Table of Contents:
  • v. II. The rape of the lock and other poems / edited by George Tillotson. 1940
  • v. III, i. An essay on man / ed. by Maynard Mack. 1950
  • v. III, ii. Epistles to several persons (moral essays) / ed. by F.W. Bateson. 1951.
  • v. IV. Imitations of Horace: with an epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot and the epilogue to the satires / ed. by John Butt. 1939.
  • v. V. The Dunciad / ed. by James Sutherland. 1943.
  • v. VI. Minor poems / ed. by Norman Ault ; completed by John Butt. 1954.
  • v. I. Pastoral poetry and an essay on criticism / ed. by E. Audra and Aubrey Williams. 1961.