Contents:
  • Lectures on Shakspere and Milton. 1811-12
  • The lectures and notes of 1818: Introductory. Poetry, the drama, and Shakspere. Order of Shakspere's plays. Notes on Shakspere's plays from English history. Notes on some other plays of Shakspere. Jonson, Beaumont, Fletcher, and Massinger. Notes on Ben Jonson. Notes on Beaumont and Fletcher
  • Lectures on Shakspere and Milton, at Bristol, 1813-14
  • Appendix: The specific symptoms of poetic power elucidated in a critical analysis of Shakspere's Venus and Adonis, and Rape of Lucrece. Chapter XV of the "Biographia literaria", Shakspere's method; from the "Friend." Notes on Chaucer and Spenser. Notes on Milton. Extracts from the "Table talk."