Advanced Search Operators

These Search Operators work in Advanced Search only.

Fuzzy Searches

To search for a record containing words similar in spelling to "apple" use the fuzzy search:


This search will find terms like appeal, appellants, applications, in addition to authors called Appleby, and so on.

The value of "fuzziness" is between 0 and 1. Default fuzziness is set at 0.5, but if you want to stay really close to your original search term, then use:



Proximity Searches

Use the tilde ~ symbol to find words near each other in a title, etc. If you're looking for Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, it's obvious that portrait and man are separated by several words. Try searching for:

"portrait man"~8

This will return results where the words "portrait" and "man" are found within eight words of each other.

Boolean Operators

You can use AND, OR, NOT and + in conjunction with your search terms.

Note: Boolean operators must be ALL CAPS


To search for records that contain "acting" and "Allgood" use the query:

acting AND Allgood

This is the default search operator. If you don't use it, and search for acting Allgood, the system presumes you're not fussy, and that you want to see records containing acting OR Allgood.

But if you'd like to see records containing both acting and Allgood as well as items containing Allgood alone, then search for:

"acting Allgood" OR Allgood

If you only want to find items where one of the Allgood sisters is mentioned, but nothing about acting per se? Search for Allgood NOT acting.

Allgood NOT acting

To find records that must contain Allgood, and that may contain acting, use:

+Allgood acting