Table of Contents:
  • Observations on the life and works of the author Sadídu'd-Dín Muḥammad al'Awfí.
  • The position of the Jawāmu'u'l-ḥikāyāt in Persian prose.
  • A conspectus of the sources of the Jawāmi'u'l-ḥikāuāt.
  • Chronological arrangement and description of all the known mss. of the Jawāmi'u'l-ḥikāyāt with a view to establish a standard text.
  • A comparative index of the hundred chapters of the Jawāmi'u'lḥikāyāt based on the 14th century A.D. mss. (A list of the 100 chapter-headings in the original Persian)
  • A complete table of contents of the four parts of the Jawāmi'u'l-ḥikāyāt, consisting of 2113 titles of anecdotes.
  • Reclassification of the contents of the Jawāmi'u'l-ḥikāyāt.
  • A complete alphabetical list of all the works mentioned in the Jawāmi'u'l-ḥikāyāt.