Table of Contents:
  • [vol. I], 1. Catalogue of the art treasures. (232 p.) ; 2. Suppl. catalogue. Drawings and sketches of old masters, engravings, etc. (78 p.) ; 3. How to see the Art Treasures Exhibition, by W. Blanchard Jerrold. (64 p.) ; 4. What to see, and where to see it, or the Operative's guide [by E. T. B.]. (16 p.)
  • [vol. II], 5. A handbook to the paintings by ancient masters. [By George Scharf]. (84 p.) ; 6. A handbook to the Gallery of British Paintings. [By Tom Taylor]. (128 p.) ; 7. A handbook to the British Portrait Gallery. [By Tom Taylor]. (72 p.) ; 8. A handbook to the Museum of Ornamental Art. By J. B. Waring. To which is added, the Armoury, by J. R. PlancheĢ. (80 p.) ; 9. A handbook to the water colours, drawings and engravings. [By Tom Taylor]. (66 p.)