This interesting shot from the Keogh Collection shows a group of men gathered around a car at an election rally. The man on the ground has a fine set of "mutton chop" sideburns. The candidate has a hat that has been crushed many a time and has taken on a shape all its own. Who, where and when?
Rory_Sherlock was first to suggest (and we have many strong reasons to accept it) that this image was taken at the courthouse in Ennis, County Clare. Perhaps around the same time (1917) as a similar Keogh Brother's image of De Valera on the steps of the court house - as part of his successful by-election bid that summer. We don't have the who/where/when trifecta however - as we're none-the-wiser as to who the central figures are here....
Photographer: Brendan Keogh
Date: Catalogue range c.1920s. Perhaps c.1917 (see comments)
NLI Ref: Ke 144
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It may have been taken outside the courthouse in Ennis, with the houses of Steele's Terrace on the Gort Road in the background:,-8.9806017,3a,26.1y,341.94... We know Keogh was at a political meeting at Ennis courthouse, so perhaps this was taken on the same day:
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[] Good call! Perhaps July 1917 like this one (see comments)? - []
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John A. Coffey
"Hatman" looks like Spike Milligan.
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Window details confirm Ennis courthouse.
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Buenas fotos antiguas .
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everyone seems pleased to his visit apart from the man his gives the wet fish, he looks definitely uncertain or unimpressed
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National Library of Ireland on The Commons
Thanks all. I've updated the map, date and tags. I had considered adding a short note that perhaps one of the older men pictured (Mutton Chops or Spike Milligan) could have been De Valera's opponent: local clare IPP candidate Patrick Lynch. However, Lynch would only have been in his early 50s. And those two gents look a little longer in the tooth than that....
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